More conference realignment speculation

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Irish Horn, Dec 8, 2018.

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    I have a prof in my immediate family. Here is their perspective of online classes.
    Will need vol on

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    Where can USC go? Mountain West? They have to much pride to go to the $EC (although that would give aggy another "locked-in" loss to go with Alabama and LSU) plus a 3 hour time difference is just too much to overcome. Big XII? Doubtful that schools other than Texas and ou would vote for another sure loss. B1G? Time difference plus beach boys playing in the snow and cold isn't a winning combination.
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    Usc bring Cali tv sets more than any sports team not named Lakers. Texas and blowu can capitalize on this. Not to mention it gives a huge selling point to all three schools.

    However with that said, the Elephant in the room is not addressed. What to do with ISU, KSU TCU and Baylor, four schools that are just leaches and bring nothing to the table.

    I am a huge advocate of Texas blowu and USC joining forces to create a new super conference. Only teams invited that actually bring something to the table. No more hangers on.
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    Read the article. ND and Stanford are expressly mentioned. Add UT, OU, OSU and TTU and there is a core of a conference. A few more schools and voila, a two division super conference. Maybe even coast to coast if WVU is kept in it.
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    This is the issue that will bring politics into the equation.

    I read the article. For the fans and talking heads, the idea of a super conference is great for conversation during the off-season. However, e
    ven if 16 schools decided to form a super conference with 4 team divisions you are going to have the same structural problems that are present now - one of the divisions convincing the networks that they are superior to all others and demand more exposure (read more $$$) and play-off positions.

    ND has made it clear they will stay independent in football (for obvious scheduling reasons and the NBC tie-in) so that kind of blows the argument apart. Stanford's strength is in the spring sports so how does that help a football super conference other than giving USC a team in the same time zone?

    Finally, no super conference will include oSu and TTU even if not having oSu knocks out ou because of the legislation tieing ou and oSu together. (I suspect when push comes to shove ou would garner sufficient political pressure ($$$) for oSu to gracefully decline an invitation.)

    If the schools want to blow things up and start all over again they first need to grow a pair and: 1) No independents eligible for the "new" CFP (call ND's bluff); 2) games against independents and lower classification teams count as losses in determining playoff positions; 3) 75% of games have to be conference games; 4) teams in each conference must face every other conference team twice in any 4 year period; and 5) limit CFP to conference champions.
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    It is all politics and economics. For those interested in surviving and thriving, economics will dominate politics.

    I think a coast to coast Super Conference, especially with ND in it, wil be the most attractive conference to sign. Especially when you look at the TV markets. All of Texas except Collie Station, LA, SF, maybe Phoenix, Seattle, SLC, DC if WVU is in. USC, ND, Texas and to a lesser extent Stanford and OU have national appeal.

    Au contraire! The economics and playoff dynamics will leave ND as the moth circling that flame. It makes too much sense for them to be playing USC, Stanford, Texas and even maybe OU every year to establish their Bona Fides for a playoff position. And those games along with Texas/OU would be the top 5 most watched games in the country.

    I seem to remember them winning an Natty with a QB whose parents were blind. Regardless of recent history, they attract talent to the football field like Sherman and some guy named McCafferty. Nothing wrong with Spring Sports like Baseball, Softball, BB, Swimming, Tennis , Soccer, Track and Field.

    Yeah, I mean who really cares who the last NCAA MBB champion was? And Crabtree, Mayfield and Mahomes have done what in the NFL? Graham Harrell and Kliff Kingsbury? Who were those guys? Who ever heard of Thurman Thomas, Dexter Manley, Barry Sanders, Dez Bryant? Who would want to see any of those guys playing in college? Moving on .....

    I think that is a selection regime well worth considering. I think it is in fact a sub rosa dynamic that is forcing the above teams into a Super Conference alignment.
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    The idea of a 16 team super conference in my eyes doesn't work unless it went to a 4 division alignment, but then there aren't 8 big 12 teams worth taking. Fact is between the the Big 12 and Pac 12 you might be able to get 12 out of the two conferences.

    Politics are going to be a huge part of this. There will be law suits, Baylor and Tech will try and use political clout to get in. FeCal and Stanford will not only use their clout, but California politics will try and control it.

    Texas needs to be both strong and smart in this. The core has to be Texas, Oklahoma and USC, those three call the shots because they are the money makers in this conference. That is who ABC/ESPN/Fox will pay to see. You keep those 3 happy by giving each the biggest voice. In my opinion, OSU would deserve to be in it because they have earned it. I would include KU because they are great in basketball. The real question is who else after those 4 deserve to also follow. Out of the Pac I'd also include Asu, Utah, maybe UA (basketball), Oregon and Washington. By my count that is 10 schools. I would include Stanford if they could separate themselves from feCal, but I don't see that happening.

    Hard decisions need to be made, hope CDC is up to it.
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    The article is from 2011. Relevance??????
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    I guess that it pretty old
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    You posted it. You shouldn't have to guess.
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    ok dude
  13. I_Dont_Exist

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    Fine. My apologies for asking a perfectly reasonable and valid question.
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    Do you really wake up each day asking "How can I be an even bigger dick today than yesterday?" Because this is what it seems you do
  15. I_Dont_Exist

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    How is honestly asking why you linked a 9 year old article being a dick?
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    Can I try to help guys?

    I think the issue here is, IDE, after your initial post JF agreed with your comment....which to most would seem to end the thing in agreement. But your next post after that seemed unnecessary and "smart-alecky" to JF I'm sure....Either you didnt mean it that way....or perhaps you thought JF had an attitude with his initial reply, which I for one did not see. Could this be just misunderstanding/lost in translation due to typed word?? I do not think there was offense taken to your initial, reasonable question, IDE.
    FYI, I like you both so...just trying to help.
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    Sounds good to me. I'm done with it.
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    I still think the 64 div-1 teams in 4 conferences with 2 divisions in each conference is the way to go. Win your conference and you are in the 4 team playoff.

    There's still plenty to argue about, like where to put everybody and scheduling schools outside the top 64. Aggy would still try and schedule Sam Houston, Stephen F and the like unless that was restricted to maybe only one game out of the 64 and then the rest of the OOC schedule be scheduled with teams inside the top 64. Then number 65 on the list is probably going to sue somebody, but that's the way we roll now days.

    Anyway that's what makes sense to me.
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    I agree but to be fair and avoid law suits I would put the remaining teams in a second grouping (geographically ). Every year the 4 worst teams go to the b league and the 4 best teams move to the A league. Walla, no law suit.
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    like pro soccer leagues... that would be interesting. 2 conference alignment. boy would that put coaches on the hotseat if a top team was close to relegation.
  21. LonghornDave

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    You got that right
    CS would have lost his job and we could have taken a swing at Group B. And Colorado could spend decades in group B. Aggie gets a chance to renew its rivalry with UTSA.
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    The Eurofication of college sports - all it does is churns the bottom teams and does not improve the level or quality of play.

    4 16 team "conferences" (with no independents) each with two divisions is a very workable deal. If my math is correct 50 of those spots are taken up by the current Power 5 Conferences. Take 5 teams from the AAC, 5 from Mountain West and 4 from Conference USA to fill out the 64. If BYU and/or ND want to play with the Big Boys, cut down Conference USA to 2 or 3. All games to be played against other conference teams if the winner wants to be counted as "win". Any game against a non-64 team counts as a loss regardless of the outcome. Tie games are broken using NFL overtime rules.

    The eight finalists ( the Division Winners) would start the "Playoffs" as quarter-finals (replacing the current CC Games). The 4 Conference teams with the best records being the home team against the second-best teams allocated based on a blind draw. The semi-finals would feature blind draws for each game.
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    I count Big 12 w 10, Pac 12 a 12, SEC and Big with 14 and ACC w 13 (including ND) Plus BYU 64. No room at the inn for Boise State UCF and USF, schools that love football, and we include a lot of schools that think of football like "rowing" i.e. Kansas, Rutgers, Colorado...

    And I'm torn about Covid affect on Aggie. Will they even field a team if they can't get a kiss, saw varsity's horns off or grab each other's nuts during the game because of social distancing? Seems unlikely.
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    The ACC has to jettison some of Swofford's idiocy, same with BigTen.

    No to Rutgers, Syrexcuse, ND Lite, UConn (if they are a member), Pitt, Loserville. No one in the MWC brings a stadium or following to the table worth consideration.

    BYU? Really? Christian schools are ok, but not BYU. What have they done since Edwards retired, and I held him in lower esteem than Sherrill.

    While we are at it. no school not fielding a D-1 football team, gets into March Madness.
  25. ViperHorn

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    Silly me I forgot the aOSU plus 11 little sisters conference. Dave's 64 is fine. 3 twists on my idea:

    1) All ties for playoff purposes broken on the team with lower points allowed gets the spot.

    2) Conferences initially populated by a draw with a new draw every 4 years. All TV and sponsorship money split 64 ways. Teams are free to have streaming or network partners, but all income goes into the pot.

    3) The two Division winning teams with the worst records are replaced by the AAC and MWC champion.
  26. yelladawgdem

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    Oh hell no on the 64 way split on the TV money. Why? Because we don't have to
  27. LonghornDave

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    I am still not convinced the Div a and Div b isn't the best, not perfect but it weeds out the non football schools by Darwinism and avoids law suits and political non sense. Eliminates BYU and ND issues, you play or you don't. Don't care, but if you lose out, Hello Indiana State!
    Concede that Aggie can grab their nuts as long as they wear masks and wash their hands.
  28. BurntOrangeLH

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    Hey, he has sent hundreds of men on two year missions to come back and play into almost their mid-twenties. But never on Sunday while in school.

    No show, no go. What's the over/under for teams going into quarantine for two weeks when someone tests positive? Have to include the staff too, do not forget.
  29. LonghornDave

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    Why oh why are you raining on my parade?
  30. Austin_Bill

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    Why are we worried about the Kung Flu when it comes to athletes who are the absolutely tippy top of peak athletic perfection? So the hell what if they get it, they probably won't even notice it. Now if some of these old coaches get it that might be a problem. Hell, I'd probably encourage the players to get it and get it over with before the season starts.

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