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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by majorwhiteapples, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. majorwhiteapples

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    Ole John Wiley Price just had his office and home raided by the FBI.

    The new Mayor as well.

    Gotta love the Flagship of Texas Democrats!!!!!!
  2. hornpharmd

    hornpharmd 5,000+ Posts

    What are the charges?
  3. dalhorn1

    dalhorn1 1,000+ Posts

    tax evasion, wire fraud, bribery, theft.

    i think the FBI has this guy, at least i hope they do this time.
  4. Horn6721

    Horn6721 10,000+ Posts

    Rawlings home was raided too?
  5. general35

    general35 5,000+ Posts

    more hits from the most corrupt city in texas.
  6. NEWDOC2002

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    El Linko

    Good to include link OP.

    Some say he has done a lot of good for his part of the county. But this would be on par for Dallas. It's got more corruption than a border town.
  7. dalhorn1

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    NewDoc, I know that a lot of his constituents would follow him into battle, but I think they'd do it blindly and without any understanding. In his 25+ years representing Oak Cliff, I doubt anyone could argue that the residents he represents are truly any better off because of what he has done to fight for them. He is only out for himself, and it looks like he finally may have been caught going after just that. If he had worked as hard at trying to improve the economy in South Dallas as much as he spent race-baiting, then maybe he'd have a resume to lean on.
  8. BrothaHorn

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    Whatever trinkets of good JWP did for his constituents is heavily outweighed by his greed and willingness to sell them out to guys like Perot Jr. Take a look at his version of good, with regards to the Inland port ordeal. The Dallas Observer has a great set of articles following that story.

    In my 'back sliding' days, I got to meet JWP and at times he could be a real charmer. But, after shaking his hand, you better make sure your watch, wallet and keys are still there.

    Oh, and hopefully Kathy Nealy finally gets what she deserves.
  9. YoLaDu

    YoLaDu Guest

    I had never heard of the guy. So i check out his Wiki page:

  10. Nuclear Bear

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  11. RomaVicta

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    As someone who votes Dem, I say charge 'em and jail 'em if the facts support it. I don't know anything about Dallas politics.

    I don't put on a cheerleader outfit for the Dems nor do I deceive myself as to the bipartisan disease of corruption and incompetence. So I don't know what it's like to wave the pompoms, Majorwhiteapples. Must feel damn nice. Your shot at Texas Dems sounds like an Aggie saying "typical t-sip."
  12. dalhorn1

    dalhorn1 1,000+ Posts

    Yo, yes, he is the Commissioner for Dallas, but, he's also been the big name in SOC and South Dallas going far back when he held a council seat for Oak Cliff (if my memory serves right).

    With a list of acquittals and whatnot, his rap sheet reads like a Hollywood celebrity off the wagon...
  13. Ag with kids

    Ag with kids 2,500+ Posts

    Here's a view of JWP that everyone in the metroplex will see as typical JWP behavior:

    The Link

    The Link
  14. Satchel

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  15. dalhorn1

    dalhorn1 1,000+ Posts

    Satchel, for clarification, the charges I listed were rumored to be handed down once the FBI filters through the amount of evidence it confiscated yesterday. I'm guessing that supposed charges based on up to 10 years of evidence aren't the things that the FBI just cavalierly hurls at a wall to see what sticks.

    Considering how many times he's avoided potential lengthy jail time in the past, I think it's wise not to dive in head first with charges that could be dropped due to some mis-filed forms or whatnot.
  16. Satchel

    Satchel 2,500+ Posts

    So, that's a no?
  17. Horn2Run

    Horn2Run 1,000+ Posts


    FBI's MO is to take their time.

    They have him by the short hairs and he knows it. His Bentley, BMW, expensive SUV's, etc were of interest, but the Feds dragged out puters and files from his ofc, his home, his asst's home in DeSoto, and Nealy's townhouse.

    The FBI doesn't waste their time on small stuff. Add to the above that his phone has been tapped per a 2008 interview, you know they have the goods.

    So you can say "no charges" have been filed, but the game is solely in the hands of the FBI. Not JWP's....and that drives him crazy b/c he's used to bullying people around to get his way.

    Hope he enjoys the next 3-4 yrs of his life. They may be the last free ones he has till he croaks.
  18. dalhorn1

    dalhorn1 1,000+ Posts

    For now, but I'm sure he's as clean as a preachers' sheets, right? [​IMG]
  19. dalhorn1

    dalhorn1 1,000+ Posts

    C'mon, Satchel, your schtic is old and predictable in this forum. The 7 vehicles, home safe, computers, wire taps, tax questions, etc., are all faked evidence, just a ruse to punish a decent, law abiding public official, right?
  20. Satchel

    Satchel 2,500+ Posts

    Mine was a simple closed question designed to get a yes or no answer or confirm what is already known. Why do you insist on making this harder than it is?
  21. NEWDOC2002

    NEWDOC2002 1,000+ Posts

    The FBI, with certainly some exceptions, usually has it's crap together when finally closing in, esp with race certainly coming into play.
  22. Satchel

    Satchel 2,500+ Posts

    Well hell, since you won't answer my very direct, very simple question, I'll have to answer it myself. Here goes:

    The Commissioner has not been charged with any crime. This is a salient fact, much to the chagrin of most of you.
  23. Crockett

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    No charges or indictments yet so far as I know. As far as the rap sheet, a lot of that was civil disobedience and some for not so civil disobedience. Funny thing is that for all the bizarre behavior, he's really become a skilled political operative and done some good.
  24. Satchel

    Satchel 2,500+ Posts

    Yeah well, in this thread, all that is quite beside the point. [​IMG]
  25. BrothaHorn

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  26. Satchel

    Satchel 2,500+ Posts

    Yeah and Mark Cuban was going down for insider trading because "they" had the goods on him.
  27. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada Winebibber

    Wave bye bye to your boy Price, Satchel. It's taken far too long to evict that scum sucking piece of **** from public life.
  28. Satchel

    Satchel 2,500+ Posts

    Let me translate that for you. You're estatic over what amounts to a very public "we're going to get your black ***
  29. BrothaHorn

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  30. dalhorn1

    dalhorn1 1,000+ Posts

    OK, who had 1.5 days on the "how long until Satchel plays the race card" bet?

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