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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by majorwhiteapples, Jun 27, 2011.

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    No, Satchel, YOU look bad for defending this dip****.
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    Satchel, I don't make it a habit of calling a spade a spade, but in the case of JWP, in the last year alone, his sound clips have been full of racial notes-- from the "black hole" ordeal, to pointing at the crowd in a City Hall meeting and stating "you are white. Go to hell". So, yes, if I were to lump Price as a race-baiter, I think the evidence is there to back up that assertion.

    I get the feeling you believe that anyone against JWP is simply displaying their bigotry, but supporting his character and tainted history makes you a wholesome individual.
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    It's clear when the government sets its sights on a target, it almost always get what it wants. Whitewater is a perfect example of what happens when the government has 53 million dollars to waste.
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    Dallas has a lot of black business men and women that would be great commisioners and ambassadors for the city. Lot of them. I get the feeling that "they" wouldn't be welcomed in the old Lipscomb-JWP crowd so they stay away.

    It would be great if this is a step in the direction for more responsible city - county level government, be it black or white.

    And if Perot Jr or anyone else is caught up in some laundry, let the chips fall where they may.
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    Satchel is so easy to bait. It's almost comical.
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    Satchel, I just may have come to my idea based on the repetitive strategy that you use in nearly all of your posts in this forum--deflect, deny, avoid--and if that doesn't make your point shine, then scream racism.

    Sangre is right, it's like shooting fish in a barrel, getting you to go the racist angle from the starting line.

    I don't care if JWP turns out to be the only minority leader involved in this case, along with 10 white, hispanic, asian or others. I'd like to see the city I call home not be run by thuggery and open threats of violence so that a select few can misuse their positions of authority. If they're not playing by the rules, throw 'em all out.
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    100k in cash!!! wow! in his safe. hmmm, looking forward to this explanation.

    brings up a good hypothetical. If you were gonna stow some cash, is there a safe place to put it where nobody, ever can legally get to the cash?

    My first thought would be safe deposit box, but they can get a warrant for that.

    maybe attic in suitcase, I don't know how thorough these guys are. would they look in the attic, probably so, strike that.

    Buried in backyard, would they consider looking for that?
    But then when you needed some of the dough, it would take a ton of effort to get to the $.

    How about offshore accounts? can they get to those?
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    if your name was royce west and the time frame was the late 1990s / early aughts, your answer would be Lone Star Park. ..dude had a rep as being a really lousy bettor but never short on cash
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    So you do keep up with the goings on in the black community.
    One wonders what would happen if similar interest was shown in career politcians (such as Rick Perry) who have materially enriched themselves, becoming mutil millionaires mostly thorough political deals. My guess is something would turn up, especially if the FBI combed through 10 years of stuff. We all know why this will never happen.
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    Maybe I do keep up with the goings on in the black community in Dallas. What's it to you? Do you? And does my knowledge of the comings and goings of the Dallas black community strengthen or weaken my opinion that JWP seems to have dug himself a hole that the FBI may or may not let him to crawl out of? I don't think so.

    Now, to answer your racial tangent on Rick Perry, I have to admit that I do not know what his past holds, how many times he's faced criminal tresspassing, criminal mischief, aggravated assault with a weapon, sexual assault charges, etc.. But if he had the same checkered past as, say, JWP, and gets investigated by the FBI on possible money laundering, tax evasion, bribery and fraud charges, I'd darn sure admit that his past should serve as a warning sign that he has shown a close proximity to criminal behavior, making any charges seem more legitimate than just being pulled out of the thin air and handed down based solely on a racial, religious, or good-haired hatred.
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    Satchel, you're a joke. I honestly don't know why we respond to your posts.
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    I'll be honest, Rex, I don't know why I reply to anything he writes. I should subscribe to the adage of "never argue with an idiot, they drag you down and beat you with experience". Alas, I'm a glutton for his incoherent ramblings.
  21. Satchel

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  22. dalhorn1

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    My goodness, is everything in your world racially motivated?

    Will I be sick in my gut if he's not charged or proven guilty of anything in the investigation? No. I may likely be disappointed that justice wasn't able to put an end to his actions. But hatred for the man? Sorry, you're wrong there, too. I get it, in your eyes, anyone that makes comments and stands against a supposed crooked black man must obviously be filled with vitrol and hatred toward other races. Instead, others on this forum have seen you show your *** time and again for your staunch determination to label anyone that dare speak against you a racist.

    As for the spade comment, how's about I alter it and state that if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck...JWP made his bed long ago, and now he gets to face the music for his actions.

    When he's found guilty, I hope you admit your support of him was mired by your staunch determination to overcome your hatred for anyone not of the same race as you.
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    Rick Perry's political enemies are orders of magnitude more powerful than are JWP's. If RE could have indicted him he would have done so long ago. Most career politicians are legal crooks. JWP may just be an illegal one as well.
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    Right on cue, Satchel. When you can't fight fair, just throw the bigoted accusations. You're the fool for defending someone that's carried a suspect history around in Dallas like a badge of honor.

    Claiming I'm a white supremacist is a very strong, very unintelligent, and very untrue statement. What is true is what your "friend" said recently, "you all are white. Go to hell!". Now tell me, who appears more supremacist?

    Keep up the good fight, Satchel, and keep bringing the hate. [​IMG]
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    Supremist".... Satchel goes from "there are no charges" to Supremist. Delicious.

    Satchel's posts in this thread are weaker than the bottom of a paper sack full of ****.
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  27. dalhorn1

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    People like you think that you can simply employ the race card, avoiding or re-directing the topic at hand--the pending results of an FBI investigation on a public official.

    Somewhere along the way in this thread, you decided to go for the deflection angle, take the heat off the negative comments about your friend's corrupt actions, and go full-in race mode.

    If you don't like my opinions on public officials in Dallas, JWP, and their criminal ways, then don't read or reply to my posts. Works like hell for me, too, dolt.
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    also, satchel, if you want to have a discussion on race relations, start a post on it. maybe i'll read what you post and make comments on it, if I feel compelled to. But, leave the white supremacist and hate language out of it. It has no place in this topic.
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    Satchel, please stop embarrassing yourself. This is not a racial situation, it is a criminal situation! The racial angle takes away from the dirty ****, JWP and gang have been doing to Dallas for the last 27 years.

    A supposedly enlightened black man such as yourself should be happy about this. JWP has been Perot Jr's lap dog, selling out his people for years now. Meanwhile, he pocket gets fat off the crumbs from the Citizen Council table. But, the people in precinct are still struggling. How many people from SOC, South Dallas drive to Alliance airport everyday for work? Think about all the jobs, the Inland port would have provided. But Price killed that deal, because his boss wanted him too.

    Hopefully, when Price and gang are finally nailed to the wall, Dallas can finally start moving forward with some honest, well meaning leadership.

    Oh, and remember how Price always talks about black empowerment and ownership? Care to take a guess, who he's got for lawyers?
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