More Dallas Corruption

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by majorwhiteapples, Jun 27, 2011.

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    Your either crazy or you enjoy reading me. [​IMG]
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    "Why can't I quit you, Satchel?"

    I admit, I am interested to see what you say for your next posts--will he discuss the thread, or go out haranguing me or any other poster? If you keep the hate-mongering out of your posts, I think your stance on the topic would be much more accepted, tolerated at least. I know I'd rather argue the thread with you in a civil approach, than having to dodge white power wrenches being hurled at my head.
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    "Care to take a guess, who he's got for lawyers? "

    So I am watching his white lawyer, Billy Rivkind, give his first public defense of JWP> Billy drawls, " Now I'm not saying Commissioner Price has that money and I 'm not saying he doesn't
    but IF he has it we can account for ever' penny":
    If I hadn't know it was real I would have thought it was a bad SNL skit.

    OTOH I am sure Rivkind is slicker than owlchit.White owlchit
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