More Frugality from the Conservative Party

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Bevo Incognito, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. Bevo Incognito

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    John McCain and Lindsay Graham jetted into Kabul, Afghanistan. McCain presided over a reenlistment ceremony for about a half dozen U.S. soldiers in Kabul.

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    McCain's everywhere. I wonder how many millions of borrowed dollars the old geezer is spending to fly around the world at your children's expense?
  2. NJlonghorn

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    Soldiers reenlisted, and were thNked with a ceremony led by a high-profile public figure, and a veteran to boot. That is hardly extravagant. Surely you can do better than this.
  3. AustinBat

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    Dd he take his wife, kids, mother-in-law, Secret Service, and a big entourage? If so, then you are right - terribly extravagant.
  4. Bevo Incognito

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  5. Horn6721

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    It is very clear BI has never served in combat and been deployed far away from the comforts of home/

    I guess BI doesn't understand the role the USO plays either.
    Maybe he/ she can post how much the USO wastes.

    It is really disgusting to try to make an equivalency out of 2 elected senators. one of whom is a decorated POW who flew to a combat region (a pretty long and not scenic flight btw) on their time off from the senate to show appreciation for the men and women fighting and the POS BO and a huge entourage of leeches who went on worthless expensive vacation.

    You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to score a gotcha on the backs of men and women in harms way.
    You have zero idea how such a trip like that can lift their spirits.
  6. Bevo Incognito

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  7. Horn6721

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    Do you acknowledge that our men and women serving in harm's way deserve special occasions to remind them they are appreciated and to take their minds however briefly off the reality of combat?

    If you have ever been in a combat zone putting your life on the line you know that visits from Senators are a big deal and if nothing else take you out of the day to day for a few hours.
    Shame on you for begrudging them that. I think most people including fiscal conservatives would think it is money well spent on our men and women who fight for their country.

    and for you to pretend you did not post this tripe as a counter to people criticizing BO and his excessive spending is flat out disingenuous.
    At least have the stones to own up.
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    Fair post BI. there is a ton of waste in our federal govt and this a air example of that. You can always argue what is more wasteful but that doesn't negate the fact the we waste more than we save and that is why we are where we are.
  9. Horn89

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    How is the USO relevant here? They're a private non-profit.
  10. Bevo Incognito

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  11. dillohorn

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    Obama is a total waste of human DNA and has done more harm to this country than Hitler was able to do.
  12. Uninformed

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    It's a moral equivalency thing. There is no difference between me giving some money to a veteran cause, McCain spending $50,000 visiting troops, or Obama spending $100,000,000 visiting Africa. Waste is waste.

    I will give BI some credit, though. I don't like McCain's politics.
  13. theiioftx

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    The OP just seems like an obvious attempt to stir up the pot rather than just pointing out that our current government, all parties included, continue to disregard fiscal restraint.

    For what it's worth, I think Graham and McCain are both useless.
  14. Horn6721

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    The OP might would had some credibility if he/ she had picked another expenditure to show waste..
    Saying an event to show appreciation and support to men and women who are one step away from death or blown limbs is a waste of taxpayer money ;
    using that expense of money as a way to suggest the GOP doesn't care about borrowing money either is thoughtless.

    Yes Yes Yes the GOP has contributed to our problems.
    Giving the men and women in harm's way some respite is not one of the wastes of money.
  15. majorwhiteapples

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    Question for the prosecution, was a private plane taken or did they fly on normal military flights?

    Typically, dignataries fly regularly scheduled military flights as to not attract attention, but then again what do I know.....
  16. Bronco

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    BI- You fool no one. And usually you disappear when called on something.

    I would guess zero new tax payer dollars were used for this trip. Typically, members of congress either travel on regularly scheduled military flights abroad (and very likely here since there are dangers involved) or occasionally on private planes donated by supporters.

    There is no way that Mccain and Graham were able to get a dedicated govt plane for this trip.
  17. Bronco

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    As usual- disappearance by the OP.
  18. houstonearlers

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    Those two fucks are not conservatives. Not even close.
  19. dheiman

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    FIFY - More Frugality from the Republican Party

    There are nearly as many conservatives on the board of Planned Parenthood as there are in the republican party.
  20. UTChE96

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  21. djimaplon

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    The point of the post is the subjectivity and hypocrisy of what is considered wasteful spending.

    Those supportive of McCain's trip seem to argue that compared to the sacrifice of those serving in the armed forces, such a trip is a pittance and well justified if not from a moral boosting perspective for those serving our longest theatre of war.
  22. Bronco

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