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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by mb227, Jan 17, 2021.

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    Mostly agree. Wouldn’t a female making the change have drug test issues? Also, we’ve got bigger things to disagree about than this. This is like debating which backup kickoff specialist to redshirt.
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    Yes there are more important things but consider this. A 6'9" 5 star basketball players decides he is a girl and transitions. You're telling me Ze should be able to play against high school girls? That's just wack. I don't care if Ze cuts Zers balls off. Zes still a he.

    If as a society we just accept abnormal behavior as ok, eventually everything will be ok. When Biden says an 8yo can decide if they want to transition, I'm sorry, we are already going down the slippery slope.
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    She played a total of 3 plays all year. A dead duck 25 yard kickoff, so 35 yards less than most kickers can do. Gave the other team the ball at the 35 - Vandy could have shanked it out of bounds and been the same off.

    The other two were extra points, while they had another kicker try the field goals in that same game. So she was brought out merely for the easy work, for the novelty of it.

    Plus she was given the chance to address the team at halftime of the first game, where she, as a kicker, who had never taken a snap, complained that the team wasn't cheering enough on the sidelines in the first half, which ended with them down 24-0. You ever heard of a football team that allows the kicker to address the rest of the team and whine about them?

    She's a joke, Vandy is a joke (they fired their head coach after the game where she was brought in to shank the kickoff), and anyone who holds her up as anything but a joke is an even bigger one.
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    Maybe the 8 year old was a girl who said that so that the Senile Old Fool (SOF) Biden didn't want to smell her hair and bounce her in his lap? If so, quite wise on her part!
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    To an extent, yes. Whether the male is a soy-boy with the door knob or in a polished look with three-piece suit, they are still male. Ditto with a female who can be uber-feminine or the stonest of butch...still female.
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