Moronic Aggie op-ed in today's Chronicle

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Giovanni Jones, Sep 2, 2011.

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    I'm shocked, absolutely shocked, to be informed by this proud 2002 A$M grad that college football is driven by $$$. (wow, who would have thought.)

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    With all the information that has come out the last couple of days, the aggys look foolish, and continue their tradition of being delusional and spewing lies. They could have been in on the TV deal, opted out, then when the deal was nearly done they wanted back in but were told no. So like a pouting child who didn't get the candy, they cry out that they are being treated unfairly.

    Screw 'em!! the lyin' sacks of crap!
  4. BevoNation

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    I think the first paragraph is worth reading multiple times. That's what college football is all about.
  5. zork

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    How many traditions for aggy are they leaving? It is pretty funny.
  6. 84 Horn

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    does "good natured competition" include the ringers they used in the 1910s, the fedex cash boxes in the 80s, tossing of manure onto the visitors' band, and drawing a saber on a cheerleader??

    aggy paranoia about always having to win, or else cheat or go ballistic or act like morons or run away and pout is well understood in these parts, mr. alumni
  7. WabashCannon

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    Now it's the televisions fault?! Wow, didn't see that one coming. I guess when your team's games aren't shown on TV much, then it's hard to understand the technology and it's impact.

    Here's a suggestion for aggy. Refuse to put any of your games on TV until you get your way. That will show everyone how committed you are to tradition.
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    The Aggies will be better off for leaving most of their traditions behind. Seriously.
  10. Giovanni Jones

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    cheating comes to mind
  13. 84 Horn

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    eric dickerson's sporty sedan comes to mind

    aggy football "purism" i guess
  14. Tan Ted Deki

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    "When we built the 12th Man Productions facilities, our plan was all along to eventually put together an Aggie Network," Byrne wrote a year ago. "We are better positioned than any other conference school to do it."

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    The first two words of this tripe are "Texas Aggies ". Wrong! It is Texas Longorns and Texas A&M Aggies. This guy is ashamed of his school's name. Not once have I ever heard Texas Red Raiders, Michigan Spartans, Virginia Hokies, Iowa Cyclones, et. al.

    Get over it aggies. We are Texas. You are Texas A&M.
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    This thread title is a bit redundant.

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    Good comments in retort.On the following, I would make it my sig but it's too long. So it's my salute to a program that really has changed it's colors. Or have they? Or should they? Whatever, it is no longer the Texas A&M it once was. For sure.So with Miss State already owning maroon and white in the SEC, it's time for this forward-looking, modern-age bunch of wanna be aggies to shift gears and go pastel and soft and squishy and hold hands with America, for crying out loud!
    Green with envy as always, but loving life not too harshly

    Blue over Tee Ewe, but relaxed and letting go, 2 Just B

    Red with energy to set the world on Fire -- a Silver Lining to our divorce and our New Beginnings


    Chartreuse to temper our Green Envy of Tee Ewe with... well, you know, Yellow


    PINK!... for the Lady Aggies and... for... All Duh Aggies!!! And Phil Knight will just sooooo love it!!!


  21. Giovanni Jones

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  22. MrMojoRisin

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    Aggies = birthers. Don't bother digitizing the newspaper.
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    Hu, they can't hold hands with America...they're too busy holding each others balls and humpin' it

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