Most Overrated Rock Bands of All Time

Discussion in 'Cactus Cafe' started by LonghornCatholic, Oct 24, 2013.

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    Another vote for Pearl Jam from me. Whenever "Even Flow" would come on the radio, my friends and I would always joke sing along "ohhh freeeezzzzinnn... something something something come on gotta lot of words and concrete... yeah..."

    I can't understand Eddie Vedder for the life of me. And I'm not talking about the depth of his lyrics, I'm talking about how I literally cannot understand him. His mumbling makes me want to buy him a speech pathologist.

    For the sake of sheer repetitive crap, also throw AC/DC on the list. And the Ramones.
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    Many of the bands listed are easy targets, given that rock music (or is it really its audience?) is unfashionable right now. [​IMG]

    I say U2 is the most overrated rock band, though it's a stretch to even deem them rock.
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    When talking about "overrated" I'll have to second the vote for Nirvana. Too many VH1 countdowns, etc. rate Smells Like Teen Spirit #1, Cobain is the "voice of a generation", blah, blah blah. The song makes my ears bleed and I'd like to meet the F'd up generation he's the voice for.

    Nirvana gets my vote.

    Other bands mentioned like KISS, Eagles...they may not win awards for meaningful lyrics but they are entertaining and fun so I wouldn't necessarily say overrated.
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    The Beatles
    Bob Dylan and the Band
    Rolling Stones
    Jimi Hendrix Experience
    Beach Boys
    Led Zep
    E Street Band

    with some of the names ya'll are throwing out, I seriously question you're taste in music
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    Hard to be objective. I hate Celine Dion's music, but I understand she is an amazing vocalist.

    Of the big 4 grunge bands that defined the genre (Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains), I think musically Alice in Chains and Soungarden were better (although I do like how Pearl Jam adds a little funk style to grunge), but Pearl Jam and Nirvana are ranked higher because of objective album sales.

    It may be easier to say which bands don't get the credit they deserve.

    I think of KISS as the 70s version of Lady Gaga. More entertainers than musicians.

    Nirvana is overrated the same way Heath Ledger is overrated.

    Janis Joplin?
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    Started out with some decent stuff, but Dennis DeYoung ran them into the technopop ground.
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    Agree Texanne - the Eagles are # 1 on my list [​IMG]

    Followed by:

    2. Journey
    3. Aerosmith
    4. Kansas
    5. KISS
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    Without going all the way through...Boston.

    Boy they annoy me.
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    Kings of Leon, boy they suck balls
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    Agree on Pearl Jam. Ten wasn't bad, and then they basically put out mostly crap for the next 20 years.

    Not sure I can count KISS, because they didn't really take themselves seriously enough to be overrated. Gene Simmons pretty much admits that they weren't serious musicians but just a bunch of dudes who came up with a gimmick that let them make money, drink booze, and score chicks for a living instead of getting real jobs. Gotta respect that.

    U2 put out some good music, but for every good song they put out, they put out 5 crappy but heavily hyped songs. Very overrated group.

    Bruce Springsteen is overrated. Decent songwriter but nothing special playing any instrument and has never been able to sing worth a damn.

    Somebody mentioned Kings of Leon. Not sure I can call them overrated, because I don't hear people talk about them as great artists. Having said that, they do totally suck balls. i don't understand what anybody sees in them.
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    rolling stones. I like their music because it is loud and is basically english adaptations of blues motifs but they are incredibly overrated.

    Unsophisticated and nearly incoherent and subjects of a cult.

    Most of the people they copied were superior musicians. Except Jagger is probably the world's greatest tambourine player.
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    Apparently 2 wings of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame are overrated.

    Tough crowd.

    Just an observation...U2, Rolling Stones, The Beatles [​IMG] , The Beach Boys, even Pearl Jam (I'm not a big fan BTW), were all bands that were around for a significant time to decades. They had to adapt to changing times and just couldn't be Joshua Tree their entire lives. So some fans are naturally alienated when an Achtung Baby comes along. FWIW Rattle and Hum and All That You Can't Leave Behind are solid.

    I kinda want to nominate Coldplay.
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    good point re longevity

    the stone have been around for fifty years and have done some great work (I still have a warm spot for Satanic Majesties!!) but the adulation is why I say they are overrated.

    At their best they are as good as Zepelin and ZZ top, the Doors and Skynard. At their worst, they are as bad as those groups' worst.

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