Move to SEC still a good idea?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by SteveInAustin, Dec 1, 2021.

  1. SteveInAustin

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    A number of articles are questioning Oklahoma's and also Texas's move to the SEC. They cite all the failures of all the schools that have moved to different conferences. They say it is better to be a big dog in a mediocre conference that offers a more direct path to success, than one of many big powers in a tough conference. I kind of agree. I am thinking this move to the SEC was a bad idea.

    "The sledding is just tougher in the SEC, where Oklahoma and Texas won’t have huge natural advantages over the rest of the league like they did in the Big 12"
    from How are Texas and Oklahoma feeling now about moving to the SEC?

    "While Riley is just one coach, seeing perhaps the biggest young star in college football coaching opt for a more regional, manageable path to national championship contention is a canary in a coal mine, especially for the non-powers of the SEC. Being part of the best league is far less of an allure if you can't beat the best."
    from Lincoln Riley to USC: What the hire says about LSU, Oklahoma's SEC move and the Pac-12's future

    "But the SEC decision may test a fan base that's accustomed to decades of winning. Couple that with a coaching change, which is never a guarantee for quick success -- just ask Texas -- and all of a sudden, the landscape looks different in Norman."

    "Barry Switzer ... told ESPN that Riley's departure was a 'tipping point' for the Sooners with the SEC move looming. There's no guarantee that long history of success at Oklahoma will continue, much like Nebraska has struggled ... After four months of shockers, Oklahoma is preparing for a new world with an unprecedented amount of uncertainty for a program that has prided itself on stability."

    from Oklahoma Sooners and Texas Longhorns show how quickly the tables can turn in college football
  2. I_Dont_Exist

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    Still a good idea? It was a 20 pounds of dumbass in a 5 pound bag idea from the word go.
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  3. beijinghorn1

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    Personally I think it was and is a GREAT idea. OU was the only conference game I really cared about. All the other teams, it just pissed me off when Texas lost to them. I never understood why BU, ISU, and KSU were allowed to stay in the Big 12 and then to make matters worse, TCU was added. I realize the SEC has some stinkers as well but I will say that the Pac 10 (with only USC) and the Big 12 are by far the two most boring power 5 conferences. At one time, the Big 12 was good, but too many teams that moved the needle for me were left.
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  4. beijinghorn1

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    I will put it differently, once Texas enters the SEC I sure hope they will continue to play X team as I will miss that game. There is no X team in the big 12 for me. I do miss the yearly A&M, NU, and Piggy games.
  5. yelladawgdem

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    Kids, pump the brakes for just a sec (no pun intended). We have been playing football 129 years. Biggest, richest school, in the most fertile recruiting hotbed in the 48, with the most alumni and the best facilities. Won a bunch of ballgames. One of the top five winningest programs in the history of the sport. But......except for 3 Titles during a 7 year run in the 1960's, (during which there was chatter about if the Coach needed to move on), during the other 122, years the program can boast of 1 other total Title made possible by a magical team and the most transcendent player in program history. So........the talk of our path to a National Title being harder in the SEC????? Harder than what? The SWC? The Big 12?

    OU has ruled the Big 12. But for the last two decades Sooner Football has been the equal to Gonzaga Basketball. Ranked in the top 5 all season, exciting to watch, teams with flash, style, and stock piles of talent with deep depth charts that make it DEEP into the post season. Where they get exposed. In exactly the same way every time. Every time. Giving up 156 points in 3 games, an average of 52 points a game. Friends, that's what you call a trend.

    So yes, the SEC move is a good one. We have not been competitive in the Big 12 in 12 years, we can go do that anywhere, only get paid twice as much. Some way cooler road games and games at DKR will be rocking with SRO crowds and hordes of visiting fans.

    So we will SEC U later.:cowrose::hookem2::hammertime:
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  6. utempire

    utempire 1,000+ Posts

    If aggy can be average in the sec then there's no reason for UT to not excel.
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  7. LonghornDave

    LonghornDave 1,000+ Posts

    The move to the sec is the right move for Texas. I do not know about Oklahoma.
    I think Texas will eventually out pace aggie more often than not and Arkansas will give okie all they want for North Texas recruits. Football, Baseball and BB will be better because most SEC fans travel well. Texas will make much more money. Big 12 and PAC will make much less money. And BIG was not an option because of baseball. ACC is a dead man walking.
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  8. BornOrange0855

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    Putting aside the revenue issue, which I frankly don't give a spit about, putting aside the won-loss record, which I've become immune to lately, and putting aside the conference title issue, which has become a pipe dream, I'm all for the move.
    Playing Florida, Auburn, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, et al is way more exciting to me than playing ISU, KSU, KU, TCU, Baylor etc. As mentioned by an earlier poster, the only game that gets my blood pumping is OU. It'll be nice to have some others.

    Will it dilute our "brand"? We might suck in the SEC. So what? Truth be told, we've sucked in the Big 12. Only way to go is up!!!!!!
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  9. LonghornCatholic

    LonghornCatholic Catholic like Sarkisian

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  10. theiioftx

    theiioftx Sponsor Deputy

    Remaining in the Big 12 was not an option. The choice was either go independent or join the SEC. living in Tennessee and now a second home in Alabama, I couldn’t be happier.:hookem:
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  11. moondog_LFZ

    moondog_LFZ 2,500+ Posts

    Next year Alabama comes in to kick our ***.
    I'm sure it will be nationally televised.
    The stadium will be full and televisions tuned in.
    What a great second game of the year.
    And just maybe the Horns rise up and pull a win out of their ***.
    I don't know hoe the SEC will be divided, but I agree that the season will become much more exciting.
    There was a small window where we might could've pulled Florida St. and Clemson into the Big 12.
    That would have been cool.
    But the departure of Mizzou, Colo, Neb and eventually aggy, was a death blow.
    And now adding Cincy, Houston, UCF and BYU just doesn't raise the needle much.
    It was shocker when it was announced that we would join the SEC.
    But I am coming around to it.
    I really hope our fans NEVER chant SEC.
    I would rather the entire conference hate us. :)
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  12. LonghornDave

    LonghornDave 1,000+ Posts

    I hope the SEC goes to pods rather than east v west. That would allow a wider variety of schools over the same time frame while allowing us to play OU and Arky every year. AnM or Mo. would be ok as well.
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  13. nashhorn

    nashhorn 5,000+ Posts

    Didn’t like it when announced then heard all the “it’ll help recruiting” talk and thought well maybe. That’s bologna I realize now, so still don’t like it.
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  14. William Bush

    William Bush 25+ Posts

    The huge amount of empty seats in Memorial stadium last Friday suggests that it is a good move.
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  15. Creek

    Creek 1,000+ Posts

    Hard to say if it makes sense. We may of had to go to the SEC, due to "paying players" and more exposure in the SEC would theoretically get the best players. Of course, these players maybe coddled, soft and not hungry. If you are a too tough on them, they may simply leave.

    If you are a known hard *** coach you should get hard *** players, even if they are 2 and 3 stars...
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  16. nashhorn

    nashhorn 5,000+ Posts

    The lack of a full stadium was not because weren’t in the SEC. it would look the same on T+1 day if we were playing Vandy after 6 losses in a row. Might look even worse if we were playing Ala after 6 losses come to think about it.
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  17. RainH2burntO

    RainH2burntO 2,500+ Posts

    It's funny how the timing is working out...OU taking a hit and UT at a nearly all time low...and BYU, Houston, and Cincy all ranked with Cincy likely in the playoff.
    From a school, name rec, and power player comparing these schools to UT and OU, but from a current on field football have 3-4 teams coming in on the up trading out two on the down. I am in no way saying this is net good for Big12 overall....only pointing out the irony, football-current-results-wise. One Huge caveat if anyone thinks the Big12 is adding better football programs though...
    None of these teams would have the records they have currently if they competed in the Big12 this year and likely wont in the future...though the path will be easier with the exits of UT and ou...and that's all one needs to know.
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  18. ViperHorn

    ViperHorn 10,000+ Posts

    Getting out of the Big XII - a good idea; going to the $EC worse than staying in the Big XII. Still time to below off ou (always a good time) and the $EC. B1G or PAC-12 are better landing places for Texas.
  19. Chop

    Chop 10,000+ Posts

    I'll miss the traditional rivalries with the in-state teams (though we'll still get Tech). There's plenty of pros and cons.

    But... the ball is in motion and rolling already. There's no stopping it at this point.
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  20. LonghornDave

    LonghornDave 1,000+ Posts

    I prefer the Big but would be miserable for baseball.
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  21. Statalyzer

    Statalyzer 10,000+ Posts

    Great for Texas and Oklahoma to make money, bad for the sport.

    Some of them we might only get to play once or twice a decade.
  22. n64ra

    n64ra 1,000+ Posts

    OU fans are probably thinking no, blaming Riley's move to USC as a way to skip the SEC.

    If OU is unhappy, then I'm happy so yes.
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  23. Run Pincher

    Run Pincher 1,000+ Posts

  24. ProdigalHorn

    ProdigalHorn 10,000+ Posts

    I don't know if I ever thought it was a great idea, but I did feel like it was inevitable the way CFB is going. This is headed toward "semi-pro" competition at the top level, and NIL just turned that up several notches. At some point, the NCAA is going to try and legislate this stuff and the big players will say "Not this time." When that happens, I'd rather be on the side of the programs that set their own course.

    Ultimately, I do think it helps recruiting, and ultimately I do think it will help instill a new culture. I have suspected for a long time that we've cultivated an air of entitlement here. We're too good to play the likes of Iowa State and Kansas State and Baylor every year - even if they DO beat us. Fans don't care about those teams, and it's hard to imagine the players are that excited about it deep down. (Maybe I'm wrong about this - I hope I am!) I wonder if part of our poor competitive attitude stems from a lack of interest or respect for the league where we play.

    Will that get fixed in the SEC? I don't know, but if it doesn't we'll all be finding other things to care about in December and January.
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  25. 22Horn

    22Horn 500+ Posts

    To SEC YES!
    Until Texas gets back to its standard that allowed them to win 970+ games, there will be some tough times. But they as well as many teams, including ALabama, have hit the hard times before. Bama has not been on top of the world forever. I believe that n a few years UT will be very competive with all SEC with excetion for now of Bama and sometimes Georgia. All others are just remants of that league and may win some but they will not be consistent.

    MHO, the spiral began when Strong and Herman were here!! What a mess! How would UT be faring if Mack had gone a little longer then we jumped at CS then TH?????
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  26. nashhorn

    nashhorn 5,000+ Posts

    My only conflict with your comment Prod is I like it when we beat those guys, well realistic here, I like it when we beat anyone. The 6 in a row really was a downer.
  27. erbutch

    erbutch 250+ Posts

    It really doesnt matter whether we like it or not. It is what it is. I just cant see how folks think we will be successful in the SEC,when we werent in the Big 12. However,some folks just have rose colored glasses. This is not the 60s,70s or 2000.I think we better get use to 7-5or 6-6. Poop away,that is my opinion.
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  28. Vol Horn 4 Life

    Vol Horn 4 Life 5,000+ Posts

    There's a large majority on this board who think the SEC is all media hype and no substance and have been saying that for the last decade or more. I'm not going to argue either way, but we'll see in year five of this deal if we are competitive or not. I will tell you this team **** their collective pants in that Arkansas stadium. It was intense there and they usually suck.
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  29. Handler

    Handler 500+ Posts

    If we play A&M on Thanksgiving night again = good move. If not, who cares. We are so far away from being a consistent top 5 team if doesn't really matter what conf we are in. Might as well make more money so we can dominate all the other sports.
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  30. 22Horn

    22Horn 500+ Posts

    as stated the big downfall began with CS and continued under Herman and the Hermits. Then your recruiting starts to suffer and failto develop good players then you have little depth on both sides of the line.....takes time to heal but I believe they will be back 2 yrs

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