Move to SEC still a good idea?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by SteveInAustin, Dec 1, 2021.

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    Long term it will be a good move both financially and competitively, short term Texas will do just fine in the SEC in every sport but one but unfortunately the one sport that Texas will struggle with is the one that gets the most press.
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    I wonder to what extent, if any, NIL played in Texas’ decision to bolt. While money and more specifically TV revenue is the driver, we all know (ok, suspect) payola shenanigans that have tainted that league forever. With NIL and Texas’ resources, any cheating that had been happening may be neutralized.

    I hate the move but understand it. To me what the SEC embodies is cheating and lowlife fans. The death threats our players and coaches were receiving from anonymous fans ahead of the LSU game in Austin is indicative. It’s a crowd that many of us would prefer not to associate with. But then again, Michigan and tOSU probably aren’t much different.
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    Maybe start new conference :

    Texas OU USC Neb OKSt TT ARK Clemson FSU Utah
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    YES and YES again. The move makes sense across all metrics: money, geography, recruiting, real rivalries, historic success, and athletic culture.

    The Big 12 was never an ideal place for us. It was a shotgun marriage from the start. We joined a conference that relied almost totally upon Texas recruits. And split said recruits with 11 other schools. With 5 of those schools being in State or right next door.

    The move to the SEC changes that. We have one other in-State school to compete with. And, more importantly, the conference features two additional big-time recruiting States; Louisiana and Florida. So we're not only reducing our local competitors, we're entering a conference with a much larger talent pool as well.

    It makes sense why some people are scared. The SEC propaganda machine has made the conference seem to be invincible. But I promise they play on the same size field. They run the same kind of offenses. And they eat their meals the same as other men (add mustard in Knoxville).

    We're going to be in a much stronger position moving forward. It's about as close to an ideal situation as a school can get. It's hard to see it now, but it's true.
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    I'm ok w another year but 2025 just seems to be a pathetic result for all parties. I really thought ESPN was going to fix this mess.
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    Funny that we are more likely to play Bama next year while were are in the Big 12 than if we joined the SEC for 2022 since we assume pods of size four teams are coming. Likely that'd mean play our three pod opponents, four from another pod, and one or two from the other two pods. No reason to believe we are heading to Bama's pod.
    Even if the SEC does divisions of size eight, that means play all seven from the West and only one or two from the East. I suspect Mizzou moves to the West and Auburn and Alabama move to the East.
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    Says more about us than about the SEC. Iowa State blew us out too.
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  10. I_Dont_Exist

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    Has nothing to do with being scared. Your insinuation is self-serving crap
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    That was my point.
  12. Clean

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    If the Big XII had been able to keep Colo., Neb., Mizzou, and Aggy, I’d have been perfectly content staying put, but it didn’t. We have one highly anticipated conference game a year. The rest of the time it’s 11AM games against Iowa St, Kansas , K_St., etc. Despite the fact that those teams have been kicking our *** lately, that schedule is barely a cut above the old SWC with Rice, SMU, etc.

    I think we had to move to compete with Aggy in recruiting. The SEC is the Rolls Royce of college football conferences. We might as well shoot for the moon. We’re going to get our asses kicked at first, but hopefully we’ll buildup and be able to compete. Give it 10 years and then judge it. If it doesn’t work out, maybe the Ivy League will take us. I’m fairly certain we could dominate those sissy schools.
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  13. MajorRules00

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    Sounds like I touched a nerve.
  14. MajorRules00

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    Gundy, post-Bedlam, hinted at '23 being the date.
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    I'd rather go in 2022 but oh well. I do believe that the team gets up for some teams and not others. I don't think we got up for aggy those last several years. It wasn't so much teams leaving but what the Big 12 didn't do. They should've expanded to 12 teams right away and a conference championship game. The Big 12 was and still is reactive, not proactive. If aggy, mizzou, and the piggies can compete in the sec then we certainly can.
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  16. William Bush

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    Just my opinion, but I would have more interest in seeing Vandy than I do seeing KS. losing streak or not. If you like to travel, Manhattan, Ks or Nashville Tn, Ames, Iowa or Tuscaloosa, Al?
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  17. Statalyzer

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    Tuscaloosa isn't that high on my travel list. Neither are Athens, Knoxville, Little Rock, Columbia SC, etc.
  18. nashhorn

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    I’d enjoy the Nashville trip for sure.
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  19. Monahorns

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    Never was. If you want a better balance of competition, money, and competition then the Big 10 or ACC were the prudent choices.
  20. ViperHorn

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    collie station.
  21. theiioftx

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    Athens and Knoxville are great college football towns.
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    It's Fayettenam not Little Rock. Athens and Knoxville ought to be on your college football visiting list unlike Stillwater, Manhattan, or Ames.
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    I don't want to go to Florida.

    Tennessee and Ole Miss will be cool. LSU isn't that far
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    Gotta disagree—been to all these towns. As a collection, they are 10x better than Waco, Fort Worth, Lubbock, Stillwater, Manhattan, Ames, Lawrence
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    The Grove at Ole Miss is a bucket list trip.
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  26. n64ra

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    It's absolutely incredible.
  27. LonghornDave

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    I've been to all of the above (except Stillwater) but do not agree. Most college towns are at least pretty good. Exceptions, Miss St (ugly), Tam, cultish behavior, and LSU and tOSU (azz h*les). Under rated, Wyoming, USC, Arkansas, Va. Tech, and Iowa.

    Manhattan and Ames and Lawrence are great. Lincoln was good but slightly over rated when they lose.
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    Having the aggy and Arky games back on the schedule will be good. I'm glad we're finally waving goodbye to the B12. I believe that being a member of the SEC will be more attractive to top recruits in the coming years.
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    UT should go independent. It's obvious that no other conference has enough schools worthy of sharing the stage with the Longhorns. Big12 schools? Nobody cares. PAC12 schools? Too liberal and nobody cares. B1G schools? Only 2 move the needle and it gets cold up there. ACC schools? Nobody cares about those schools either. SEC schools? Athletics are great, but the fans are all inbred glue-huffers to be avoided like the plague.

    Going indy would allow UT to schedule only schools worthy of sharing the field with the bluest of blue bloods. Of course, UT would still occasionally throw a bone to one or two of the mud schools like Tech or Baylor (and maybe A&M if they are willing to apologize for their disobedience and kiss the ring). But 10 of the 12 games would be against the likes of Notre Dame, USC, Michigan, Ohio State, etc. RRR would continue of course even though Sooner fans are trailer-trash tweekers.

    All games would be on the LHN, which would make it the most popular channel for all providers. The money from the LHN would ensure continued UT hegemony in CFB. All would be right with the world.
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    All I had for breakfast was Fiber One Honey Cluster cereal.
    Going to have a huge lunch.
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