Moving (back) to Austin -- where to start?

Discussion in 'Around Austin' started by Eastside, Dec 8, 2007.

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    So my partner and I are in the beginning phases of moving back to Austin, I spent 4 years at UT then to Houston, he's orig from NYC and not familiar with Austin at all. My only experience with Austin housing is student-friendly apartments, but we're looking to buy a home.

    Anyone have a good place online to start? Obviously, we may employ a realtor, but would like to get an idea of what/where we want to be first. I'd prefer to be closer to the city center, but that's not a huge concern. I will be working from the house, he does not yet have a job (like I said, this is preliminary searching).

    Looking to spend 150-250K on a 2-3 bedroom home, with a bit of a yard for the pup, but nothing that big. If you're familiar with Houston, we'd like something similar to the Heights area, so I was thinking just outside Hyde Park (isn't it becoming full of a lot of McMansions?) or the area north of say, 38th st? Again, I haven't been in Austin other than for games and such for years and have never really become familiar with the neighborhoods outside of campus/student-friendly, so I guess I could be considered a brand new resident of Austin.

    Any help (or realtor recs) would be appreciated!
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    I live 6 miles/10 min away from downtown. I paid 200k for my home but that was well over a year ago. Still some reasonably priced homes out here. Very cool group of people living out here, me not being on of them.
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    You will have to act quickly as prices seem to go up and up every month. I have been offered now 30k more than I was just 3 months ago. Still not interested in selling. I am now almost quadruple what I paid for my house.
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    that price is very doable for you are looking for (I am picturing some type of 'cottage style' 900-1000 sq ft). You can find something like that in central south of Anderson under 250. I sent you a PM.

    What cross streets are you near CL?
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    I live just south of Anderson in Crewtview. Houses in the 900-1000 sq ft range start out at about $250 to $300K price range.
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    Look in the Windsor Park area that is just north of the old Airport (roughly bound by 51st street on the South, Manor road on the East, 290 on the North, and Cameron Road on the West).

    I've lived here since 2003, and the changes in that time are astonishing. With the redevelopment going on at Mueller, home prices are starting to go up, but not too drastically yet. I really like this area, close to downtown, pretty quiet most of the time, and older, established neighborhoods instead of new construction. It's east of 35, but I've had no problems with crime at all. The schools aren't great, but if you don't have kids it shouldn't be that big of a concern. I know a few other posters live in this area, so maybe someone else can chime in.
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    you can live in my neighborhood in South Austin, less than 15 minutes to downtown and maybe 20 to UT, for less than 200K. and that's for a 2400 sq ft house.

    Use this site to get some ideas for what you can get in your price range:The Link
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    I'm moving back to Austin next month as well. What industries and/or companies are booming with employment these days? I know it's not Dell any longer.
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    We moved NW last year and haven't regretted it. We're up near Cedar Park, but I'll warn you that housing prices are up approx 35K higher than 2006. With the toll road (and more options for getting downtown in general) I enjoy a 25 minute commute in the morning, and 28-30 in the afternoon.
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    Thanks so much to all who've replied (and who've sent PMs), this has definitely given us a starting point. I hope to be "home" by spring '08. I'll be moving to the Horn Network board to get my partner a job, now! [​IMG]

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