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    I cant remember a year were we have recruited early, middle, and late in the game!!! In my mind this has got to be one of the most hyped classes in the mack era if not the history of Texas.. congrats to Mack and the rest of the coaches... but now its time to get to work!!
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    I think it's close between this class and 2002 class.
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    If they can do what the 2002 class did then im ok with that
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    Kudos to Mack and his staff. Texas is elite but other programs have a lot to offer too, so this is a testament to hard work and perseverance by a first-rate coaching staff. We are fortunate to have Mack and his team on the job.
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    Wasn't the Simms/Redding class the most hyped? This class can be great! I don't understand why we were #1 and fell, then we make three great pickups at the end and we're still only #2? [​IMG]
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    Bammer has been strong for a coupla months, and Free Shoes came on like crazy the last 24 hrs.

    I have no problem at all being #3 with this class.
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    Season of the Switch!!! Looks like holding off on a few offers has really paid off. How many recruits did we pick up that were previously committed to another school??? Am i missing anyone?

    Torshiro Davis (LSU)
    Dalton Santos (Tenn)
    Bryce Cotrell (Oregon)
    Daje Johnson (TCU)
    Kendall Sanders (Okie Lite)
    Donald Hawkins (Okie Lite)
    Brandon Moore (???)
    Marcus Johnson (TTech)

  9. Third Coast

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    That ESPN #3 ranking only shows 24 commits. After the Davis signing we could very well move back to 2nd, not that it really matters much.
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    the way we poached at the close of the season; was like the end of the Godfather 1 movie ...where we settled scores for the family...
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    I've been refreshing espn frequently to see if we move up from 2 after the last 2 switches. Don't think so - Cottrell and TD ain't exactly Mario or DGB. We may move back to 3 after FSUs late push.
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    Want a ranking where we are listed number 1 (at least as of the time of this post)?


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