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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by LonghornCatholic, Jan 2, 2020.

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    To me wasn't a bust. He was put in a bad situation by Fisher, a petty coach who'd rather lose than let Vince have the reigns. VY took an 0-6 team and made them 8-8. Then got them to the playoffs the next season. Fisher played with his head, and the franchise imploded

    Vince could have handled it better, but one could understand he handled it the only way he knew

    I won't blame him. Just thankful for what he gave us
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  3. Detective Shilala

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    Contrast the Fisher / Young scenario with, just for example, Holmgren / young Favre.

    You can bet young Bret Favre has some growing up to do and that Holmgren probably had to shield him some. It paid off for the packers.

    On the other hand, Fischer seemed to antagonize Vince. And did everything he could to make sure that when Vince reacted his episodes were public, and painted in as bad a light as possible. And the Titans were worse for it.

    Fisher. What a Stupid, silly, mullet/headed little man.

    I gave no doubt that if Vince had been drafted by another team he would have been a special takent in the NFL
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  4. George Bailey

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    From Fisher's wiki page:

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  5. wadster

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    Yea, I watch Lamar Jackson and think what could have been. I'm not sure Vince is quite up to that standard but he wasn't far behind.
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  6. 2003TexasGrad

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    In college he was every bit as good as Lamar Jackson.
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  7. zuckercanyon

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    That bastard Fisher got fired or quit before he broke the tie for most NFL losses as a head coach. I wish that douche would coach one more loss and take hold of that stigma loss record.
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  8. AC

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    VY was everything Lamar Jackson is in the NFL now. Just not the same situation. He may have been better than Lamar Jackson, I just think the NFL wasn't ready for VY yet. Now all these years later Lamar Jackson gets to benefit from what VY started. He should buy Vince a car! I feel for him, but I am glad he gives the glory to God and I hope he can straighten out whatever he needs to now. After Football.
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  9. BurntOrangeLH

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    Remember in Vince's day Dan Marino who stood back there and did not move was the ultimate NFL QB.
  10. Galvestonhorn

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    nobody, Including Lamar Jackson has ever been close— not even in the parking lot of the ball park to that type of QB Vince was.

    What a joke.
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  11. Galvestonhorn

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    Dan Marino was looooong gone from the NFL when Vince was in College
  12. AC

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    Well.....Fischer tried to turn Vince into a Dan Marino prototype QB. Michael Vick and Vince Young proved to NFL owners/Mgmt that a running QB could work in the NFL. Now it’s pretty mainstream or getting close.
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  13. AustinHorn24

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    Let's slow down on the "Vince Young is as good as Lamar Jackson in the NFL" nonsense.

    I agree in college nobody was better than Vince. But Lamar Jackson is a completely different QB in the pros than he was in college, he's light years better as a passer, especially from year 1 to 2.

    VY finished the NFL with 46 TD/51 INT. Is some of that Jeff Fisher's fault? Sure, but not all of it. Just like some of Baker Mayfield's terrible 2nd year was Freddie Kitchens fault, but certainly Mayfield shares a lot of blame as well.
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  14. Galvestonhorn

    Galvestonhorn 250+ Posts

    Let’s slow down on comparing Lamar Jackson to Vince nonsense.

    totally different and Lamar will go back to being Lamar of 2018 next year. And a shoulder, knee injury will happen the way he plays. It’s going to be a brief run for him and he’s lucky he’s w a good team unlike Vince
  15. AustinHorn24

    AustinHorn24 25+ Posts

    Also consider this quote by VY:

    Consider that this quote was in 2007 AFTER he won the NFL rookie of the year award.

    Lamar Jackson meanwhile wears a shirt to every press conference that says "NOBODY CARES. WORK HARDER."

    The mentality between Lamar Jackson and VY couldn't be any more different.
  16. mchammer

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    Which is why he should have stayed another year. It’s not always what you can do on the field but what happens off the field as well.
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  17. n64ra

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    Good video.

    Two seasons (2001 and 2002) counts as looooong gone now??
  18. BurntOrangeLH

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  19. BurntOrangeLH

    BurntOrangeLH 1,000+ Posts

    The point is, he was the prototype standard QB that the NFL coaches and Player Personnel types used as their ideal QB standard. See Ben Rothlisberger.
  20. SabreHorn

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    While Fisher was forced to take Vince by Bud Adams, Norm Chow was more of a problem and did everything he could to sabotage VY.
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  21. Galvestonhorn

    Galvestonhorn 250+ Posts

    LOL about the comparison. Not even close.
    Besides Earl, Vince is the only player Texas has EVER had that could’ve played in the NFL out of high school. And that’s probably in the history of high school football ...anywhere.
  22. BurntOrangeLH

    BurntOrangeLH 1,000+ Posts

    1.) Numbers do not lie.
    2.) Vince had better teams his sophomore and junior years than Ehlinger ever had. Hell, there were 16 or so guys that played in the NFL on the 2005 team. Who holds the record for most run scored touchdowns by a QB at Texas? It ain't Vince.

    Vince in the NFL out of high school is a bad wet dream. He was certainly more physically developed, but no NFL team ever used the option play back then. And Vince could not pass that well then.

    Regardless of your fantasies, Ehlinger has developed better into a better overall QB in terms of production.

    I love what Vince did, but production wise on the field, he has been eclipsed. We should realize what Ehlinger has accomplished and give him his due.
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  23. wadster

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    You just can't compare different generations. No hurry up back then. Teams ran less plays. And oh btw, Vince only played the 4th quarter in the tOSU, OSU, A&M, and NC games that I can recall. We blew everyone else off the field. 1/2 the games he played the 1st possession of the 3rd quarter, we had scored 49 by then and he'd sit as Mack didn't like to run up the score. Big12 CC game was friggin 70-0. Just not comparing apples to apples. I love Sam but he's not even close to what Vince was. Never seen Sam run 81 yds down the sideline to change the game like Vince did against OSU.
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  24. 2003TexasGrad

    2003TexasGrad 2,500+ Posts

    Sam is NOT VY. VY was transcendent.

    He shared snaps as a redshirt Freshman. He only really had full control for 2 seasons. Sam has had pretty much 3 full seasons and hes played 95% of the snaps in every game.

    VY on this team would have won 10 games minimum this seaaon just because of him.
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  25. BurntOrangeLH

    BurntOrangeLH 1,000+ Posts

    So you missed Sam's freshman season? Must have to make that assertion.

    The best is just plain BS as this year's team might have 2 or 3 NFL draftees at the most. I think more future NFL players played in the USC-Texas Rose Bowl than any other game I can remember. It was way over 30.
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  26. BurntOrangeLH

    BurntOrangeLH 1,000+ Posts

    Different eras for sure. No blindside blocks allowed now, etc.

    But the numbers are the numbers and cumulatively through 3 years, Ehlinger's are better. Per play, I do not know. It is an observation that all those who claim Ehlinger is not an "elite" QB may need to rethink because other than sheer passing prowess, Young was certainly an "elite" QB with the highest rating of any player Texas recruited.

    Another statistic I saw out there is over the last 3 years, Burrow is the most productive QB in yards from scrimmage. The Hawaii QB was on that list and another Group of 5 QB. Number 4 was Ehlinger and the was next P5 QB.
  27. zuckercanyon

    zuckercanyon 1,000+ Posts

    Vince is #1 period
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  28. ViperHorn

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    Young, Phillips, Street and Carlise all have Trophies so they go to the top.
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  29. CreakyHorn

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    I honestly don't know how you go about comparing QB's with completely different styles on completely different teams. Sam is a good quarterback with exceptional leadership. Vince was a guy who I picture in the locker room as telling everyone, "It's all good, I've got this". Who's better? I don't know. I do remember watching VY and just being amazed.
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  30. AustinHorn24

    AustinHorn24 25+ Posts

    I dont care what the stats say, Sam Ehlinger is not even close to VY. Not even in teh same universe.
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