Muschamp - I Can Hear It Now

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by DRAG69, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. DRAG69

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    After we beat OU on Saturday and then Missouri twice to win the Big XII are we going to hear the following.....

    "Mack Brown never won the conference without Vince Young or Will Muschamp."

    I can hear it now..........
  2. EternalHorn

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    To those douche-nuggets I'd respond with:

    "Mack Brown recruited and hired the players and coaches needed to win the Big XII. That's what a head coach does."
  3. tholly

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    he also never won either without a Ramonce...
  4. bull rush

    bull rush 100+ Posts

    He's never won a championship while wearing suspenders.
  5. Theo Huxtable

    Theo Huxtable 250+ Posts

    Never won a championship without clapping
  6. hothead25

    hothead25 100+ Posts

    1 conference championship
  7. 71grad

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    He's never won a National Championship while wearing a sweater vest...........oh never mind.
  8. eflow24

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    Mack has never won either without Jamaal Charles.
  9. FlyinHorn

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    One game at a time people.

    There are so many on the board that have lost focusness that i'm gonna puke. [​IMG]
  10. Sooner-Tuf

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    If OU's Offense torches the Texas D Mr Muschamp will go from Jesus to a two time DUI Cedric Benson in less than four hours.
  11. alden

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  12. DRAG69

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  15. cochamps

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    kinda like the luster was off Bomar's star, land thief?

    you guys took one of your heroes and ran him out of your territory in about minutes.

    pot meet kettle. [​IMG]
  16. bierce

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  17. Sooner-Tuf

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  18. okhorns

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    ou sucks
  19. Oilfield

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    If I heard that from someone, I would just give them this.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  20. runvincerun

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    It would just be someone's stupid opinion. If you really want to go that route anyone could easily say Meyer would not have won without the Leak/Tebow combo or Tressel without those dirty defensive players and that loser Maurice Clarett. And ol' Stoops hasn't won the big one since his brother left for AZ. It's all BS. [​IMG]
  21. DRAG69

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  22. 1leggedduck

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    We would be doing the dirtburglars a favor, really, since this will be one of those "rivalry" loses, it will not hurt their chances to go to a nice bowl, and Bob is saved from falling flat on his face on the big BCS stage, again.
  23. Sherpa

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    Word out of Norman is the Offense was handed a new playbook for this game. All misdirections, rollouts, quick slants. That's a lot of respect for this D especially considering they've already played what were a couple very good defenses. Something tells me Stoops wants this game really really bad and I can't wait to see the new wrinkles he'll unleash. This could get ugly quick.
  24. Sooner-Tuf

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  25. Bob in Houston

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  26. Sooner-Tuf

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  27. Bob in Houston

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    Let's put it this way. Muschamp's D last year wasn't the reason they lost those games.
  28. Orangesweat

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  29. Sooner-Tuf

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    If he has time, probably.
  30. DRAG69

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