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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by TEXnSEATTLE, Jun 30, 2020.


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    Reading that article makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. You mean to tell me that the very people who blame the police for the indiscriminate killing of black people in this country, who accuse the police of shooting first and asking questions later, who accuse the police of not being properly trained, who accuse the police of being racist... are the same exact people who have just done the same exact thing in an area where the police are not allowed and is supposed to be a utopian society?

    I don't want to hear a single liberal or progressive criticize the police one more time. FFS the police chief of Seattle is a Black woman! Show me the systemic racism that has been holding her down from achieving her goals and dreams.

    Don't tell me this is an isolated incident and is very rare. That is exactly what everyone says about police shootings of Black people and yet on the left they say it's happening all the time.

    The mayor of Seattle needs to have her *** sued big time for this because she has allowed anarchy and lawlessness to flourish in her city and the blood of these kids is on her hands.
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    Her balls are too big to fit through the door. She'll probably get fired if she keeps talking.
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    Politicians are terrible leaders during war time. We need warriors out there that will look antifa in the eye and tell them to go to hell. So far we don't have that in any of our big cities. We have a bunch of pu$$ies in there talking about the summer of love. Kiss my *** with that hippie bull $hit. I'm ready for the summer of killing.
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    When the looting starts the shooting starts.

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