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Discussion in 'Around Austin' started by LagoHorn, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. LagoHorn

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    I am about ready to start hitting some balls (winter + shoulder problems).

    However, they have closed down my old favorite range (mopac and 360) to built yet another unneeded home depot.

    Is there another decent range in that old area that I maybe don't know about? My office is at 183 and Burnet.
  2. grinder

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    It appears you're SOL, unless you don't mind the longer drive to the Golfsmith range.
  3. El_Guapo

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    Or you could join Great Hills or Balcones.

    Mr. Tee is still open at Parmer and 620 but it's a royal pain to get in and out of right now due to toll road construction. I wonder how much longer he can hang on. There was a place at Anderson Mill and 620 that closed down a few months ago.

    btw, there's no such thing as an "unneeded" Home Depot, and they didn't really build yet another one. They just moved the one that was across from the Arboretum.
  4. VacantlyOccupied

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  5. The Bone

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    There is a great range in Pflugerville if you want to drive that far.

    Hard Drive
  6. mishatx

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    Stand-alone driving ranges are a dying breed in austin, with land being as valuable as it is. I gotta figure Oak Hill Driving Range isn't too long for this world, which is probably the last stand-alone in the city limits.
  7. LagoHorn

    LagoHorn 250+ Posts

    Thanks for the info.

    As far as Home Depot being unneeded, how many of these do we need? I'm still disgusted after going to the Backyard for the Willie show and seeing that place overrun with strip malls.

    The Backyard kind of loses its appeal to me when it is no longer out in the country, but instead surrounded by more sprawl.
  8. El_Guapo

    El_Guapo 500+ Posts

    We need as many Home Depots as the market demands. My point about this particular Home Depot, though, was that it wasn't really "another Home Depot". It was a new location for what I'm pretty sure was the first HD in town, which they closed. And as someone who lives nearby and goes there at least once every two weeks, I promise you it is not unneeded.

    At any rate, is the range at 620 and Anderson Mill really still open? Last time I tried to go there the gates were padlocked and there was a For Sale sign on the fence.
  9. El_Guapo

    El_Guapo 500+ Posts

    There's a range not far from Hard Drive that charges $10 for all the balls you can hit.
  10. VacantlyOccupied

    VacantlyOccupied 500+ Posts

    The one at 620 & Anderson Mill is open. The front is fenced and is padlocked after hours, and the place is for sale, but it's still open. Drove past it tonight and there were people on the tees.

    No idea about the hours, though.
  11. El_Guapo

    El_Guapo 500+ Posts

    VO -

    Thanks for the info. Glad to hear it's still open.
  12. txeconomist

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    Re: "There's a range not far from Hard Drive that charges $10 for all the balls you can hit. "

    where is this?
  13. TXSooner518

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  14. El_Guapo

    El_Guapo 500+ Posts

    $8/hour, $10 maximum.
  15. iamtigerwoods

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  16. mishatx

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    It is currently zoned "DR", but I imagine for the right amount of money the land could be sold, and a zoning change is probably not too big a hurdle.

  17. DieUCLA98

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    Just an FYI about the range on Anderson Mill and 620... They don't take credit cards.

    The golfsmith on 183 and Braker has an indoor range if that interests you at all.
  18. El_Guapo

    El_Guapo 500+ Posts

    I assume you mean the Golfsmith at 183 & 360, not Braker.

    I don't know if I'd call that thing they put inside a "range". It's more like an extremely oversized hitting bay. And good luck finding an empty stall that actually has some balls in it.
  19. DieUCLA98

    DieUCLA98 500+ Posts

    Ya, 183 and 360...

    I always have in my mind that the two golfsmiths are on opposite ends of Braker (which in a way they are I suppose).

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