National Championship Momentum

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by LagoHorn, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. LagoHorn

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    recruiting wise is it dead? Did we ever even have any?

    This is a nice and solid class (as our last few have been), but we haven't come close to what USC (and now LSU) has been able to do since their titles.
  2. Handler XIII

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    We got 2 top 5 classes out of it - and to be fair, no one has done what USC did the last few years.
  3. IcyHotStunta

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    I don't think it really helped either way. The 3-4 star Texas recruits that UT gets in March would have committed whether or not UT had won the national title. I thought it would at the very least encourage the staff to recruit nationally with more vigor and success.
  4. LonghornMM

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    I don't think us winning the NC has had any bearing on our recruiting. Mack has always recruited well and obviously did well before the NC. I would like to think that winning it helped our recruiting, but IMO it didn't.
  5. Seattle Husker

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    I'm a firm believer that it can actually work against you. A level of sustained success can leave kids thinking/belieiving that a team is stacked thus they look for playing time elsewhere.
  6. Bevo5

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    I don't know if it's as big of a deal as we make it to be.

    Nobody is talking about LSU right now. hell, the next day it's on to Pre-season picks for the next year. You get the trophy, you get the SI package, and then someone else starts grabbing headlines.

    Sure, you can go in and say "I won a championship.." but so can 8 other coaches right now.

    Plus, we only recruit in state really. No kid is growing up in TX NOT liking TX at least some already.
  7. ballrific

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  8. cnb

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    I don't think we got any mom out of it at all...
  9. jimmyjazz

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    That BCS title might help us stay in the mix with certain blue chips, but it's not exactly going to be a differentiating factor going head to head with USC, tOSU, OU, LSU, and UF, among others (FSU, Miami, Tenn). Most of the elite football programs can claim a BCS title at this point.
  10. Branyon

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    Helped in 2006, momentum lost by losses to KSU and ATM, off-field hijinks in the news and frequent struggles against marginal opponents. I don't think having widely critcized and lowly ranked defenses the past two seasons helped much either.

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