NCAA 1st & 2nd round games--Eugene, OR

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by BabHorn, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. kurupt

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    Or players that where thought to be great by the CONSENSUS that weren’t good enough to begin with.
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    KA isnt going anywhere, nor should she. We lost about 75% of our offense between Brooke, Ariel and then Higgs early this year and it really showed. I counted this year as a rebuild and 23 wins in a rebuild is not too shabby. Now if this same play happens again next year then the issue should be addressed. With the projected starting lineup we have for next year I see a potential top 10 team. Hopefully Sug will step up as a vocal on court leader, the turnover average will be cut in half and the girls will execute consistent offensively with another year of experience. Just my two cents.
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    Let's see, who were our McDonald's players -- Sug, though she didn't get to play at the actual McDonald's game, Joyner, and Jatarie. I think Sug has developed very well, though she didn't have a great game tonight. Jatarie is also pretty danged good. She didn't even get to play at South Carolina, so they weren't exactly "developing" her. Joyner has real strengths and weaknesses. I don't know if some other program could have helped her shoot a higher percentage. I feel sure that the Longhorn staff has tried all kinds of things to help her with her shooting form. Being a McDonald's AA is not a guarantee of anything. Sure, a lot of them go on to be great players, but I have seen others who I never heard of again, or who didn't have fantastic careers.
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    For me the disappointment is that the season has ended and the forecast for the future doesn’t inspire great hope. Texas has an average - or underperforming - coach. It seems this program’s ceiling will be the Sweet 16 with an Elite Eight appearance every once in a while if everything sets up just right. Until there’s a coaching change in Waco, Texas will never win a Big 12 Championship.
    Texas has elite coaches in football, baseball, volleyball and softball (and of course swimming). No doubt change is on the way for men’s basketball.
    For the women, I think it is what it is for the foreseeable future. Good enough not to change much, but not championship basketball.
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    I don't care if our players are McD's All Americans or Taco Hell All Americans, there's no disputing the correlation of recruiting success and on the court success with every team in the country that doesn't have UT in it's initials. Yes, there are booms and there are busts, but no one Texas plays can come close to the same talent other than Baylor and look at the results. That's significant underachieving no matter how you look at it.

    I never thought Holly was the answer, but I did think Karen was after watching her turn this program around after a couple of years. Now after watching the same poor execution and strategy worse than what I was learning in Middle School over and over and over again with no improvement and no adjustments I know the turn around was due to talent alone. I am no longer on the Karen bandwagon.

    Can Mike White become the only 2 sport coach in Texas history?
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  6. kurupt

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    All McDonald’s AA’s aren’t the same and all Scholarship offers aren’t the same.
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  7. JoeDallas

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    I continue to differ. I just don't see think we had a mix of fabulous talent this year. Some solid, good players, but that was about it. No real stars, no absolute "go to" players, not as quick as we have been in the last few years. No fantastic shooters. Not that KA always made perfect coaching calls. I don't know if any coach does. All the seemingly great players we recruited, including those that didn't work out (Booth, Patterson) got our hopes up. Then when Lashann went down, that hurt us badly. IMO, she is a great player. If she had been teaming up with Sug, it would have made us exponentially better. Other than Sug, we were weak in the backcourt. I like Danni. Her spot up shooting is really good, but she did not bring as much else as we really needed. The fifth spot (Jada, Warren) was an offensive weakness. You have to have 5 offensive threats to be good at this point in WBB. I like Warren's game. I think she could develop a lot the next three years.

    I love getting all the "funny" emoji's on my posts. I didn't know I was such a comedian.
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  8. cynt

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    Well good year Longhorns. I was hoping Coach would have figured it out for the NCAAs. I dont know what the answer is but you have all summer to figure it out.

    All this talk about player development I'm really interested to see how CPatterson develops under Matthew Mitchell.
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    after 7 years since the fall of the Renaissance, you’re still coming back for more. The curse continues. :e-face-tears::e-heart:
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  10. JoeDallas

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  11. kurupt

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    Agreed. And that’s the point I’m trying to make. Coach Aston certainly hasn’t done a good enough job of developing the players but I also think SOME of the talent is/ have been overrated. You don’t win anything because of a players high school accolades and what’s on paper.
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    As of today, I commit to NEVER eating at McD’s again. I wish the phrase “McDonald’s All-American” was never coined. Or used on this message board.
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    Agree completely. We simply do not have enough go-to players. Sug may be, LeShann may be - maybe others will emerge. We'll find out next year. We won 23 games, but so did ACU, currently being destroyed by Baylor's second string. I continue to think we did not have good chemistry this year, based only on my observations of repeated cluelessness, for lack of a better term. I don't recall seeing a team leader emerge by pointing, yelling, waving at teammates - maybe I missed it, or we have a team full of introverts. It was sadly fitting that our best player fell on her face to end our last possession of the season. I don;t know that anyone can predict how or if a player will become top-level after a stellar youth performance. Sports are filled with tales of players who were discounted/hyped and succeeded/failed spectacularly. It's time for us to get a few of the successes!:hookem:
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    No way am I gonna stop eating their fish sandwich!
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    Not sure how many people know this, but Coach George and his wife Jackie (as well as myself) are ACU alumni! They are older than me so I don't know them, but I remember hearing about his wife. Jackie, is kind of an ACU Basketball legend and former All-American - she played at ACU during the Division II era but was a great player. TX played an exhibition game against ACU during Lashann's freshman year.

    It was cool to see ACU (both the men's and women's teams) on the big stage this year, even if both teams got throttled in the 1st round.
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  16. Dr. D

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    One attribute of a good coach is the ability to judge talent. Granted it can be kind of a crap shoot, but successful programs are successful because more of their heralded McDonald's All Americans play up to their press clippings than flame out (though some always fail in any program.). They are successful because more of their unheralded players actually turn out to be better than they were rated. I don't think its all luck. Some coaches are better judges of potential and talent. That's why they stay successful.
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  17. DINO22

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    Is there a Coach's interview available.After of the Indiana game.
    It was on the Texas WBB site but disappeared.I did'nt get to listen to what K.Aston said after of the game.
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    Here you go...

  19. flash34

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    A little help here on a Thursday evening. I missed several of the last games. So would look at the box scores and other. I noticed that in the Indiana game that Underwood got one minute. I then noticed that in the Iowa State game she did not play. Going back one more game, she played a lot and Warren almost nothing. I know Warren had been hurt and Aston was slowly working her back in. But it was a real abrupt transition from Underwood to Warren. Perhaps Underwood was hurt or sick? Or was this simply a coaching decision. Underwood had been playing pretty good and then nothing. I perhaps missed something.....or all of it. HELP !!
  20. jusme828

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    She was under concussion protocol.
  21. brnkj

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    Mide was starting in front of both Jatarie and Charli at one point during the season, but didn't even see the floor against Indiana. Either there was another "miraculous" improvement (e.g. Patterson and Littleton of whom one is gone and the other has at least one foot out the door) or it was just another case of KA using one player to punish others and teach them a lesson. :rolleyes1:
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  23. LutherIsMyDog

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    Glad to see that Sabrina Ionescu is returning to play for her senior year. The Ducks should be a preseason top 5 team.

    I was also happy to see Tynice Martin returning to WV for her final season rather than opting out to play in the WNBA. Tynice one of my favorite players to watch play. In some ways, she reminds me of Lashann. They are both fast, quick and smooth but neither "show boat" or seem to have a look-at-me attitude.

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