NCAA accuses Alabama of major violations

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Laphroaig10, Mar 5, 2009.

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    What a shock!
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    puts cleveland state on probation.
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    Basically (and don't get me wrong-- I believe in fair play and following the rules) Bama is getting notified that NCAA belives the self-reported charge of (1)improperly passing too much in the way of textbooks and school supplies, and (2) not monitoring more closely so as to notice the former problem earlier. Wow, talk about dirty techniques to get an unfair advantage.
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    Auburn fan, right? What a shock. What kgp said.
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    Here's the paragraph that interests me--the NCAA wants the University to provide
    d. a statement indicating the reasons why student-athletes were permitted to use athletics aid to obtain books and supplies for courses in which they were not
    enrolled. . . . [my emphasis]

    Do Alabama's athletes love textbooks and supplies so much they want them for classes they aren't enrolled in?

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    Maybe so they could sell them to other students for a profit?
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    Quick, just say that your Compliance Department was "in transition" and you will get off without anything major - it worked for the sooners last time.
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    Since when did reading become a part of the curriculum at Alabama?
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    I would almost wager money that Nebraska would not be in the top half of SEC universities academically.

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    That letter is almost a year old. Why is this news now?
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    Does this mean Saban only gets to keep 40 of his recruits?
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    I wonder if they will be punished as bad as USC?
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    This is 'Bama folks, and Saban is the coach. Keep in mind also that this is the NCAA we're talking about. They would make Don Knotts their main enforcement officer, except for one small problem...he doesn't breath oxygen anymore. You can expect 'Bama to get any kind of major penalty about the same time as, oh....Oklahoma. [​IMG]
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    I don't believe USC ever received a PLOI/NOA.
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    A POS team that managed to go undefeated during that time frame?
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    even a blind pig...... texas tech, while not going undefeated, i'm sure you're not willing to put them up there with the who's who of college football
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