NCAA Super Regional: Texas v. USF

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by FWHORN, Jun 8, 2021.

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    That was back when the committee was actively sabotaging teams from the southwest and west to get more Midwest and eastern teams in the CWS.

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    Sunday post game presser

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    I'm very happy about the performance of this team--both in the regular season, and post-season.

    Fantastic job by the players and coaches!

    The best is yet to come.

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    Was hoping to get to prove you wrong in Omaha but that scenario didn't play out... Someone couldn't take care of their business and it wasn't the Horns.:yippee:
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    I hope your boy Shaka took some notes.:yikes:
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    CLASSIC and hilarious!
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    Texas doesn’t dogpile until they win it in Omaha.
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