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Of the remaining 4 games(excluding BU) how many will Texas win?

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  1. xdxmmxchxxl

    xdxmmxchxxl 25+ Posts

    After going 0-2 last week, then winning last night over WVU, we have dropped from a 7 seed to a 9 seed. Current B12 seedings are as follows:
    Baylor: 1
    TCU: 6
    Texas: 9
    Iowa St: 10
    OK st: 12, Last four in.
    WVU: First four out.
    A little surprised we didn’t drop further after losing to KU. Still to play KST, TCU, OU, BU, & OKST.
  2. HnH

    HnH 100+ Posts

    Texas was a 7 or 8 seed before the Kansas loss. A single loss doesn't drop a team that far. If you look at the resumes of other teams in that vicinity, you can see why. Texas still has the great win over Stanford plus a few other top 50 wins. They'd have to go on a West Virginia-style losing skid to blow the bid.

    Kansas State is a dangerous team right now (by Texas standards), playing much better than earlier in the season. TCU has separated itself as #2 in the Big 12, and the other 2 teams (OU and OSU) are bubble teams. No gimmes here.
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  3. cynt

    cynt 500+ Posts

    We win 2 more. OU and either Kstate or OSU. But we come out guns ablazing in the Big 12 tourny and lose to BU in the semis.
    We receive a low seed and head to the tourny. We win our 1st game with no problems. Joyner and Sug take over and play lights out as we know they're capable of playing. We take down someone who was supposed to go to the Sweet 16 in the next game with Higgs and Collier joining the party. We arrive at the sweet 16 and lose after a hard fought double overtime game.
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  4. hoopsalot

    hoopsalot 250+ Posts

    Love your optimism. I voted for three more wins but I wouldn’t put money on it.

    WCBBNUT 1,000+ Posts

    Sure, I’m good with that, but I’ll raise you one more tournament win and we get to the Elite 8.
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  6. Ellis21d

    Ellis21d JediHorn

    Unfortunately we will not host this year and we lose in the 2nd round. I’m all in!
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  7. xdxmmxchxxl

    xdxmmxchxxl 25+ Posts

    gonna lose the first round if we keep playing like we have been
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  8. hoopsalot

    hoopsalot 250+ Posts

    We meet our next opponent, Kansas State, on Saturday at noon in the Erwin Center. Last night, Kansas State lost to TCU 52-54. Kansas State was led 24-17 at halftime per the box score. TCU outscored K-State in the 3rd and 4th quarters to win by 2. I do not expect to see a game of offensive beauty on Saturday.

    But we hornfans are not alone. Looking at scores around the nation, it appears that this is what February looks like much of the time as the conference grinds continue. Tonight, NC State just squeaked by Miami (13-13) 50-48, breaking a 48-48 tie with a jumper with 2 seconds left on the game clock. For the rest of the conference season, Texas (in my opinion) is going to win only with relentless defense and rebounding, timely scoring, and smart, poised play in the final minutes of games.
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  9. Bucksgal

    Bucksgal 25+ Posts

    Texas definitely has the relentless defense and rebounding, but their timely scoring, and smart, poised play has been wholly lacking.
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