NCAA Transfer Season - 2017

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    Wow did not see this coming one bit!! She is incredibly talented and would've seen much more playing time this season IMO. Read that she is from Florida and my guess would be she ends up at FSU. They are the mecca for transfers for some reason that I haven't yet figured out. Best of luck to her, fantastic player!
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    Ariel & Destiny provide completely different skill sets. If coach cant find a way to get minutes for a kid averaging 44 points per game, then we have bigger things to worry about.
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    There's been talk on various boards that Mompremier "failed to develop" as expected her sophomore year while Kalani Brown matured into a monster, so Mompremier's minutes declined and she was seen as third behind Brown and Cox next season. Still a very good player and a big loss. Suddenly Baylor is thin in the front line.
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    Wow! That certainly hurts their depth.
    The folks on the Baylor message boards are fretting about her transferring. They thought she was a very good player that provided quality depth and would have gotten more minutes next season. They are uneasy about Kalani Brown getting injured without an experienced back-up to take her place. They aren't sold that Lauren Cox is ready for a bigger role in the offense.
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    With the 4 seniors departing, and now with Dry, Gully, and Mompremier leaving, Baylor has lost half its roster.

    Most were expecting Khalani Brown to start at Center, and Lauren Cox to start at PF. But, if that is the case, who are the backups? Might be that Cox has to play backup Center. Perhaps I'm forgetting if Baylor has someone else who can play PF.

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    Richards will be a freshman next year and is listed as a guard, but she is 6-1 and may be able to play PF. The also have Cave listed as a 6-3 post and Cohen as a 6-2 forward.
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    Cave was a senior.

    Richards may have to play PF with Cohen. That could mean Brown and Cox would rarely be on the floor together if Cox is Brown's backup at center.
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    My bet is that Richards didn't sign up for that position either. I would bet that she was recruited as taking over Prince's spot. JMO.
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    Montpremier was dealing with an injury much of the year, so it may not be fair to say she "didn't develop as expected." She is much quicker than Cox and has some great post and/or power forward moves. Whoever gets should be very pleased.
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    Not that we're particularly loaded at the 5 spot, but this makes me smile because we're certainly deeper than 2. So hopefully as the game goes along and players start to wear down, our depth becomes a huge advantage.
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    The Great Escape, scene 39: Alexa Middleton is leaving Tennessee @LadyVol_Hoops, Warlick announces. Middleton averaged 7.9 PPG, 2.3 RPG and led team with 42 3-pointers in 2016-17. She'll be a senior!

    A total of 39 players from the top five conferences have now announced transfers! Surely this is a record (but I'm too lazy to look it up). It's like a chain reaction. When DeShields led several N.Carolina starters out two years ago, it was shocking. Last year Kentucky lost two thirds of its roster. Amazing. This year several top schools have lost multiple players. The cat seems to be out of the psychological bag on this. The kids have realized they're free to go for whatever reason, weighty or trivial, that moves them. It's Free Agent city, like in the pros, and teams can get hurt or uplifted by timely acquisitions. It feels like trading season in the major leagues, since a lot of the players just transfer laterally from one power program to another.
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    Here's one we should pay attention to; I think she will end up coming back to a school in Texas:

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    Great find Mooooo. We will need another Center and she certainly checks all the boxes. It certainly helps that she is from Duncanville. I see Texas offered her a scholly but do any of you recall if she was seriously considering Texas?

    Hopefully, Baylor isn't in the picture with Montpremier transferring.
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    what did she do her freshman season at Louisville?
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    Didn't put up huge numbers, but did start seven games.

    If it's any indicator:
    "Chose Louisville over Duke, Texas A&M, Texas, South Carolina, and Notre Dame."
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    I don't see how Texas could possibly offer Cierra!
    If we are able to pick up Destiny Littleton that puts us at 15 Scholarship players for 2017-18.
    I have a good feeling about Littleton coming to Texas. We have a need at shooting guard and she wants to play for a winner and potential final 4 team.
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    Ciera, from what I recall, was going to take an official visit to Texas during the Fall of her senior season (2015). But, she ended up committing to Louisville after her official visit there, IIRC.

    For the class of 2016, we already had commitments from Audrey-Anne Goudreau, Alecia Sutton and Jada Underwood, and waiting on Joyner to visit and make her decision. The transfer of Khaleann (and verbal from Audrey-Anne) may have changed the number or signees we could take for 2016; plus, Audrey-Anne was also a Center, like Ciera.

    So, our coaches do have a prior relationship with Ciera. We lose Audrey-Anne after the 2017-18 season. Jatarie White will be a fifth-year senior in 2018-19 (assuming she stays and uses her last season of eligibility) and Sedona Prince would be a freshman. If Ciera did end up coming to Texas, she would be redshirt sophomore after sitting out 2017-18.

    As for the scholarship numbers, we have one available at the moment (and offered to Destiny). Other schools are dealing with attrition announcements; we haven't seen any of our own, although there could be one or two. Guess we'll find out eventually.
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    I, too, am wondering if A&M might be the choice for Cierra Johnson. Maybe there is a connection with Chennedy Carter... Also - is Z. Green considering A&M?
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    Saw a post on the Baylor board a while back that Zarielle Green is friends with Chennedy Carter and could end up at A&M with her. Zarielle and Ciera did play together at least one season at Duncanville, although they are two years apart.

    Zarielle's latest top 6 included A&M, Louisville, South Carolina, Kansas, and Georgia. Seemed like Ciera was also considering South Carolina and A&M during her recruitment.

    Wonder if Ciera's exit from Louisville will have Zarielle drop them from consideration. And, 2019 Nyah Green of Allen is currently committed to Louisville. Texas Tech also took that transfer post from Louisville last season. So, not a good track record for Louisville with players from our state.
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    Johnson, Carter, and Green played on the same AAU team. Johnson would be a good pickup, but she's probably a better fit for a&m. Their starting center will be a senior next year so Johnson would have a better chance to start or get a lot of playing time after sitting out next year.
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    Prior to yesterday's commitment tweet by Destiny, a poster on the premium board on who has some communication with someone on the Texas coaching staff stated that we were in the mix for an incoming transfer; referred to her as "a big". So, my assumption was that poster was referring to Ciera Johnson.

    Now, with Destiny's signing, we are at the maximum 15 scholarships. But, I still believe there will be some attrition; every year since Coach A has been here there has been some as it happens for different reasons. Strictly my opinions, and I don't want to name any player by name, but I do think we have one or two current players moving on.
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    Speaking of Hmmmm...Tasia just tweeted "Ima need some friends at UNT lol".
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    Joyner retweeted this tweet by Ciera Johnson:

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    Good catch, Mooo. I realize you have the best interests of the team and the players at heart, but we all know there is room for one more, at a minimum.
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    I'm not sure if our game with FSU was part of a home-and-home but, if it was, UT will see her again:

    FSU seems to be the place to go for transfers recently.
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    Aisia Robertson transferring from Kansas, averaged 15 minutes a game last season:

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    Slocum transferring to Oregon State.
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