Nebraska ... need a nail?

Discussion in 'Classics' started by hollisdude, Nov 8, 2006.

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    Poooor Aggggy!!![​IMG]
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    As of this moment, I'd like to inform everyone on this board that Texas A&M University has copyrighted the phrase "4-4-4 Defense". Henceforth, anyone caught using this phrase without the express written consent of Texas A&M University or its designated legal representatives will face legal action in a state court of our choosing.

    Bill Byrne
    Director of Athletics
    Texas A&M University
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    I can't wait to see A&M's defense get its doors blown off in the next 2 games. It's gonna be brilliant television
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    I used to live in Denver, and I witnessed some of the antics of Colorado fans in Boulder firsthand. Nebraska fans have, for the most part, come across as classy and respectful while supporting their team. Needless to say, I always pull for Nebraska in that rivalry. Mack in some ways reminds me a lot of Dr. Tom -- an all-around good guy who knows how to win.

    Go Big Red! Go take aggy out behind the woodshed on Saturday.

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    In reply to:

    "I don't know that I would characterize it as "normal." Perhaps "common among the brainwashed aggy masses," but certainly not "normal."

    LonghornLawyer - you are correct sir, poor word choice on my part. Perhaps normal or common to aggy, but certainly not to the rest of civilization[​IMG]
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    great post.
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    Made me laugh at work, in front of the boss. Good thing he likes me.[​IMG]
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  11. How did this fall onto the second page?


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