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Discussion in 'Horn Depot' started by Theo Huxtable, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. Theo Huxtable

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    Need a good spot in downtown Austin for some dinner/drinks/whatever this week. Something good but not overly nice. Eating and Kyoto and walking downstairs to Elephant Room is always a good idea but I need something different. 219 West is a decent spot but I need something different from that too.

    A place with some music would be great and shuffle board would be a huge bonus. Doesn't have to be just one spot if the dinner place is walking distance to the drink/music/shuffle board/whatever spot.
  2. TxStHorn

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    Try the brand new Second, in the Austonian. My friend is the Executive Chef, graduated top of his class from one of the top schools in the nation.

    It's also within walking distance of the warehouse district.
  3. Smurfette

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    Black sheep lounge has food and shuffleboard.
  4. accuratehorn

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    Lambert's is good.

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