Neighbor’s light is killing me

Discussion in 'Horn Depot' started by 01 grad, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. 01 grad

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    I have a pretty awful relationship with one of my neighbors. I won't go into any of details of past incidents. Suffice to say that I have tried in the past to get along but it is going to be impossible to approach him now. I apologize if this gets lengthy, there is quite a bit of story for current predicament.

    He's been installing floodlights in the trees of his backyard. One of the lights he recently installed is no more that 3 feet off our shared fence line. He has seemingly aimed this floodlight directly toward and exterior door that gives acces to backyard from my master bedroom. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this light was placed there to harass me. It is not illuminationg anything on his property. This thing is ******* bright and being left on all night long. Very very obnoxious and I am usually a guy bothered by little.

    What to do? Well, I think someone had a solution for this light, I have no idea who did it, but apparently the light was shot out with what could of been a pellet gun. I have no idea who did that, but I wasn'tr complaining.

    Next night, new bulb and light was back on. The following morning as I go outside to survey things I notice there is a new addition to tree - A ******* game camera aimed into my back yard too.

    I am pissed people. Please help me out. Is there any law this ******* is breaking here? My neihborhood association is going to be worthless. Will a call to police solve anything. Don't think pellet gun is viable anymore because of camera. I'm considering installing a bank of floodlights of my own to aim his way, but not sure it will even botehr this crazy *******.
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    Call code enforcement and see if there are rules against how much light can emit from his property. I know there are such rules for commercial property, but not sure about residential.
  3. 01 grad

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    The BB gun has already been deployed (by some unknown person). That course has been thwarted with game camera.

    In addition to proper ways of getting this resolved, I would appreciate some more novel ideas. Maybe I'm just pissed and need to cool down, but I'd like to play his game for awhile. I'd also like to stay on the right side of any police call, so please also keep that in mind, but I do want to **** with him some.
  4. BrûléeOrange

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    Giant mirror. Reflect that **** back on him.
  5. accuratehorn

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    Escalate the war, install your own much larger and brighter light, and have it come on whenever there's a motion on his property. A loud sound recording warning would be appropriate as well. Maybe he will negotiate at that point and back down.
    Attacking his devices would be illegal, but installing your own would not. Put something out there that will burn a hole in the side of his bedroom window with its laser-like intensity.
  6. brntorng

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    Automatically use up the storage and batteries in the game camera and drive him nuts having to download and check it every day only to find nothing. A string of randomly flashing Christmas lights should trigger it repeatedly. If it's a camera with a flash you'll know for sure. If that doesn't work, most any moving source of heat would work. Maybe a bulb swinging in the wind? Once he gives up with the game camera, then it's time for Daisy again, but from a concealed location, just in case.
  7. Anastasis

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    1. Go ninja mode
    2. Shoot camera from location other than back yard.
    3. Shoot light.
  8. Ramathorn

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    Does your neighbor happen to drive a police car and look like Mace Windu?
  9. Orange&White

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  10. CleverNickname

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    You have a problem with my light?
  11. VacantlyOccupied

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    I would seriously go for the mirror idea. Aim the sonofabitch so his spotlight lights up his bedroom window.
  12. jmatt

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  13. EJC+1

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    1) The Mirror Idea = greatness


    2) Install some lattis that extends the height of your fence
  14. Orange&White

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    The mirror sounds great in theory. But it would require that the ******** bedroom be on the same side of the house as the OP. If it is just reflecting the light back to a blank wall or into an unused room, it doesn't work.
  15. axle hongsnort

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    what got it to this point? i had a former neighbor that things got bad with. the thought of that mother-f'er pisses me off to this day. i won't let that happen again.
  16. RockyBalboa

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    Shoot the light out from a spot where the camera can't see you. Just make sure you're not on camera walking to or from that spot.

    Or you could just be an adult and go talk to him.
  17. OldHippie

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    If you live in Austin it is code violation to shine a light into a window of a neighbors house, even if it is a building light 10 blocks away. Call the city and have an inspector come over and look at it. Same may be true of the camera. If you can do this legally, you should.
  18. Bob Wills

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  19. Orange&White

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    From the City of Austin Code of Ordinaces

    § 25-2-1067 DESIGN REGULATIONS.

    (A) Exterior lighting must be hooded or shielded so that the light source is not directly visible from adjacent property:

    (1) in an urban family residence (SF-5) or more restrictive zoning district; or

    (2) on which a use permitted in an SF-5 or more restrictive zoning district is located.
  20. l00p

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    Boom-shakka-lakka, there is that. Light problem fixed. Double check there is not a back up camera to the camera you see. I know I would not have just one. I would have one to nab you if you tried or disabled the first and then go after the light. It would catch an area you think is out of view of teh first. Keep this in mind, just in case.

    That said, how funny if you shot the game camera out, haha.

    But the code enforcement is a great idea. Also nab him for invading your privacy..or, put up some barrier so you cannot see into your yard from the ground. Invite some obese nudists from some group in town (Hippie Hollow Club?) and let them have a party. That camera comes down the next day. I suggest not being home for many obvious reasons, keeping your lunch down being the first.

    Make sure to hit up the next Eeyore's Birthday and hang out near the drum circle. You should find many willing participants.

    Keep us informed and updated.
  21. Bob Wills

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    Yes, this is a perfect opportunity for hosting a lemonparty.
  22. l00p

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    I think I know what this means but I am glad I don't know for sure. Lemonparty? Note to self, no matter what, if ever invited, don't go to your house.
  23. ScoPro

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    I check in at 3 bills plus on the scales. Will volunteer to walk out your back door nekkid for a WhataburgerA-1 Thick & Hearty.
  24. HornBud

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    Lemonparty is not something that can be shown here, but there is google for ya.

    A giant mirror would be expensive, and hard to explain in court, but building a cheap plywood covered patio or sitting area in a very strategic portion of your yard and covering the roof with tin foil for, uh, reflecting the sun's heat, not so much so.
  25. l00p

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    I have an extra mirror about 3' x 2 1/2' . I need a place to store it for a few weeks. I prefer outdoor storage. Can you help me out?
  26. BrûléeOrange

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    By "giant" mirror, I meant something like those door mirrors that you can get at any Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond for cheap. The kind you put on the inside of a closet door or behind a bedroom door.

    Depending on how bright the guy's light is and the angle you can set the mirror up, you could create an annoyance of HIS own creation.
  27. brntorng

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    This should drive him crazy:

  28. l00p

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    That would make your ctirus party a hoot too! Get the party sponsored by Tab Cola.

    What would be hilarious is if your neighbor reads or posts here and is so frightened at the **** coming down the road at him that he turned the light off.

  29. veggieboy

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    If you value your sanity, or your lunch/dinner/cookies, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT, google "lemonparty".

    That is all...

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