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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Clean, Dec 21, 2010.

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    Wow, Chip's a@@ will be hangin' out in the wind, if this turns sour. Of course, nothing new there.
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    Addazio looks like Jesse Ventura from about 10 years ago.
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    Given Mack Brown's CEO-type leadership as opposed to micromanaging, wouldn't it make more sense for them to hire the OC first (or at least narrow it down) to see what kind of offensive line we're going to coach?
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    The Link

    Several Sources say he is headed to Texas after the Bowl game Jan. 1st
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    "Several sources" include Ketchum, Brown and other people at OB's.

    They are the only people reporting this, and I'll take it with a HUGE grain of salt.

    After all, they sure nailed that whole "Austin to Austin" thing....

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    The Link

    Steve Addazio Hired as OL Coach
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    By IT Staff
    Posted Dec 21, 2010
    Copyright © 2010

    News Image
    Steve Addazio (Photo: University of Florida)

    A source at Florida confirmed to Inside Texas that former Gator offensive coordinator Steve Addazio will be the Longhorns' offensive line coach.

    Texas' new OL coach does not lack for experience. Addazio has been a collegiate offensive line coach in 18 seasons, serving at West Connecticut State, Syracuse, Indiana, Notre Dame and then at Florida when Urban Meyer became head coach in the swamp. Addazio was the offensive line coach for Florida during both of the Gators' recent national championship seasons (2006, 2008).

    Following the 2008 national championship victory, then-Gators' offensive coordinator Dan Mullen was hired as Mississippi State's head coach and Meyer promoted Addazio to offensive coordinator.

    But Addazio's tenure as an offensive coordinator produced mixed results.

    With a senior Heisman Trophy winner at QB and plenty of experienced players to work with, his offense went swimmingly in 2009, averaging 442.38 yards per game (No. 12, nationally), and the Gators going 13-1 with a win in the Sugar Bowl, the only loss being to eventual national champion Alabama in the SEC title game.

    Addazio was even named Florida's interim heard coach prior to the Suger Bowl while Meyer took a leave of absense.

    But -- much like we saw from Texas -- there was a huge dropoff for the Gators in 2010. Florida stumbled to a 7-5 record and Addazio's offense fell to 80th in the nation (356.83 ypg). The offense struggled with turnovers and center-QB exchanges and was even held to single-digit point totals in losses to Alabama, Mississippi State and Florida State.

    The 51-year-old Addazio replaces departing offensive line coach Mac McWhorter, who retired following Texas' 5-7 2010 season.

    For more, see the discussion on Members Only message board -- Source: Steve Addazio New OL Coach
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    I am pretty sure Addazio is heavily recruiting Cyrus Kouandjio, a highly sought after OT from MD. I would hope that we would be able to continue recruiting Top 10 players which the new staff has existing connections even though we are low on ships. Not Mack's style though to spend a lot of effort on out of staters unless they express interest in us first (and first visit on their own dime).
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    When the University announces it, then I will believe it.

    This whole calling Mack Brown a CEO type, what the fricking hell is that crap. The football program generates how much money a year? Is that Fortune 5000? The Fortune 1000 is well over a Billion dollars. Mack Brown is not a CEO, he might be a VP of Sales in a decent sized corporation.

    Hell with my company and my direct reports I am responsible for $65M/year in revenue.

    He is not a CEO, quit making that comparison you sound like someone that has never been in the real world.
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    major, you need to get over yourself. I could be over a $4 bln/yr accts payable system and not hold a candle to Mack's responsibilities as UT HC.

    Hook'em!!! [​IMG]
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    I would like to announce that I am the new OL Coach.

    Get ready to rrrruuummmbblllleee!!!
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    Uh...pretty sure you can be a CEO of any size corporation. I wasn't aware the title was based on how large your sales where.

    Pretty sure you (major) would kiss the *** of a CEO who represented a company worth over 100m if that CEO was looking to buy whatever the hell you sell.
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    I don't think CEO means what he thinks it does.
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    apples....sales in terms of $$$$ is relative in all fields......1 mill sales in the auto ind is just as significant as $1 triilion sales in aviation simply because the units of product to be sold is different and has different values to the sucess of the companies and industries.......a CEO is a CEO regardless of $$$$$ in sales, manufacturing or football revenue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    CEO! CEO! CEO!
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    Did I miss something over the last 12 hours or so? I know I was asleep for part of that time. Recruitocosm is tweeting this morning that this is a hire. I thought that yesterday Texas said nothing had even been offered.
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    The Link

    Does not look like he will be the head coach at Temple
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    This much has then been confirmed: HornFans has invented a new genre, CEO smack.
    As for the OL coach, Adazzio sounds like a great recruiter and a great offensive line coach, so I hope he does get the position. It looks (as we should expect), like Mack Brown won't raid other staffs while they are preparing for bowl games, or at least make the announcement during that time.
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    In my experience watching coaches advance in the ranks, I'd rarely correlate the job a coach does with his specific position coaching, and the job he does when given broader control. There have been many excellent position coaches that just aren't as effective running an entire side of the ball or an entire team. Some coaches are just lifelong specialists and that's where they belong. If we hire a guy to be the o-line coach, my main judging criteria is how he did when he was solely in control of the o-line. Seeing as I haven't studied the guy's history, can't say I can make a relevant judgement yet. But what he did as an OC may not translate well into what he can do here with the o-line.
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    damn, it looks like i have to go in tomorrow and tell our CEO he's really nothing more than a regional sales rep at best. our company revenues just aren't high enough. hate to break the news to him

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