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Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by Hookemhorns927, May 1, 2008.

  1. Hookemhorns927

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    not sure if someone posted this already, but I was checking the box office website and they have released the official (?) new DKR seating chart with the completed NEZ.

    The Link
  2. sessamoid

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    What's with the section numbering in the NW corner?
  3. danny1010

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    No, that's last year's with only the partially completed lower deck. Someone a few weeks ago had talked to the Longhorn Foundation and found out it would be mid-summer before the new seating chart would be out.
  4. Horns11

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    Looks like the upper deck is completed to me in the jpeg. If that's the numbering, I can only imagine guests from sections 9-13 and 19-24 having serious isues.
  5. Puerto Aransas

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    Visiting fans should be given sec 24. [​IMG]
  6. Texas Taps

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  7. Hookemhorns927

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    Not sure what picture you were looking at, danny. Seemed to be an updated, finished NEZ chart
  8. H-D Rider

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  9. LonghorninAustin

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    I think we should redo where visiting fans and their band sit. Reciprocity is the only fair way so for instance aggy band should be in section 32 with their fans split between 32 and the corners of 101 and 109.

    I'd also like for the Longhorn band to be in the NEZ so that the east stands could hear them.
  10. danny1010

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    Hmm... I'm not sure if it's cached on my browser or coming out differently on my screen, but the only sections I see for the NEZ are sections 13-19.

    The NEZ upperdeck will have sections 110-123. Last year's seating chart only had the rows up to (but not including) the handicapped accessible aisle separating the chairbacks and club seats from the bench seats below like in the diagram below.

    Also the lower deck of the NEZ is as tall (has as many rows) as the East and West side lower decks. In the seating chart it's clearly lower.


    Let me know if I'm crazy.
  11. Texas Taps

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    I see mid level sections 9-23
    Upper level 111-124
    Lower level 13-19
  12. danny1010

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    Plus that matches what we had at the beginning of last year and the graphic from the Statesman.


  13. gkp

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    Someone asked the other day whether they would remove some seats from 124 to continue the upper deck walkway all the way round. Looks like that was not done.
  14. mishatx

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    It's either cached or you're crazy, danny. Do you not see the new seating chart in Texas Taps post?
  15. danny1010

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    Nevermind... somehow work has blocked me from seeing the updated diagram. It looked the same as the diagram from the Statesman above. [​IMG] My blackberry sees it fine... well fine for a damn small screen. [​IMG]

    Very nice find, btw!
  16. Texas___Fight

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    Obviously the info I received was incorrect.

  17. Texas___Fight

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  18. danny1010

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    The other thing you can tell by the seating chart is the size of the SEZ bleachers. It looks like it's gone back to the 2006 size of ~4k, instead of the 6k we had last year. That would still put official capacity in the 93k range and I'm thinking gameday attendance around 97k. [​IMG]
  19. Texas___Fight

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  20. Goothrey

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    If we are adding 4000 more to the 93000, then official capacity would be 97000. But gameday capacity could be a few thousand more.
  21. MarylandHorn

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    The need to do something about there image that makes it look like Section 9 is in the West side upper deck as a subset of Section 109 instead of the end zone lower deck next to Section 10 where it actually is. Maybe a dashed line to outline it sitting under there?
  22. danny1010

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