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Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by cehorn, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. HistoryHorn

    HistoryHorn 25+ Posts

    HTM is a pre-Madonna.
  2. danny1010

    danny1010 100+ Posts

    LOL! It gets even better... he doesn't even see the problem with this.

  3. bullzak

    bullzak 500+ Posts

    Go for the juggler.
  4. mez2

    mez2 100+ Posts

    dammit, bullzak, you stole my post [​IMG] [​IMG]

    didnt they also have a cease and assist order against the seahawks' 12th Man, too...or something like that
  5. GibDaddyHorn

    GibDaddyHorn < 25 Posts

  6. texasblood04

    texasblood04 < 25 Posts

    On a somewhat related note:

    Yesterday at my particular law school, there were announcements for a meeting of the Aggies Law Student Association written on the boards in all the classrooms. Every single one misspelled 'Wednesday' as 'WENSDAY'. Not kidding. It was high comedy in all of my 5 classes.
  7. Lat22

    Lat22 1,000+ Posts

    For all intensive purposes, uphauling has already been added to the Hornfans list.
  8. sessamoid

    sessamoid 500+ Posts

    Hey, HTM? It's the English language calling. She says she doesn't want to be your mother tongue anymore. You've been dispwn3d!

    Oh, and see if you can get a refund for your degree from that "flagship university".
  9. HornsN04

    HornsN04 500+ Posts

    he is obviously upset over BG leaving. please do not uhtack him.
  10. HTM

    HTM < 25 Posts

    And he misspelled seize [​IMG]
  11. scharnell

    scharnell 1,000+ Posts

    nice, so HTM goes back to texags, creates a new name (4/12/2007 2:40:34 PM) and then trys to direct the thread to the new guy...

    i am sure you have never touched foot inside a University. [​IMG]
  12. hullabelew

    hullabelew 1,000+ Posts

    This is just too easy. Anyone? Anyone?
  13. HTM

    HTM < 25 Posts

    sure bud, that's what I did.
  14. BoogityBoy

    BoogityBoy 250+ Posts

    Dude uhmbarassed the entire website. Moderator saw the mushroom cloud forming..
  15. Burnt_Orange_Sky

    Burnt_Orange_Sky < 25 Posts

    This thread is a classic. I think HTM uphauled ***.
  16. LadyHornAustin

    LadyHornAustin 100+ Posts

    And they call A&M an institution of "higher" education? Obviously, things aren't always what they up here to be. [​IMG]

    NCAAFBALLROX 1,000+ Posts

    HTM, we here at are pleased to award you this token of our esteem. It is fine for adding plaque buildup to the walls of your home, wherever that might be.


  18. accuratehorn

    accuratehorn 10,000+ Posts

    The post had all the uppearances of fakery, however, the humor drove us to upolexy, and whether the poster was an uparrition from HornFans or not, the author's uplomb guarantees the birth of a new addition to the unthology of useful language on this board.
  19. orangeut

    orangeut 100+ Posts

    We may have hurt HTM's feelings. We may owe him an up pology.
  20. honolulu horn

    honolulu horn 100+ Posts

    I thought it was SpiderAg. Then I realized it was too pathetic and grammatically incorrect to be SpiderAg material.
  21. honolulu horn

    honolulu horn 100+ Posts

    Maybe that thread will fade into Bolivia.
  22. Bevo5

    Bevo5 1,000+ Posts

    That's pretty funny.
  23. TheGallopinGoose

    TheGallopinGoose 2,500+ Posts

    Hawngkee Tongk Mahn's pohst was so uphauling, I uhward it three starz. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  24. Statalyzer

    Statalyzer 10,000+ Posts

  25. TexasTower

    TexasTower 500+ Posts

    Spelling Bee Director: The word is uphauled.

    Aggy: Up - hauled. Can you use it in a sentence?

    Spelling Bee Director: BCG got uphauled *** to Kentucky.
  26. TexasIsBetter

    TexasIsBetter 100+ Posts

    OMG, i am laughing my freakin' *** off [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  27. hullabelew

    hullabelew 1,000+ Posts

    Who upmong us hornfans is Baaaaaaaaaa?

    Just befour the thread was unraised from texags, HTM posted this exact same thing over their.

  28. MrX

    MrX 25+ Posts

    I wonder how HTM came across the word "uphauling.". I'd like some pacifics.
  29. VoodooChi|d

    VoodooChi|d 500+ Posts

    I find it uphauling you people make fun of the mentally retarted. [​IMG]
  30. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada Winebibber

    I thought uphauling was that show where they steal some poor bastard's POS car and turn it into a hot rod.

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