New Texas AD - Chris Del Conte

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Joe Fan, Dec 9, 2017.

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    Jury is still out on Del Conte for me, but eliminating some of the bloat is a good thing. Sometimes the more people you have the less things get done. There also seems to be less accountability. I approve. Not that anyone cares.

    Also, those titles are ridiculous. Are they working at the University of Texas Center for Kids who Play Football Good and Wanna Learn to do Other Stuff Good Too
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  2. SabreHorn

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    When you a have cancer, you do NOT ask the doctor to move it to a less intrusive part of your body, YOU GET RID OF THE ****!
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    They are having to work in an educratic environment, meaning people on the 40 Acres outside of Bellmont do not understand the real world and are all about positioning & titles rather than production. Goofy ******** titles are nothing more than an excuse to pay more money - see also "head coach in waiting"

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    When I was going on my rant about the Service Academies never for a second ever gave a thought to Hooterville. But sadly, they truly think that they are one. Not enough Xanax on earth to help those people.

    The Academy's have an honor code. A real one At Hooterville it is basically:

    Aggies don't lie, cheat or steal, nor associate with those that do, unless of course they are really good recruiters.

    Again, our low tier OOC games need to be used to form the brand of like minded schools. Northwestern, Stanford, (the next person that says Tulane gets a throat punch), etc,


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  5. Joe Fan

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    Check these guys out -- I dont see why any Texas fan would want to put them back on the schedule
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  6. rick mueller

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    Just when you think their delusion has hit its lowest point, they dig the hole deeper!
  7. Joe Fan

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    It's a day later but aggy as "America's Team" still makes me belly laugh
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    For sheep farmers everywhere
  9. Badass

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    We have the best AD ever!
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    Drop the beer prices also

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    Othello will be pleased with Mississippi State's promotion.
  12. Joe Fan

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    CDC attempted to secretly schedule a home-and-home with aggy
    Had to settle for Alabama

    BON: You set up the home-and-home with Alabama rather quickly. Alabama hasn’t played a true road non-conference game since traveling to Penn State in 2011. What sparked that game and how complicated is the process setting up these marquee nonconference games?

    CDC: If you look at our scheduling right now for a moment. The philosophy has always been to have a big-time opponent. This year we have USC on the back end of home-and-home. Then we have LSU, home-and-home. Then we have a return game to Arkansas. Then Alabama, Michigan, Ohio State, and Michigan again. So I think our philosophy is always trying to play a significant brand opponent as one of our three non-conference games. And that’s been great.

    With the Alabama game, we had Ohio State reach out to me and ask to move our game back a couple years because they were able to schedule Notre Dame. I understood that. I said, “Okay, but let me find a game before we do that.”

    The athletics director at Alabama is a dear friend of mine and said ‘Hey, do you want to play a home-and-home?’ And I said ‘Yeah, let’s do that.’ And we were able to do that.

    We talked briefly to (aggy). (aggy) was already booked at the time and couldn’t do it. Alabama had an opening and away we went.

    * * *

    BON: So you actually have already talked with (aggy) about a potential game?

    CDC: Yeah, I said “Hey, if I’m able to move this game does it make sense?”

    But see the problem isn’t that they said no.........
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  13. Joe Fan

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  14. Statalyzer

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    I have no idea what "Texas quality" means for random junk food that I would never bother ordering if driving, parking, walking, watching, walking, and driving again didn't take 6-7 hours. But at least they eliminated the need for quarters and put everything in whole-dollar increments; that was smart. $3 bottled water when it's a 100 degree summer day and you are banned from bringing in water and there are almost no fountains (and the few that exist pump out hot water only) is still BS. I don't care that it's industry standard almost everywhere, it's still BS almost everywhere.
  15. Joe Fan

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  16. Joe Fan

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    Del Conte today on conference realignment:

    “It’s happened since the dawn of time. We’d be foolish to think it won’t happen again”
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  18. FWHORN

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    Can’t say enough about job CDC has done in his first year, I really liked hire when it happened, a year in I like it even more.
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  19. X Misn Tx

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    This is the kind of guy who knows how to work in the world of "not for profit." They get a fantastic product at no cost. Just give away the profits and control. Be a team guy with 3rd parties and everyone wins.

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  20. SabreHorn

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    CdC has made a huge positive impact in a short period of time, with the exception of that hideous sport coat at JerryWorld.

    That said, you know that somewhere out there Stevie Patterson is taking credit for this.
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  21. Phil Elliott

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    Now if he could just get us out of this CS conference. Or, at least, get us a fair shake from the FB officials.
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  22. SabreHorn

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    Easy fix. Put me in charge of Las Colinas for thirty minutes.

    1) Seize all computers & hard drives

    2) lock everyone out of their offices, cubicles, workstations

    3) those to be fired will be escorted out by Texas Rangers - your personal property be sent to you after review.


    After the initial purge, sit down with Mike Defee, get his price to be head of football officials, and give him free reign to hire and fire.

    Supervise info for referral.

    I warned Deloss face to face about Donnie Duncan, and told him to "follow the money trail". Nobody did until it was too late. Time for credibility in Las Colinas and they have NONE!
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  23. Joe Fan

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    By Scipio --

    The school has contracted with Oak View Group to look at the new arena proposals. Expect it to be a multi-purpose venue. Del Conte has spoken about his desire for a more intimate 10,000 seat venue which will encourage competition for seats, create a packed house feel, and allow more amenities. He’ll have to be creative to replace or relocate the football first donors who sit on the front rows - that is when they do show up - and act like they’re receiving a two hour prostate exam instead of watching basketball.

    New Texas Longhorn Basketball arena progressing
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  24. ViperHorn

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    It is innovative, but not a new way to finance performance buildings (I was involved in several between 2002 - 2006). It will great for everyone involved provided:
    • The University Lawyers know what they are doing re: Oak View Group going belly up before the end of the contract period, and what happens at the end of the contract period (does the University get title to the building?).
    • Everyone understands that everything sold in the building (beer, cokes, t-shirts, seats) goes to Oak View Group. This means that over the 10 year period Texas Basketball will have no funding from events at the building. CdC is betting that Herman will keep the football program competing which means more funds.
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  25. X Misn Tx

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    College Scholarship conference?
    Cool Snoop conference?
    Cut Squash conference?
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  26. Phil Elliott

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    The C stands for Chicken.
  27. Chinstrap

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    So what is really going down with the Norman connection? It seems that they have been annointed the “bell cow” by the. B-12 office? Am I just being paranoid? If so I can get drugs.

    Was getting OU into the playoff so important as to stack the deck with the officiating? The Okie State game under Strong, a couple of other games this year and then the hose job in the B12 championship were terrible. Texas earned some of those penalties in the championship, but some were bullsh- -. The biggest hosing was the OU noncalls. Am I to understand that Bowlsby did not use a single crew but rather hand picked a crew from the B12 pool of officials? If so, for what reason.

    Here’s my take. Mr Bowlsby, you have a fu - -ing taking place on Saturdays by your officials and if you deny that you are a liar or too damn dumb for your job. And I think it is the former. So here is the deal. We have three options; you can get your sh- -together in regards to officiating, you can resign, or you can live without Texas in the B12. If Texas let’s this BS continue they don’t have any more balls that Bevo. The muscle is there. It is time to flex.

    SabreHorn, you seem to know the “behind the scenes”. What is real?
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  28. Joe Fan

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    We had a gym coach in jr high with those initials
    He was known as Chicken Schmidt (his actual last name)

    And, in any event, if CDC gets us out of this conference and into a better basketball conference then, ironically, we will have to build a larger arena
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  29. Joe Fan

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  30. dukesteer

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    Well, we need it because as we all know, the lack of interest in our BB program has been an embarrassment for many years.

    As usual, it sure seems like CDC knows what he is doing.
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