New Texas AD - Chris Del Conte

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Joe Fan, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. nashhorn

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    Oh dear, I liked some of earlier renditions but this looks,,,,well odd.
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  2. dukesteer

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    I’m probably in the minority but I think it looks very cool, and extremely innovative. No other school has anything like that. We probably have the most iconic logo in college football and kudos to CDC for exploiting it.
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  3. Joe Fan

    Joe Fan 10,000+ Posts

    I liked it at first too. Then someone put the idea that it looks like the birth canal in my head, and now I cant shake it. Like when the words to a song you dont like get stuck in there anyway.
  4. Chop

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    The Moodys are one of the greatest philanthropic families in a state with plenty of great philanthropic families. To be fair to TF, his family and their associates were also instrumental (often partnering up with the Moodys) in re-building Galveston in the decades following the 1900 storm, and continuing through the mid-century and beyond. That storm utterly demolished Galveston, and some 6,000 lost their lives. They’ve done a lot of good, have given a lot to worthy philanthropic causes over the years, and are definitely not Johnny come latelies to the Island.
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  5. X Misn Tx

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    No one ever said that to you about the Longhorn symbol in general?
  6. CreakyHorn

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    What's your point?
  7. Joe Fan

    Joe Fan 10,000+ Posts

    No, I have never thought of or been reminded of the vaginal canal when looking at our logo. Those of you who do have my sympathy
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  8. zuckercanyon

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    I had to be told back in college. Maybe it's subliminal......ya know, trick guys (ok today maybe girls too) into going to Texas thinking that ya know maybe get lucky? Or another way to make more $?
  9. Joe Fan

    Joe Fan 10,000+ Posts

    OK, I could visualize some pretty amusing acceptance letters based upon this concept

    And which begs the question, if we are the vagina of Texas, then what is aggy?
  10. BurntOrangeLH

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    The Real Sheep Husbands of Texas?
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  11. Joe Fan

    Joe Fan 10,000+ Posts

    Ive said too much already

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