New way to get to DKR

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by hornpharmd, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. hornpharmd

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  2. overmaars

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    as long as you couldn't get arrested for Shweebing under the influence.
  3. YoLaDu

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    i am guessing you would need to be appropriately attired in those glass tubes! Shweeb!
  4. Longhorny630

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    Apparently they forgot half the population is too fat to fit into one of those things, let alone use their legs to power it. But hey, if I see a pretty lady, I'll be glad to offer to "body-pool" in one of those things.
  5. accuratehorn

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    I don't see any cup holders or lighted make up mirrors. Would never go over among the general population.
  6. OrngNugz

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    No AC, no radio, no engine. This is a bad bet in general. It may work in super dense cities.
  7. TigerPride

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    So what happens when someone in front decides to ******* stop?

    Equipped with photon torpedoes?
  8. muschyD

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    What happens when I have a bean burrito for lunch? If those things don't have good ventilation I'll die in one of those things.
  9. Bluepies

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    How do you get 'em to turn around and go the other way? I guess it would loop around at the destination, kinda like a ski lift thing?

    And yeah, you'd be limited by the speed of the guy in front of you. Would suck.

    Bicycles already exist, y'know. And if people won't use something THAT easy that they can take home, keep in their garage, and use right out their front door and whenever they want, they're not using a less convenient version of it, even if it's a little faster.
  10. YoLaDu

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  11. hornpharmd

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  12. Bevo5

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    Pods are coming one way or the other. I don't think they'll be self-powered, because that's not nearly as fun as just letting some machine drive us around.

    All hail the machines.

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