New York is having a rough time

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Joe Fan, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. Joe Fan

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    If this were a just world

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  2. Joe Fan

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  3. Monahorns

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    Joe, that is old. It only gets worse for Fauci and NY.

  4. Monahorns

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    I think we can now all agree that Fauci is a retard.
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  5. Joe Fan

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    By all means, lets release more people from prison

  6. nashhorn

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    Holy c***, did they say “it’s a white man”, and is there someone in that car? It would have been very tempting to run them down. Bet the occupant, if there was one, was scared to death. I would have been.
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  7. bystander

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    Don't worry. The Liberals have it covered. It's Trump's fault. It always is. The corrupt Democrat Party Machine in New York is blameless. The virtue signaling a-hole Governor is blameless. He's an inspiration because he massages everyone's FEELINGS and justifies the hatred that lives on the Left.
  8. Horn6721

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    Here is the driver of that car's talking about it
    "The driver, Max Torgovnick, 36, recounted the harrowing ordeal that he and his mother experienced in an interview with The New York Post.

    "That’s something like you would see on the streets of a war zone," said Torgovnick. "I never thought New York would get this bad."

    According to Torgovnick, he and his mother, in her 70s, had just dropped off a donation to a nonprofit group working to address homelessness and the AIDS crisis when a bicycle gang of about 50 or so teenagers surrounded his vehicle.

    "I slowed down to let them go by, but then they started surrounding the car on either side, and one of the bikers did a wheelie and went into the back of my car," recalled Torgovnick. "I stopped to make sure nobody was hurt."

    That's when the group began attacking the vehicle and attempted to open the car's doors. Torgovnick said his mother screamed, "We're going to die, they're going to kill us," as she dialed 911. After one of the assailants shattered the windshield, Targovnick said he spotted an opening and managed to drive to safety.

    Police are searching for the perpetrators, who also attacked a yellow cab around the same time and location, according to The Post.

    While experts chided Americans to stay home much of the year, mobs have been roaming throughout the country destroying property and attacking bystanders, including a United States senator and his wife. Democrats and the media have been calling the perpetrators "peaceful protesters."

    After a police officer was recently shot in New York City, Police Benevolent Association of the City of New York President Pat Lynch told Mayor Bill de Blasio to his face that today's criminals feel emboldened because of policies pushed by Democrats and the mayor. "
  9. HornHuskerDad

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    As ye sow, so shall ye reap.
  10. Joe Fan

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    Spoiler Alert: the Mayans were dyslexic

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  11. Duck Dodgers

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    Most amusing part about this is that the drive is super fan of Biden and the Democrats, and hates Trump, based on his toxic collection of tweets. He lives in a city and state completely controlled by Democrats, and this is the environment they provide for him in return.

    Zero cares given. Hopefully he needs a new seat as well as windshield after he shat himself.
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  12. Horn6721

    Horn6721 10,000+ Posts

    Too bad the put upon snoflake did not explain to the thugs that he was one of them.
  13. Mr. Deez

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    And of course, if the races were reversed, this would be a worldwide story, and there would be a massive FBI investigation to find the perpetrators.
  14. horninchicago

    horninchicago 10,000+ Posts

    Who cares? What are your thoughts on the Tom Herman canning and possible Sarkisian hire?

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  15. Joe Fan

    Joe Fan 10,000+ Posts

    Good grief - this covid experience has revealed liberals' true colors - they want to control everyone and everything at all times

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  16. Monahorns

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    Does this go against NY constitution? Would this bill violate the US constitution?

    If no to both, no sense in trying to protect them from themselves.
  17. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Maybe if they go far enough the fine residents of NY will get their heads out of their asses and not elect these idiots. I thought they already had enough, but after the last election its pretty clear not.
  18. Monahorns

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    Those in NYC are too luny to care. People upstate have been sick of the city's politics for quite some time now.
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  19. Joe Fan

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    I did not know this.


    Before he was killing old people, he was killing groundhogs
    Isnt this how all serial killers start?

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  20. Joe Fan

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    Judge agrees Cuomo is a lying sack of dog excrement

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Health Department broke the law by refusing to provide a government watchdog group with the total nursing home death toll from COVID-19, a judge ruled Wednesday.

    The legal smackdown came just days after an attorney general’s report revealed that the Cuomo administration misled the public about the total number of nursing home residents killed by the coronavirus by only releasing the numbers of those who died in nursing homes, not those who later died in hospitals.

    In a 16-page decision, acting Albany Supreme Court Justice Kimberly O’Connor blasted the DOH for repeatedly telling the Empire Center for Public Policy “that it was unable to respond to the [Freedom of Information Law] request” since it was filed six months ago.

    “DOH does not, in the Court’s opinion, offer an adequate explanation as to why it has not responded to that request within its estimated time period or to date,” O’Connor wrote.

    “Its continued failure to provide petitioner a response, given the straightforward nature of the request … goes against FOIL’s broad standard of open and transparent government and is a violation of that statute.”
  21. Joe Fan

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  22. mchammer

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  23. Joe Fan

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  24. Joe Fan

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    A city public school principal is asking parents to “reflect” on their “whiteness” — passing out literature that extols “white traitors’’ who “dismantle institutions,” education officials confirmed to The Post on Tuesday.

    The “woke’’ offensive at the East Side Community School in Manhattan features a ranking list titled “The 8 White Identities,” which ranges from “White Supremacist’’ to “White Abolitionist.”

    The curriculum, written by Barnor Hesse, an associate professor of African American studies at Northwestern University in Illinois, claims, “There is a regime of whiteness, and there are action-oriented white identities.

    “People who identify with whiteness are one of these,’’ Hesse writes above the eight-point list.

    “It’s about time we build an ethnography of whiteness, since white people have been the ones writing about and governing Others,’’ Hesse adds.
  25. horninchicago

    horninchicago 10,000+ Posts

    Screw that *******. And anyone who listens to that ****.
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  26. iatrogenic

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    I did an honest assessment of myself on the scale. I was right between "Go F Yourself" and "I just knocked your dumb liberal azz out".
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  27. horninchicago

    horninchicago 10,000+ Posts

    Go on...
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  28. mb227

    mb227 2,500+ Posts

    I am sincerely worried that you may be repressing your feelings. You should open up a little more...
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  29. iatrogenic

    iatrogenic 2,500+ Posts

    Lost my filter at UT. You Shall Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Set You Free
  30. Chop

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    Things must be really, really bad for Cuomo. So bad that his own party has turned on him and is hanging him out to dry.
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