New York is having a rough time

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Joe Fan, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. OUBubba

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    I did not like that it went across tribal land without their approval.
  2. Seattle Husker

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    My big thing was that it ran straight through the US's largest aquifer that is the water source for much of the agriculture in Eastern Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas. There has never been a pipeline built yet that didn't have some significant oil leak over time. Unlike a train wreck which has a very limited impact of oil leak from crashes, pipeline leaks have massive impact.
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    But pipelines have a better environmental record than other distribution methods. The only way the environmental impact is better without the pipeline is if the overall production and distribution goes down. So that justification makes no sense without impeding US oil production which is bad.

    The issue isn't necessarily the $/barrel price. The US oil industry will make more more $ by producing more barrels even if $/barrel goes down due to supply increase. Quit looking at the unit profit. It's the profit $s that really mean something. Of course they are both good, but oil producers need to adjust production using their own financial calculations not the US President. Because that is textbook fascism.
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    This is where you show your ignorance. The US oil refineries have been tuned to process the heavier crude that we get from Canada and OPEC. The sweet, light crude produced here isn't used for gasoline refining along the gulf.
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  5. Seattle Husker

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    They retuned for something that was not approved and years away from fruition? Shouldn't the libertarian say they are accountable for their own poor decision?
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    WOW! I didn’t know Port Arthur and Baytown were now in China.
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  7. OUBubba

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  8. nashhorn

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    Are you trying to mislead there Bubba? Trudeau’s purchase wasn’t the Keystone and the article very clearly points out, as says the headline, the ones gaining through this are Russia and China. The ones getting screwed are us with Biden’s decision doing the screwing.
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    I didn't read deep enough. There was deep debate 10 years ago on this pipeline. Canada was trying to get its oil to Asia. Got me, dangit!
  10. Horn2RunAgain

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    The one that employed 10k plus Americans with good paying jobs? Yes, that one
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  11. Duck Dodgers

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    Virtually none of that is true. Train wrecks are a far more likely source of surface contamination that pipelines, and are capable of placing large spills at once, while pipeline leaks are smaller amounts over longer periods of time due to corrosion and age issues from poor maintenance.

    As for aquifers - they are not a surface level, but some depth underground. Depth various by location but surface water for wells is generally at least 50 feet below ground level, often hundreds. In what's called the soil zone, there is little permeability for water to flow, so you need to get down to actual rock to obtain water.

    Surface spills of hydrocarbons are unlikely to contaminate an underground reservoir of water, as hydrocarbons are lighter than water, so float on any water source, and don't migrate down. It would be surface sources of water such as lakes or rivers that would be impacted by train or pipeline leaks, not aquifers.
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    My man is an expert in all fields. Love to learn here.
  13. Horn6721

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    Where is DD wrong?
  14. humahuma

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    This is my field, I am an environmental geologist for a Chemical company we have 1000s of miles of pipeline and we have 1000s of miles of other company pipelines in n our corridor. Most pipelines are 5-15 feet below grade, and I can assure you no company wants to have a leak, that’s money going out the pipe.

    We do routine maintenance, clean the pipe send in a camera, check wall thickness. Are there still releases, yes but there are release protection also. So if a pipeline has a sudden drop in pressure the pumps shutdown. We have to clean spills up to pre existing conditions which is background. We excavate and sample the excavation and send the report to the TCEQ.

    A train release is on the surface and typically the fire department breaks out their hoses and wash the material into a ditch which flows into a water body causing a fish kill.
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  15. OUBubba

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    I like
    I'm good with pipelines in general. Don't run a pipeline across tribal land without their approval and I'm all for Keystone. I've got a ton of pipeliners and surveyors that live in eastern Oklahoma (or at least their wives do).
  16. Horn6721

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    Where is DD wrong?
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  17. Duck Dodgers

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    Not only did NY have a rough time, disgraced, fired, and soon to be arrested A Cuomo is going to have an even rougher time:

    Andrew Cuomo charged over alleged groping of former aide: source

    Ahh how the mighty have fallen. 18 months ago AC was riding high, doing prop gags with his brother on CNN while thousands of NY elderly died in nursing homes due to his policies. He was given an Emmy for, checks notes, holding press conferences, and various leftist harpies were getting hot and bothered (for the first time in years) from seeing his old acne scarred face lying on TV - there was even a term coined for these wenches - CuomoSexuals.

    Now he's been exposed as being a sex offender, tossed out of office, and soon to be arrested and brought to trial. A fitting end to a sack of garbage. Maybe if he has to do time, he can get a conjugal visit from his brother to help pass the time.
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  18. Duck Dodgers

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    Both turds are now out of jobs, cast out for both lying and being grab-assers.

    As I've said before, another turd self-flushes.

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  19. bystander

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    They exhibit the worst in white Liberals; absolute sanctimony, elitism and arrogance. Meanwhile, it's not who they are in the least.
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  20. Duck Dodgers

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    At least they have plenty of time now for in-person incest, not just play acting over the video feed. If Chris is seen around town walking bow-legged, you know why!
  21. SabreHorn

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    But neither of those “grab assers”” has killed a woman yet that we know of, so the Kennedy family’s record is safe for now.
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  22. bystander

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    Their absolute cockiness should have been the glaring clue that their intentions are solely about ambition; Liberalism was the tool.
  23. Duck Dodgers

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    Hey Teddy tried to help Mary Joe, he just had to sober up first and find a neck brace before he could call the police.

    Andy did kill maybe a few 10 thousand old folks by sending Wuhan Mary's back to nursing homes, to infect others, but he did win an Emmy by holding press conferences, so he has that.
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  24. bystander

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    Andrew Cuomo Loses His Emmy on Same Day He’s Replaced as Governor

    Every award on the national or international stage is hopelessly politicized (remember Obama winning the Nobel Peace Price about ten minutes after he entered office; Noam Chomsky would say Obama committed crimes against humanity).

    It's sickening. Yet these narcissistic Liberals gloat and act cocky (like Andy and his brother did on that video) because all it's really about is people kissing their a**es.
  25. guy4321

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    Man accused of punching 67-year-old Asian woman 125 times in NY pleads guilty to hate crime

    In a plea deal, he'll be sentenced on Nov. 29 to 17 1/2 years in state prison and five years of post-release supervision, the statement said.

    The plea comes seven months after the brutal March 11 attack, in which Esco called the 67-year-old victim, a woman of Filipino descent, an “Asian b----."

    Man accused of punching 67-year-old Asian woman 125 times in NY pleads guilty to hate crime
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  26. Sangre Naranjada

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    I am pleased (and frankly, amazed) the hate crime statute was employed in this case against this perpetrator.
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  27. Statalyzer

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    Mixed feelings - like when roughing the passer is called consistently by the rulebook on form tackles. I don't like the statute at all but if they are going to have it, at least apply it with the same standards at all times.
  28. Hollandtx

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    New York City subway assault victim accuses mayor of breaking promises

    This is sickening to watch, and the charges need to be raised to attempted murder, in my opinion. This animal was throwing down kicks and big punches to her head. He was savage to a helpless woman and these types of sucker punch and then assault with deadly force incidents are happening more and more.
    The woman may likely lose her eye from this beat down, inside the subway at JFK in New York.

    Of course, he was out on parole for assaulting another woman. Many woman, one with a screwdriver.
    He killed his own grandmother at 14.
    Why is he on the streets at all?

    How long does it take to get the DAs out of office that aren't willing to prosecute to the maximum?
    What about Judges who hand out the "sentencing" that is laughable.
    I don't know how often DAs or Judges are elected, if they do it on the National election schedule or if it's a different timetable.
    But, it is going to take a very long time--years-- to put proper DAs and Judges in place who will stop letting these vile pieces of garbage loot, destroy, and almost beat people to death and have them out roaming the streets after a day or two in jail.
    Sadly, there are many more of these videos.

    Don't worry, though, Joe thinks crime is going down. His major priority is climate change, not keeping our people safe in places that they should be safe. This woman was at an airport, trying to get home, not is some seedy part of town.
    I wish the man who attempted to help, but then ran away (and it's hard to blame him for that) had a gun with him.
    I don't say that lightly, I'm not one for packing most of the time, but this incident and many more point out that a gun would be a good thing to have with you.

    Until these animals are put away for a very long time, the violence and crime rates will continue to rise
    (sorry I couldn't just put the video in, it kept posting a Gwyneth Paltrow vid when I tried. Who knows why?)
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  29. Duck Dodgers

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    As I've said about crime here in Houston, where what, 180 murders have been committed by those on bond, things change when a judge gets shot in the neck during a robbery at a fancy River Oakes restaurant while they're having a fundraiser, bright red arteria blood spurting out on the white linen tablecloth, ruining it completely.

    When someone in the ruling class gets killed, then it's serious! But till then, as long as the victims of crime are mostly blacks and Mexicans, no one cares, not even them it seems, as they keep voting for those who release criminals to prey on them.
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  30. mchammer

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