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    Austin Parks Foundation asking you to name new Zilker Park train

    The article also says:

    However, there were actually two trains for while, not just one "Zilker Eagle". Both were made to look like steam engines - a blue train named Ashley and a green train named Jennifer. At one point Jennifer broke down and was replaced by a train that looked like a miniature Amtrak diesel. In 1996, Ashley and the mini-Amtrak were replaced with the current green and black "Zephyr". Either that or the Amtrak looking one was just repainted and actually IS the Zephyr now, I'm not sure.

    The funny thing is I can find pretty much nothing about this online, other than finding that Ashley and Jennifer were also the names of the daughters of Arthur Charles Beall, who operated the Zilker trains in the 80s and 90s. There's gotta be somebody else who remembers this stuff, right?
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