News on new Big 12 tv contract?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by OrangeHair, Mar 14, 2011.

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    Sorry if this has been posted already. Would be a bit dissapointing if this is the final number when you start dividing by 10, etc. It is certainly a big increase over the last fox sports contract.
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    Doubt they rework the ABC/ESPN deal since they didn't reduce the deal after losing 2 teams AND the championship game.

    What I can't figure out is how teams got 7-11M in the old deal. ABC 480M 8 year deal for 12 teams equals 5M per team. Fox sports old contract has 20M and 1 year left so thats less than 2M per. So the old contract adds up to 6+M on average? That doesn't even equal the 7 that iowa states of the world got under the old deals.

    Guess there might be other money distributed from things like bowls (mainly BCS $)?

    Another way to estimate is to take an average of 9M from the old deal minus 2M from the old fox deal and only divide amongst 10 teams = 7M*12/10=8.4M. Then add 6M from the new fox deal for a new total of 14.4M on average with the richest teams making 17M. Still not the 20M predicted...
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    Awesome, a login link to [​IMG]
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    yeh that just went to a sign in page.

    Here is one that I got tweeted last night:

    "The Big 12 and Fox are close to finalizing a long-term deal that will pay the 10-team league more than $60 million a year, well up from the $20 million it now receives from its cable contract, industry sources say."

    The conference also has a network broadcast contract with ABC/ESPN worth $480 million over eight years that runs through 2015-16. It was first thought that the Big 12 would extend its cable agreement to 2016 to make it concurrent with the ABC/ESPN contract, but now sources say that the Fox extension will go beyond 2016 and could go out as long as 10 years, to 2022.

    The network and cable deals combined will bring an average of close to $130 million a year into the conference to share with the 10 teams, putting the Big 12 only slightly behind the ACC, which recently struck a deal for $155 million a year with ESPN."
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    It is always disappointing to triple your revenue from one of many sources.
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    Sorry posted the link from my phone and was too lazy to post the direct link to the biz journal. I wanted to at least give credit to the cougar board for finding the article. Figured most people would have a scout account.
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    That'll be $6 mil per team, compared to what, $1.8?

    This is going forward, of course, but Beebe is on his way to fulfilling his promise.
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    I enjoy reading about the "other 8" negotiating a conference 3rd tier deal. Aggy partnering with their friends in Lubbock, Stillwater, and Waco.
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    Its actually ahead of ACC money if you look at whats included.

    The ACC gets 12.9 from ESPN but that is highly misleading since only some is tier 1 & tier 2 rights.

    Apples to apples comparison follows: (I divided the contracts by 10 to show comparison #s although revenue is unequally shared)

    B12 gets 6 mil per team from ABC/ESPN
    B12 gets 6 mil per team (possibly 7) from Fox
    12 per school average (possibly 13)
    ACC gets 8.7 from ESPN for tier 1 & 2

    Even when taking out the 14 mil to the 3 of UT,OU,TAMU you get 11-12.5 per 7 schools.
    (14 mil + 6 mil B12 other distributions. This is the 20million figure, conference distributions and not just tv money)

    Tier 3:
    ACC- 4.2 from Raycom
    B12- Varies but if 8 team network can get 2 million per school the ACC is beaten on average. (B10 gets 6.5)

    Also the Bevo network will pay 12.5 to UT and Boomer will probably exceed 7.
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    From another thread but to keep the dialogue on one thread.

    Looks like the deal now is rumored to be a 13 year, $90 million/year deal. This is for 2nd tier rights as ESPN/ABC have the 1st tier rights. I guess the new longhorn network has the 3rd tier rights.

    The ESPN/ABC deal is an 8 year deal thru 2015/16 for about 60 million/year.

    The total revenue for the big 12 will thus be about 150 million/year or about 15 million/school. (I am assuming they each get an equal% but can't remember). UT will also have its deal with ESPN for their own nework which will net them an additional 15 million/year.

    Sweet times.
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    Glad to hear the numbers may be higher. I think this stabilizes the conference as I expected.
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    Next step is getting a conference championship game back either by waiver for a 10 team league or adding 2 teams around 2014 (in time for the ESPN negotiation). My preference is ND and Arky but that ain't happening. BYU can probably bring enough fans and money so they are an obvious 11. TCU doesn't bring either but they are a good TV draw... at the moment. UH may be TCU in a few years.
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    No thank you on the Conference Championship game. It only adds $1m per team annually in the SEC. To add more teams, the overall revenue picture would have to increase exponentially due to smaller pie pieces. UH, TCU, and BYU don't merit having a championship game.

    You can make up the difference by maximizing bowl payouts. Since the BCS started, the big 10 has sent 2 teams (maximizing payouts to the league) 9 times. The big 12 5 times, and the sec 7. Could forcing a quality team into 1 more loss in a champ game actually cost the conference bowl rev?
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    Maybe you are right that it doesn't add much money but it sure adds interest. There is no guarantee that UT/A&M will both have 9+ wins but in the Big 12 championship you are almost guaranteed 10-11 wins vs 9-10 win teams.

    From a money standpoint the second BCS team only brings in 4M where a Big 12 Championship game probably brings in 20M?
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    big 12 bowl payouts in 2010 per team were $2.7m. big 10 had 2 bcs bids and paid out 3.45 and sec paid out 3.5. the sec champ game only paid out 1.2 per team in 09. Not enough to justify the lameness, in my opinion IF YOU HAVE TO ADD 2 MORE TEAMS that dilute, not add, to tv demad.

    So many times, it ends up in a 2nd matchup that only has one team at risk. KSU had to play OU 2x in 2000. TN had to play LSU 2x in 2001 and UT had to play CU 2x. In 03, UGA had to play LSU 2x. MU played OU 2x in 07. Avoiding rematches gives someone one less loss and the potential for 2 BCS. Then everyone goes up a rung.
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    Still not convinced. 1.2M per SEC team is still 14.4M. Hard to imagine that bumping every team up 1 bowl is worth more than that (essentially you are replacing a 500k bowl payout with a 4M 2nd BCS bowl).

    I guess the question is, is there more prestige in a championship game or a bcs bowl? I'd argue you have more on the line in a championship game than a game against, say, uconn.
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    Texas Jack- Do you have a published source saying they would?
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    I'd like to think Beebe and the boys wouldn't consider expansion unless ABC/ESPN/Fox had agreed on the amended contract bump to justify adding 2 more mouths to feed
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    The championship game has only hurt Big 12 teams in the past. Since other major conferences still do not play one I don't see why we should want one.
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    Hornpharmd- The Big East is the only one who wont. Other than that its non-bcs leagues like the MWC, WAC, and Sun Belt.
    Pac 12, SEC, Big Ten, and ACC will all have one.

    tholly- Agreed. It only happens if per team pay goes up or at least even
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    This is a big point. Fox took all the negative aspects of the new Big 12 and still paid us 350% more.

    This evidence in conjunction with numbers from Joel Lulla and Dan Beebe meetings with ABC, show an extremely high likelihood that contracts will continue to rise.

    To the contrary, there is little evidence if non at all, that would lead anyone to believe that TV contracts will not rise.
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    I hope all the recruits that went to neb and Col now go to the IowSts, Bay and KSts of the Big12 world. The other B12 teams could benefit and lead to a stronger conference overall and more TV revenue for all.
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    For the 2016-17 financial year --
    SEC: $41 million
    Big Ten: $38 million
    Big 12: $34 million
    Pac 12: $30.9 million

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    Includes tier 3? Otherwise apples and oranges.
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    Yep, was correct. Add $15 mil for Texas according to the article.

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