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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by salonghorn-70, Sep 6, 2010.

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    Same old thing as last year.
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    Maybe Forrest Gump will come running across the practice field.
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    Wow, first "not giving up on CJ" and soon followed up with "uh but Newton will be starting."

    I have to agree with the majority, Newton still looks like the most complete back on the team.
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    I'd like to see Fozzy get the start. If he stays healthy, he is the best RB we have and has better speed than Tre. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    It seems like if a team is gonna use a two (or three) back "run by committee" type approach, you'd want the faster, quicker guy(s) to run early in the game and help tire out the defense because they will have to chase the faster guys more and try to react to their quicker cuts, etc. Then later in the game after the D is worn down a little, bring in the bruiser with fresh legs to pound the ball. So it might work out better to start Tre (or even Fozzy) and then bring CJ in later.
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    i agree texascoder, but how bout on the other end - you have cody wear down the defense with his tough physical runs and the defense just doesn't have any gas in the tank to keep up with trey and fozzy? it's a lot harder to chase a guy down when you're tired. i think it works both ways.

    we're going to see all 3 guys get a ton of carries this year. i don't think it really matters which starter is named, in fact i wish they'd stop doing that because all 3 guys are going to play so much and by the 2nd quarter you can figure out who has the hot hand and go from there.
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    I was thinking the opposite of coder - wear them down trying to tackle the big guy then hit them with speed when they are tired. It really doesn't matter to me though, any of these guys are good enough with consistent blocking.

    Edit: I wonder how many seconds you beat me by on that last post.
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    newton is, by far, the most effective back in the games.
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    I suppose it *could* work either way, but if there aren't enough holes for CJ to run through, or if he doesn't hit the holes fast enough to gain some yards, the D will use their success to build momentum, and Texas will become frustrated with the run game and start throwing the ball [​IMG]
    I guess I was just thinking that at least until the O-Line play improves and more holes are opened up, we're better off going with quicker guys first because they can at least avoid tackles and find some of their own holes. I realize there's no obvious answer here. Either way, those 3 RBs will all get their share of carries (barring injury) and like someone said... you give them each a bunch of carries and then decide who has the hot hand (or legs) and go with them later in the game perhaps.
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    From the news conference today, or following it, the news is that Cody Johnson banged up an ankle on his second carry but did not say anything about it at the time. Also, Statesman coverage today talked about Cody just being tired from the extra work he'd put in.

    I thought the whole team looked overworked when the game started. I saw no feel of freshness. Maybe the best work week they could have right now is just take the rest of the week off other than shorts and light workouts similar to restday riding on days off at the Tour de France.
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    Tre is just a good all around back. He finds the holes, can catch and block. He is not explosive like a K. Hunter, but just gets the job done and can hold onto the rock.
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    Really does not matter who starts IMO. They will all play unless one starts fumbling then he will sit on the bench. I still don't see the running game for Texas as a strength this year, I hope I am wrong. 3 yard a carry against Rice is nothing to get excited about.
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    This is a no brainer. Cody Johnson has his role but it's not an every down back.
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    How do ya'll feel about Cody not telling the coaches about his ankle? On one hand, if I were the coach, I wouldn't be pleased because he could have gotten hurt worse. On the other hand, maybe Cody didn't think that it was that big of a deal.
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    Or Cody knows the competition is stiff and an injury sits him down so he thought it better to tough it out. Colt did something like this his Frosh year v. the Aggies. In hindsight he realized he should have admitted or acknowledged he was more of a liability than asset at that time and should have come out. His was more pride and being a fighter than afraid of losing a starting role but the thought process is similar.
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    This is a no brainer. The coaches gave the senior who has worked his *** off a chance. They rewarded a guy with a chance because he deserved it. He simply isn't the best back. Tre is. But, it's good for team morale and it sets a good example that hard work pays off and you'll be rewarded with an opportunity if you work your *** off.

    For those saying "it doesn't matter if the line blocks" or "if we consistently open up holes" etc....The blocking was pretty damn good in the opener. There were lots of holes. The back has to hit them and hit them hard. There is always going to be a guy you have to make miss. Tre does that. Cody simply doesn't. His feet aren't quick enough. I still think Cody has a big role on this team, but our best chance to have a consistent running game is with Tre and Fozzy.
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    I wouldn't give up so fast on Cody, he had 40 yards on his first 4 carries. We overworked him in practice and he was tired. Plus, as mentioned, the ankle. I'm sure I'll get some piling on, but I believe we will see plenty of Cody assuming his ankle is ready to go. that said, Newton seems the most resilient and overall the best TB.
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    And I am predicting that Fozzy starts against Tech.
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    Much as I hate to admit, this year's RB's look to be just like last year's. Let's just hope that Cody was hampered per the explantion. Next year should be vastly improved with M.Brown and J. Hills. Too bad Hills decided to redshirt this year, he seems to run very hard and fast all the time. And what is wrong with playing Monroe at RB few times if they can give him a hole to dart through?Geesh!
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    Yeah, I expect to see DJ Monroe on a milk carton at the grocery store cuz he was totally missing last Saturday. No bueno.

    I did like that we faked the reverse to Goodwin like three or four times then gained some pretty good yardage on the play where we gave him the ball. It's novel and encouraging to see our offense actually set something up like that.
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    I'm not sure a lot can be made of the running game against Rice. Mack made it clear and the play calling reinforced the fact that Texas was going to run and run and run some more. Rice could play the run and did. That biases the outcome. In a normal game the play calling will be more balanced and the play action passes will be more effective as will the running game. Bottom line, don't make too much of what we saw in the Rice game. That said, I like the idea of Cody softening up the defense before turning Tre and Fozzy loose. Mack said our defense hates tackling Cody since he's such a load and that's one reason he started.
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    This explains a whole lot:
    The Link

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    Of the group, Newton looked the best to me, then Fozzy with Cody a distant third. The man is just too slow.

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