Analysis of Ewers

If we're only using current starting QBs in the NFL as a metric, and really only their style of play and nothing off-field, I think the following would be closest:

1. B. Purdy
2. D. Carr
3. B. Mayfield
4. B. Young

I'd love to see him get more into the ranks of Stroud or Goff, but that would take a few years in the league before that would be appropriate.
If his quick flick throws become more accurate, he could become reminiscent of Joe Burrow.
If ifs and buts were candies and nuts.

If Ewers puts up a 200 pass efficiency rating this year, I'll believe. Or approaches 5000 yards. Or 50 TD. Even then, he still wouldn't have the numbers of Joe's Heisman year.

We haven't really had an NFL prototype passer in so long (if ever... only Layne, Young, and McCoy ever made a dent in the league), it gets a little too easy to hope that our guy is on par with them. Based on what we've all seen, I don't see Ewers as that kind of guy yet. Manning maybe, but that's far off.
Based on what we've all seen, I don't see Ewers as that kind of guy yet. Manning maybe, but that's far off.
Yeah, what I posited was a big "if".

However, prior to Joe's Senior season, nobody had seen it out of him either. A very, very bright light suddenly turned on for him, as if he could suddenly utilize and command all the raw physical talent he had.

Quinn has the raw talent. He can make all the throws. That is not to say he does make all the throws at a high enough rate, but if the same kind of awakening happens for him as happened for Burrow, well, then I suggest we will see a very special season that will carry over to an NFL career.
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Scouting Report

Sure, it's just some dude who makes his own draft lists and rankings and whatever, but I think his concerns are valid. Someone is going to take QE in the 1st round when as of this moment, he's really a Day Two (rounds 2-3) kind of talent.

The footwork in those clips doesn't lie. And some of those were in his "best" games like Alabama.

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