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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Horns11, Apr 21, 2022.

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    Surprised no one has discussed it yet.

    We could see 4 DE's taken in the top 5-6. Year after year, we're reminded that we haven't had a top tier DE since... Sergio? I guess he was drafted more as a pass rushing LB. Sam Acho? Omenihu? I'm tired of not getting in the backfield... but I'm also tired of other teams using this against us in recruiting. A&M might have three DE's drafted this year.

    PFF doesn't have a single Longhorn listed in their Top-250 for draft prospects.

    Texas draft hopefuls:
    Josh Thompson - probably the only non-ST player with a chance. He's rated around #20 for available cornerbacks, and teams usually go to training camp with about 10 on the roster, so without accounting for UFA's, there will probably be like 5 CBs taken per round. So if he makes it to Round 6 and still hasn't been selected, I'd be shocked.

    Cameron Dicker - might be the first foot specialist taken. Has the name recognition, although among the available K/P in the draft, I actually think he's one of the "middling" compared to what I've seen from the others. While that could hurt him in terms of teams looking for accuracy, I still think he gets taken towards the end of the draft. His kickoffs alone are good enough.

    UFA territory:
    Brenden Schooler - led most of the measurables at Pro Day. Someone will take a flyer on him as a S/ST player for camp.
    Ben Davis & Ray Thornton - by merit of experience alone, I wouldn't be surprised if they made camps. I don't think they'll make 53-man rosters, however.
    Jacoby Jones - on his talent, I could see him as like a 6th DE for someone's training camp. But kind of like Davis and Thornton, I don't see him going for long.
    Justin Mader - can never underestimate the power of a long snapper if a team is in dire straits.
    Donovan Duvernay - on name recognition, I wouldn't be surprised if he made an appearance at a camp.

    Good luck getting your teaching certificate and becoming a coach:
    Derek Kerstetter
    Denzel Okafor
    Cade Brewer
    Darion Dunn
    Gabe Watson

    Social media is going to have yet another field day at our expense. A school with our resources is going to get "outdrafted" by the likes of Tech, HBCUs, and probably some Division II school thrown in there. 2014, 2016, and 2017 (in which we had zero, 1, and 1 draftees) coincided with the downfall of both Mack and Strong, and now 2022 is going to coincide with the downfall of Herman.

    My concern is whether the 2022 team will use this as fuel towards next year. So far, I think we've seen some of the "jelling" behind the scenes, and the moment some other school's fan base uses this as argument fuel, we'll see if the team can circle the wagons and use it to propel them on the field. If not, we could be in for a rough growth curve for 2023 and beyond.
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    Didn't seem to hurt recruiting this year.
    Ewers, Worthy, Bijan should be high draft picks if remain healthy.
    Yes, we need some players to develop and show up on the defensive side.
    I think our win/loss record will improve this year and get even better the next.
    Hopefully we can pull in a defensive line recruiting class like we did the O-line this year.
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    The NFL Draft is a lagging indicator and like moon said, it hasn’t seemed to affect either our recruiting or our success in the portal. Not at all.
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    Joseph Ossai would like me to remind you that he says “Hello.”
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    Two things about Ossai: I used the qualifier of "top tier" and I don't think he's that unless you only count the OK State game from 2020. And also -- he can't show anything in the NFL until he can get on the field. I don't fault him for injury, but I also think our detractors can accurately say "Texas doesn't put pass rushers in the NFL" and be correct right now. At least ones that play. Or are semi-effective, even.

    TaQuon Graham - 2 TFL, 2 QBH (splits with DT)
    Malcolm Roach - 2 TFL, 4 QBH (splits with DT)
    Omenihu - 7 sacks, 8 TFL, 25 QBH
    Malik Jefferson - 0, 0, 0
    Hassan Ridgeway - 9.5, 13, 20 (mostly DT but included him anyhow)
    Alex Okafor - 31.5, 34, 74

    So basically, Okafor is the only pass rusher we've put in the league in the last nine seasons that would be considered a good get. And he has half the number of sacks as someone like Myles Garrett in twice the number of years in the NFL.

    I'm not saying we need a Redding or Brackens drafted every season, but it wouldn't hurt to get some ready for playing Alabama. I'm tired of our inability to control a LoS or the pocket.
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    This has to be the least interesting draft in memory. If the Houston NFL group had half a brain, they would trade both first round picks for a fist full of picks. They need everything, including a President & GM. (I'm fine with Lovie as HC)

    What would that group look like if they adopted the old Gil Brandt/Tex Schram philosophy of "if they've been here four years & aren't a star or major contributor, goodbye"?
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    And we still have fans that think we are 1 year away from Playoffs...
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    And coming in 3,2,1….
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    No Big XII players taken in 1st round either. Rough couple of years.
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    Of the top 11 2019 recruiting classes only two schools didn't have a player picked in the 1st round... any guesses?
    Per Rivals:
    1. UGA
    2. Bama
    3. LSU
    4. Texas
    5. OU
    6. A&M
    7. Oregon
    8. Florida
    9. Clemson
    10. Michigan
    11. Penn State
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    Well, since no Big XII team had a player drafted in the 1st round I'm going with Texas and OU. What do I win?
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    Anybody notice the Vikings trade to the Lions (in their own division!):

    Detroit gets: #12 and #46
    Minnesota gets: #32, #34 and #66
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    I don't know how anyone can keep saying Texas always does less with more with a straight face. Just look at what Bailor has had drafted.
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    Speed, speed, and more speed. To hell with "star rating", what's he run
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    Basically embarrassing. UTSA had 2 drafted.
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    Hummmm, and who won the title last year? Remind me.
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    Zero Horns selected. Man, that’s pathetic. However, that indicates the quality of players the program had under Herman. We only had winning seasons under Herman primarily due to Sam Ehlinger’s “never quit, die hard” attitude.

    I read that Sark is changing the attitudes of the players. Lot of guys have hit the transfer portal since the 2021 season ended, and 5 more entered after meeting with Sark this week. Good riddance. No production or buy in, no play! Probably means a couple of rough seasons as Sark brings in guys that are hungry to show their talents, and won’t accept loosing.

    Next season may be bumpy but we want to see positive progress and results on the field, and with the guys that were a blight being shown the door I believe we’ll get there.
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    I am.
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    Yea, to me the draft is about the past.
    Sure it can help recruiting but Sark seems to have done okay with less than stellar drafts in the last few years.
    I'm unsure about our defense.
    But with this new load of recruits and transfers I feel pretty good about our offense.
    One of these highly ranked QBs should be able to operate at at least a decent level of play.
    Our RB, WR and TE rooms are stacked.
    O-line is a question mark but have some new big humans on the way.
    I feel like if they can give the QB even a full 2 seconds good things can happen.
    Sark says they need to run the ball even when the defense knows they are going to run the ball.
    If that can happen then anything is possible.
    Again, I'm unsure about the defense.
    But I'm beginning to think opponents will have a hard time outscoring us.
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    This surprises me. I believe we currently have four backs that would bring more value in the NFL than Ingram. Perhaps this was a thin year for RBs? Otherwise I don’t see what AZ saw in him. That said, I do wish him the best.
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    That won’t be the case next year at this time. My Overs & Unders are 6 for the 2023 draft, but it might be as many as 9:

    BR (Hope somehow he stays) - 1st, high
    Neylor - 2nd
    Collins (Hope he stays)
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    Rosary necklace, Crucifix and Blessed Mother above mantle is sweet! :fire:

    Getting drafted is okay, too :hookem:...

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    I agree with the posts… however and this is off the top of my head.
    Future drafts ( not including incoming FR)
    Bijan Robinson
    J Whitt
    J Sanders
    Jonathon Brooks- future star.
    Maybe -Moro, Coburn,, Shackelford, Brooks, Ewers/Card, Billingsley

    I have little doubt 3-4 incoming OL will be drafted along with a couple if DL.

    I agree, like the stock market- bumpy for a year or two.

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