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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by zuckercanyon, Apr 29, 2021.

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    All of those other UFA WRs (Mitchell, Smith, and Vasher) are better than Eagles right now, so like he implied, he'll need to prove himself on special teams or something in order to get a practice squad invite. Which truly isn't horrible... rookies can make $8400/week if they're selected to it. Even if he's only "on it" for half the season, he makes $67K for the year and parlays it into more opportunities.
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    Fun fact...
    Dallas Cowboys drafted twice as many (8) defensive players this year as in any draft in the Jerry Jones era.
    Gives you times perhaps not recognized..perspective on how he views football
    ..and on why his franchise isn't a winner more consistently
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    I still hold he was trending up nicely and with Sark coming in likely in a position to up his draft stock.
    I'll liken him to Dez who still says he doesn't regret signing a 21 mil 3 year contract with the Ravens the year after departing the Cowboys. Yeah sure buddy.
    Pride kills. Immaturity and pride (and impatience?) combined kills instantly.
    Wish him the best still....and will never know what would have happened. He could make it his way or would have been better the other... His life. But if I were an agent or loved one I'd have to be biting my tongue hard. I'm no expert, though. Hope it works out for him.

    Here's a piece with someone else's perspective...

    Film room: 3 undrafted free agents with the best chance to make the Cowboys’ roster
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    They just re-signed the oft-injured Noah Brown, so it would be really weird to cut him after July, but I guess stranger things have happened in the league. I doubt they'd be keeping 7 active WRs. It's more likely that he's practice squad bound if they love him as much as the article does.

    I've watched the film for Fehoko, and he has a very similar skill set to Eagles. They both don't make a lot of space, but they make up for it with hands and some ability.

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