NFL record still held by Slingin' Sammy Baugh broken......

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by LousianaHorn, Jan 9, 2023.

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    Punting average of 51.4 yds set in 1940 broken by Ryan Stonehouse of the Titans. New record is 53.1 yds. Sammy was probably the best all around player of all-time.
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    Impressive to see a record stand for over 80 years!
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    I think every thread title on In The Stands from now on should end with ...........................
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    I remember a story I heard growing up. Now sure if it was TCU or NFL, but Baugh was getting mauled every play by a DT. He finally had enough of his OL being unable to handle the guy and told them to let him through - don't attempt to block him. Baugh stood his ground then threw the ball hitting the guy right between the eyes (no facemasks back then). Story was that the guy dropped like a sack of potatoes, knocked out cold, and was carried off the field. Baugh supposedly was not sacked the rest of the game.
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    I thought it was Bobby Layne that did that. Either way great story
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    Another story (or folklore). When Baugh was drafted by Washington, owner George Marshall had him wear cowboy boots on the plane to Washington. Getting off the plane he said “can I take these things off” because his feet were killing him.

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