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Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by LousianaHorn, Dec 3, 2022.

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    Played into the mid 60s, never wearing a facemask or hip pads. I would submit that he and Sammy Baugh were the most feared QBs to ever play the game, not fear of losing, fear of pissing them off.

    I believe Layne's last game was the "runner up bowl" against the Cowboys, which was the game that marked "the arrival" of the Cowboys as a contender.
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    Like James Street, Layne also pitched the baseball team into the World Series
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    "...I had a few at halftime...". That was awesome.

    Great video!!
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    "Layne was also a hell of a pitcher for the Longhorns. This was before the College World Series started, but Texas had one of the nation's best teams, and Layne was its best pitcher. His overall record was 40 - 7, with a 28 - 0 record in the SWC. He had to spend the spring of '45 in military service, but resumed playing in '46. A funny story- he and roommate Rooster Andrews were horsing around and Layne cut his foot on broken glass, requiring stitches. He was scheduled to pitch in College Station the next day, and after showing up lame for a start a few weeks earlier (due to rolling a car), he didn't want to let Bibb Falk know he was hurt. He instructed Andrews (the student manager) to bring him beer during the game to hold the pain down during pitching. The Ags could tell he was hurt, and beat a drum at every limping Layne footstep. Layne pitched a no-hitter, and at the conclusion gave the Ags a "gig 'em" with his middle finger."
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    That's about the most appropriate thing anyone could ever give the ags.
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    My old man was also in awe of Layne. Dad talked of him often....

    He also talked a few times about playing intramural football at UT. Once told me about his fraternity team playing vs. Tom Landry's intramural team. Told me Landry's team kicked his team's & everyone's *** a season or two. I wish now I asked him more questions about Layne and Landry....

    I think Layne had finished playing ball at UT when my Dad arrived on the 40 Acres postwar Spring 1946. He followed Layne closely in the pros with the Lions. Not sure how closely he followed him when he was traded much later to Pittsburgh? or some other team?
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    Mine did too Worster, it was those mid 40's Longhorn teams that I think started my dads UT fandom and was cemented later with his storied pro career with the Lions in the 50's.
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