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Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by BabHorn, Jan 4, 2017.

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    Texas 82 OSU 79 :hookem2:
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    Indeed. 10 turnovers, excellent FT shooting (last two minutes notwithstanding), solid defense, and streaky offense from guys who I almost stopped counting on for any meaningful contribution.

    It was a hell of a nice game. Now let's build on it and maintain that level of performance.
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  4. caryhorn

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    I loved the win. I loved that they came back to play tough after a very hard road loss.

    But this team is so hot and cold, both in shooting, and in Basketball IQ. They drive me nuts. I love em, and then I am furious with them.
    The only thing that seems consistent is their high energy defense, and the propensity for the guards to dribble too much and then drive low, or into the corners, and get trapped.

    Tonight they had a good lead, less than a minute to go and they commit three fouls in the last minute to stop the clock giving osu free throws allowing them to score with the clock stopped which got osu right back into this game.

    Then Mack, who had a great night scoring, got the inbounds with about 30 seconds left and held the ball so he would get fouled. this would be ok if he weren't a 57% FT shooter, one of the worst on the team. Predictably, he misses both ft's. Mack should have passed to a teammate with a better FT %. Maybe Davis who is making them at 70%. Really, the ending got way too close for comfort, and it didn't need to be.

    This is one of those wins where the coach needs to chew a little butt and insist on smarter, more disciplined play.
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  5. Htown77

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    Happy for the win. Still need to improve. Hopefully the team will build on this, get better and pull off some big upsets!
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  7. blonthang

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    Last minute or so, still close game, Horn scores, 3 Horns get down court quickly and kind of huddle in a small triangle in the lane --- as an OSU player dribbles right by all 3 for an uncontested layup. :brickwall:

    But, a win, so Hook 'em:hookem:
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  8. ProdigalHorn

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    That was definitely frustrating - I get that it's hard to switch off the motor when you've been going hard on defense for so long, but at the same time, they weren't great fouls even in the regular course of the game. In a couple of instances I think they came because the guy wasn't sure what he needed to do, and as a result the defense was late and kind of lackluster, and that always ends up with a foul. They'll have a lot to learn from that stretch.

    That to me is one of the big issues still with this team. They have stretches of MEMEMEMEME... Davis getting better, and he was rewarded with a really nice game. Jacob Young is immersed in it, and I loved Blanks' response when the other guy was apologizing for him by saying "That (jacking up stupid threes in transition with no help under the basket, numbers for an easy transition and no attempt to square up and at least take the shot with good form) is just what he does." Blanks essentially said, "Well, I get that's what he does, but that's a problem. If he keeps doing what he does, he's not going to be doing it at all!"

    They HAVE to remember they have teammates and they have to trust them enough to pass the ball.

    Complaints aside, really nice performance coupled with a shockingly bad OSU defensive effort - not only were they slow getting back all night, but they were pretty helpless about stopping people from driving to the rim. Texas did a great job of attacking in transition, getting the ball up quickly and getting numbers, and that's really what their offense has to do to be successful.
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  10. horninchicago

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    That takes care of the oh-fer in the conference predictions I saw on another thread.
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    Fortunately Fill Forte didn't go off on us like he usually does, and he even missed a free throw. And fortunately Davis had an out of control limit great game. That was really the difference. Let's hope Davis can move his control limits to the right for the remainder of the season.

    When we went up by 11 and subsequently gave them a 4 pnt play and then a stupid foul on a 3 pnt shot to reduce that lead from 11 to 4 in less than a minute I thought, "Oh #%^ here we go again", but the team really grew up and finished it out.

    It was certainly positive to see, but I thought we had turned the corner after the 2nd half of the bama game only to be brought back to reality. Let's see if we can take 2 steps forward this time rather than 2 steps back.
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    Also, another reason the game was so close at the end was that Allen had by far his worst offensive game of the season. He missed at least three point blank shots, including a dunk in the second half. And missed a couple of short/mid range jumpers. I don't think he will miss that many point blank shots the rest of the season!

    To be fair to the other guys, they were better at getting the ball to Allen. And I think this will pay big dividends very quickly.
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    We are back!

    Too soon?

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