Nike Upsetting the Snowflakes?

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by ViperHorn, Feb 24, 2020.

  1. ViperHorn

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  2. Dionysus

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    CDC: “Not sure what you’re talking about here my friend.”

    Translation: “Piss off you friendless mound of fatuous taint waffles.”
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  3. Horns11

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    My response would be to tell Brent Carter to get on the phone with an apparel company that'll give more $$$ and a better deal than Nike.

    My guess is that he wants Under Armour or some **** like that because Plank loves Trump so much. Adidas was made by some Nazis instead of Phil Knight.
  4. Austin_Bill

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    With Under Armor buying up these personal trainers like FWK in an effort to funnel top level players to schools that are contracted with UA is a big reason to move away from Nike.
  5. Sangre Naranjada

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  6. BevoJoe

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    The snowflake's question probably stems from the old "NIKE uses sweatshop and child labor overseas" which has been going around since the '70s. As I recall that story was a bunch of bunk. Snowflake needs to find himself a hobby, like trying not to be or look stupid.
  7. ViperHorn

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    Your memory is correct Joe. The issue now is it would appear that Nike was playing a shell game at times. They still use the low paid labor on certain products made for certain countries.
  8. Horns11

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    I feel like "this company uses sweatshop labor" could apply to any of the major sports apparel corporations.

    There are only 3 choices. Nike/Jordan, Under Armour, and Adidas. While it's obvious that the other two have been making contractual gains with colleges and competing to give more cash over longer periods of time, I just don't see how they're going to supplant Nike at Texas.

    The people who gave up Nike products forever because of their Kaepernick and inclusion stances aren't going to go lobby New Balance to take over the Texas athletics department.
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  9. ViperHorn

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    Agree with 11. adidas is really the only serious competition for Texas. UA is really for anti-establishment people and the Texas account would swamp them which would end up hurting Texas (I could care less about the other schools who signed up with them).

    Personally, I have been an adidas guy since my junior high track days (~1964). Their shoes (which is all a track guy cares about) have consistently fit my feet better than Nike. In the 1980-1995) period when adidas had management and ownership and move a large portion of their manufacturing to China, issues I was lucky enough to travel to Germany several times a year which meant I could get German-made shoes.
  10. SabreHorn

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    While I would rather go barefoot than wear Adidas, those 1964 "Tokyo" track shoes were the most comfortable I ever wore. In the 70s & early 80s, I would drive 100 miles to find Adidas made in Europe because the quality was so superior to the Asian made shoes. But then I got Nike for free and Pony for free because a friend had a Pony contract.


    Adidas - Worthless, chickenshit dumbasses wanted to "rebrand" my HS. I have no Adidas and never will.

    Under Armour - Their national marketing director has been fired. He is the guy that convinced Plank to get in the gold business and signed Jordan as their flag bearer. What kind of guy is Plank? He fired the guy that marketed UA into a national brand. He screwed his friend and booster Mike Leach. I don't like people that screw their friends. I have no UA merchandise.

    Nike - Knight changed the college athletics landscape forever, not all in a good way. He helped turned uniforms into clown costumes. Then there is the Kapernick fiasco. What Nike I have is all pre fiasco. I personally can't stand Knight, but he is the lesser of evils, as well as the most fiscally stable.
  11. Austin_Bill

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    Best shoes I ever wore were the Nike Air Revolutions. Felt like I was wearing a space boot. Never had a better pair of shoes since.
  12. LonghornCatholic

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    I actually thought the dude was probably referring to the Kapernick stuff. I’ve heard people say they’ll “never buy Nike again”.... so he may fall in that crowd.
  13. LonghornCatholic

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  14. BevoJoe

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    I've had a pair of Nike tennis shoes for years, wear them all the time. They have held up very well and I will most likely buy another pair of Nikes when these finally give up the ghost.
  15. Statalyzer

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    CDC: Nike is the world leader in both sports apparel and shoes ... our Student Athletes absolutely want to wear the very best which is Nike.

    Translation: They give us lots of money and equipment and you really think I'm gonna dare say anything but unreserved plaudits?
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