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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Vol Horn 4 Life, Jul 2, 2021.

  1. LousianaHorn

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    I promise you the IRS will want their cut!
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  2. LonghornCatholic

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  3. Seattle Husker

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    Yeah...this isn't going to end well.
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  4. bystander

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    I'm just imagining myself at the age of 19 with a million dollars in my pocket. Girls... girls... girls...
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  5. Seattle Husker

    Seattle Husker 10,000+ Posts

    Couldn't find Sheen's original "hookers and blow" interview but this will have to suffice. Then again...this may only apply to Baylor's players.

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  6. bystander

    bystander 5,000+ Posts

    I've always been in favor of anyone at any age getting paid if they are good enough. Look at child actors. Look at The Osmonds and The Jackson 5. Why shouldn't adult college athletes get paid? If you are good enough, then that's it. Pay them.
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  7. Seattle Husker

    Seattle Husker 10,000+ Posts

    Looking at the obscene coaching salaries, it makes sense for players to get a piece of the pie. The Wild Wild West nature of this new market will leave some student athlete tragedy stories in its wake. I'd almost argue for the money to go into a trust for these individuals but not sure how to operationalize that.
  8. bystander

    bystander 5,000+ Posts

    Brittney Spears disagrees with you. LOL...
  9. militaryhorn

    militaryhorn Cocky & Relaxed Like Dionysus

    Why even go to the NFL and risk life changing injuries when you can set yourself up for life while earning a degree? Then use that degree for a good job.
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  10. n64ra

    n64ra 1,000+ Posts

    "Ewers is in a position academically where he could take one core English class online, graduate from high school early, ..."

    Ewers is not actually skipping school. He's graduating early - in three years. I don't see that as a big problem. From the headline, I thought he was not graduating from high school and someway still getting into Ohio State, which wouldn't surprise me as they're not there to "play school," to quote one of their own.
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  11. Duck Dodgers

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    I know million dollars endorsement deals have been claimed, but is there really that much money to be had for an incoming college football player, even at a big football school?

    Besides the handful of top NFL players like Brady, Rodgers, etc, are millions being made in endorsements by other players?

    Much less a college player, about half of which never do that well in college, no matter how highly rated they are coming out of high school.

    We shall soon see. Won’t surprise me if there’s way too much money paid out early on, and then a recalibration occurs on how much endorsements are really worth.
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  12. SabreHorn

    SabreHorn 10,000+ Posts

    I did get to review the Nebraska annuity to our recruit. Face value was $500,000, but that's been 35 years ago. I do not recall how much the family could cash in each year or at the end. Very complex deal. I suspect the discussion and reality of payment are no where near the reported amounts.
  13. Statalyzer

    Statalyzer 10,000+ Posts

    Different types of endorsements. The latter is about companies unassociated with a particular team who believe they'll make more in additional sales than they'll spend paying the athlete. The former has some of that, but it's also alumni of a particular school helping their team get better players.

    If people affiliated with Green Bay could get Aaron Rodgers to stay by offering him millions in endorsements to circumvent the salary cap, that would only be available to him if he played for the Packers, surely they would do so.
  14. Seattle Husker

    Seattle Husker 10,000+ Posts

    One has to think that the schools are quaking in their boots that their donations/sponsorships will be impacted negatively. Afterall, most large individual donations to programs are done explicitly to get "insider" status. From my experience at UW, alums love opportunities to rub elbows with players. Now they have avenues to do that directly skipping past pesky administrators who want their money but keep alums at arms length.
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  15. mchammer

    mchammer 10,000+ Posts

    If they sign NIL deal, then they need to pay the school for expenses. It’s a business after all.
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  16. mchammer

    mchammer 10,000+ Posts

    Yeah he is skipping his senior season. Journalism today is crap.
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  17. Longbomb

    Longbomb 500+ Posts

    Agree. If you take NIL money you should have to pay your own tuition, room, board, coaching fees, training facility fees, and get no stipend.

    For 99% players all those benefits will be worth more.
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  18. BrntOrngStmpeDe

    BrntOrngStmpeDe 1,000+ Posts

    Because it is COLLEGE. I have no problem with an 18 year getting paid....but let them go create a minor league and play there. Don't pretend you are a student. If getting paid to play is your goal then go to a league designed for that. We are making a mockery of the title student-athlete. Just call them "Athletic Representative of the University".
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  19. LAGA4

    LAGA4 250+ Posts

    Pretty sure they would at least reserve the right to not allow it.
    Not so sure they would like to see the guys in front of the local titty bar decked out in Texas colors.
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  20. LAGA4

    LAGA4 250+ Posts

    I can see this also. If this had been in effect during Sam's career he would be sitting on a nice pile of money now and could go right in to business and probably make more than he would even if he catches on with a pro team. Not having to worry about making the cut and hoping to catch on with another team etc.
  21. bystander

    bystander 5,000+ Posts

    I understand what you are saying but the money has dwarfed your argument. It's being controlled by a tight-knit group and their employees (the players) have realized their power.
  22. Chop

    Chop 5,000+ Posts

    Some sort of players union is on the distant horizon.
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  23. bystander

    bystander 5,000+ Posts

    I suppose the legal system did the job for them.

    I'm still waiting for the women to start complaining that Title IX should equalize things and that an Ewers deal is in violation of federal law if they don't get the same thing.
  24. I_Dont_Exist

    I_Dont_Exist 1,000+ Posts

    How so? NIL money doesn't come from the school.
  25. bystander

    bystander 5,000+ Posts

    Ok, maybe I haven't been paying attention. What triggered it? Why hasn't this been going on all along?
  26. ViperHorn

    ViperHorn 10,000+ Posts

    I wonder what Ewers NIL value will be after sitting on the bench for two seasons or suffers a career-ending injury?

    If NIL is accepted, the value of the scholarship should be added to income. If the school provides accounting and tax counseling to the NIL recipients, the imputed value of those services should also be included in taxable income.

    With Federal and State Income tax applied to the sum of the above, his "take" will be about $500K which is still $499,000 more than he deserves at this point in his career.
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  27. Ajo Macho

    Ajo Macho 250+ Posts

    If NIL had happened a few years ago...

    "Yo Aggies Johnny Manziel here, when I'm not humping sheep I only go to Big Al's Stripper Shack. Big Al knows fine *******."

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  28. Seattle Husker

    Seattle Husker 10,000+ Posts

    Northwestern players already tried to unionize and were denied by the NLRB. Maybe this will change the tide.
  29. Seattle Husker

    Seattle Husker 10,000+ Posts

    This will be huge for the kids now but will normalize after a few years. Local businesses will get burned signing the latest recruit to a deal who never sees the field then transfers. Hopefully these business have clauses that allow them to walk away.

    The schools are the big losers in this deal. Alumni that gave huge sums of money just to get closer to the players can get direct access to the players. For those alumni wealthiest to give to player and the school they'll now be in the middle. Imagine an Ohio St. alum giving Ewers $500k and the school $1M. How much do you think that alum would pressure OSU to play Ewers the first bad game the starting QB has? Not only will schools see less donations but now they have alums sitting in the middle of their relationship with the players. Coaches are going to start earning those big salaries...until schools can't afford those salaries.
  30. Creek

    Creek 1,000+ Posts

    Seems like Presidents of companies with college ties are going to insisting on sponsoring some of these top recruits if they come to their schools . Handshake and wink wink.
    I guess it is full on now.

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