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  1. Stuck_At_Work

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    March 31st - MSG
    Baylor (3) vs San Diego State (1) - 7pm
    Penn State (2) vs Notre Dame (2) - 9pm

    I'm cheering for Baylor. Why not? It doesn't impact UT... and it looks good for for the conference. Go Bears!
  2. LonghornCatholic

    LonghornCatholic Catholic like Sarkisian

    I'm with you.
  3. Sic em

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    I think the times posted above are EST.
  4. Sangre Naranjada

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  5. LHB_SOB

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    As both a Texas and Penn State alumnus, I'm rooting for the JoePas in this thing.

    LITNIN HORN 1,000+ Posts


    You're an SOB!

  7. BaylorPilot

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    go bears!
  8. Dude

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    Sic em, or whaterver Baylor says
  9. LHB_SOB

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  10. Nordberg

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    I wouldn't ever wish for something good to happen to Baylor. But is winning the NIT considered "good"? Or is it just kind of funny?
  11. TexanWolv

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    Winning the NIT and what it means all depends on where your program is at the moment, in my opinion. If you are a program that is used to being in the tournament and you dont get in and win the NIT...Not very exciting. However, a few years ago Michigan won the NIT after coming off the sanctions and being a bubble team that didnt make it. It was a great experience for the team and a sign of good things to come in the future. Obviously, those ambitions were never realized under Amaker...But the point remains.

    I think this would be a good thing for Baylor. I suppose I can cheer for them.
  12. Stuck_At_Work

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    Would you guys say winning the NIT is on par with a 2nd round loss in the real tourny?
  13. Nordberg

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    I'd say winning the NIT is on par with missing the NCAA Tournament.
  14. BaylorPilot

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    its all relative. for us right now its just another step in the right direction. a season salvaged
  15. beencounting

    beencounting 500+ Posts

    right now, Baylor is playing at a top 20 level. The NIT champ is not the 65th best team in the country, probably in the 20-25 area.
  16. Third Coast

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    How does one really know how good they are playing when all of their opponents weren't good enough to go dancing either? is all relative.
  17. baylorbear245

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  18. GemStateJim

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    Another NIT win for Baylor, another indictment of Scott Drew's coaching acumen.
  19. FWHORN

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    Baylor was a good team that just way underachieved this year. They had no business being in the NIT, they had the talent to be a clear NCAA team and perhaps to win a game or two in the tourney depending on thier matchups. Their run in OKC and now in the NIT is as much an indictment of their coaching and effort the rest of the year as it is a statement of how good they are now.
  20. Orangesweat

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  21. iamtigerwoods

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    It is interesting to read all the "lovefest" articles about Drew lately.

    They all seem to gloss over the absolutely terrible coaching job he has done while at Baylor. Their run in the NIT should highlight how poor of a coach he is.
  22. RJDriver

    RJDriver 100+ Posts reports "Penn State beats Butler to capture NIT title" oh my.
  23. beencounting

    beencounting 500+ Posts

    more video shots of Paterno than the PSU basketball coach, whatever his name.
  24. Aces_Full

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    iamtigerwoods, what Drew has done at Baylor seems pretty remarkable to me. In a leage of big dogs, like Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and even aTm, he has made Baylor relevant. I think he's done a tremendous job recruiting, and finding an offense to fit the type of players he has. It's not like Baylor is a natural fit for top flight athletes. Not much in Waco.
  25. BaylorPilot

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    nice run by the bears....a run that started in the big 12 tourney and continued into the nit

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