No more Cleveland Indians............

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by LousianaHorn, Dec 14, 2020.

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    Ok, I'm about to admit something that I'm not sure I am proud to admit.....I'm on TikTok watching videos daily. I can't tell you how many videos I've seen of Native Americans who are pissed off that the woke white people are making these decisions for them.

    ALL of them are saying the same thing that it is an honor to have teams named after them one way or another. One I saw just a couple days ago said that it was them that came up with the term redskin in English to differentiate between them and paleface. I don't know how everyone feels, but the people I see are tired of this as much as most of us are.
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    Prediction: In the 2040s, minorities will complain too many professional sports teams are named after white people (Minnesota Vikings, Boston Celtics, etc) or groups of generally white people (Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, etc) and not enough after minorities. More than one team will rename to a Native American theme.
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    Those will have been gotten rid of as celebrations to racialist groups which had no diversity. Patriots will have long since been gotten rid of as it celebrates an evil, hated country - the USA.

    All sports teams will be named after animals, with no live mascots, only people in costumes. The costumes will have both a male, female, and transtestical version of the mascot, and the persons in those suits will be carefully selected based on their race, sex, religion, national original, and illegal immigration status.
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    Will the Atlanta Braves be changing the team name, also?
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    If they do, might I suggest the Atlanta Cowards?
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    Now that the professional protesters are done in Cleveland, they can turn their sights to Atlanta.
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    My wife had a couple of friends over last night. Yes, we want people to die in our Covid spreading. Any who...this very topic came up, and I said I think most "Native Americans", and as an aside, I'm native to America, probably couldn't care less or feel offended that sports teams use Indian terms and symbology.
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    When will they come after ticket "scalpers"?
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    They'll go on the warpath against them, as they are Indian Givers having gotten something then selling it.

    But they'll have a pow-wow about it, smoke a peace pipe, and then once a kickback is made to the right people, become blood brothers.
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    Speaking of being offended, I’m damn offended that a baseball organization keeps the name Texas Rangers but has pretty much sucked for it’s entire existence except maybe two years!! I demand they change their name to something that more closely fits their actual organization.
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