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    Per IT:
    [Shaka Smart] is a player’s coach. Obviously there are a lot of ways to manage a basketball team but [Prince] Ibeh pointed out, it will be a difference from the way the program was managed under 17-year head former coach Rick Barnes.

    "I think that is a bit of what was needed," Ibeh explained. "Coach Barnes was more of an old school in his methods and the things he did. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I think a fresh start could be good for everybody."

    When I spoke with an Assistant Athletic Director at a Power 5 school where Smart was an assistant, the conversation could not have been more positive about UT’s new hoops guy.

    "He is a tireless recruiter and while he will work just as hard at Texas, he will get to work differently and I would expect Texas to be in the conversation very soon for some of the best players available, especially in Texas," he concluded.

    A player’s coach in 2016 that is a tireless recruiter and probably understands how to handle and communicate with this current generation of athletes. Texas Athletic Director Steve Patterson took some heat for the way the separation happened with Barnes but most feel he hit a home run with the hire of Smart.

    Things are looking good for the future of Texas basketball.
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    I've literally only seen ONE victory in men's BB in the last decade. Every other time I watched, even for just a few minutes, the Horns lost. I quit watching because I'm obviously a jinx to Barnes' teams.

    I'm really hoping to watch my favorite basketball team again. Coach Smart is an exciting hire, the proof's in the pudding of course but I'm hopeful.

    PS: I may just watch undercooked orange UT's basketball just for spite! :smile1:

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