North Korea: Do we or don't we (invade)?

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Musburger1, Mar 14, 2017.

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    Ok. The Baltics are a flippin' economic miracle. It's such a well kept secret that nobody is moving there and the citizens apparently don't even realize how much they are benefiting from the economic boom.

    Why don't you start a thread about the Baltics since you have nothing more to contribute here on what began as a discussion about possible military invasion?

    Edit: Surprise, surprise.

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  2. Mr. Deez

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    I never said they were an economic miracle. However, you made a patently stupid-*** comment, and you're too stubborn and childish to just admit you were wrong. (And ironically, it's coming from a guy who consistently idolizes a country that lost almost half it's GDP in about two years.)

    Instead you're grasping at this flimsy population growth issue to judge their economies. Under your goofy pride-saving rationale, the US, Japan, and Europe would be more economically suspect than Burundi, Somalia, and Niger. In spite of that, you can't just say, "maybe I was wrong." Is it a breach of your trolling agreement to do that? If it is, just tell us. I'm not trying to ruin your gig.
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  3. Musburger1

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    I'm still waiting for you to respond to my post as promised, but you insist on postponing that until I say uncle. I've pointed out that the Baltics current GDP is in line with Europe and the population is declining. What more do you want? Perhaps we can discuss your I-phone made in Latvia, the world renowned car industry in Estonia, or the large gold mines of Lithuania?
  4. Mr. Deez

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    I promised to address your other points when this matter is resolved. What I want you to do is retract your ******** statement and admit you were wrong without sarcasm or smack talk. The reason why I insist on that is that if you can't do that on something that's so clearly absurd, then it'll be obvious to me that you're not here to discuss the issues in good faith and that engaging you on them will be counterproductive and a waste of time.

    Frankly, I don't see why you won't. Your credibility would be stronger if you did. Surely you're not dumb enough to think you're actually convincing anybody if anything on this.
  5. Musburger1

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    The only data you've given to buttress your claim is that the Baltic GDPs are comparable with the rest of Europe (which isn't exactly on fire and require monthly QE injections of $200 billion to keep it on life support). That's it. So why should I retract anything when you've made no argument? You have nothing substantive to add or you would have done so. The End.
  6. Mr. Deez

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    My claim is only that they aren't economic basket cases or even close to it. By any serious standard, their per capita GDPs and membership in the EU are more than enough to discredit your claim. Liberia is an economic basket case. The Baltic states aren't. In fact they're not even close. It's like claiming that a guy who's 5'10" is a midget. True, he's not going to be the starting center on a NBA team, but he's not unusually short.

    And again, this whole claim is a bit comical coming from a guy who routinely eulogizes Russia.
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  7. Musburger1

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    GDP is only one measure of economic health and a flawed one at that. GDP has a correlation to debt expenditure for one thing. Also, a positive GDP doesn't always reflect negative economic impacts resulting from production. For example, chemical runoffs from agriculture might create dead zones in the ocean or increase cancer rates, but only the positive component is reflected in the GDP. If GDP is your sole criteria, then the Baltics aren't a basket case. It's not my sole criteria.

    As far as eulogizing Russia, please cite an example from this thread where I've done so. All I see is your ingrained Russophobic predjudice spilling over as shown by your whining about a difference of perception about three relatively small nations.
  8. Mr. Deez

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    It wasn't my sole criteria.

    Who cares about this thread? Eulogizing Russia is your whole rap.
  9. Musburger1

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    You are pathetic.
  10. Statalyzer

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    The Soviets had lost 20+ million lives to the Nazis in mid 1940?
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  11. Mr. Deez

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    Whatever you have to tell yourself . . .
  12. Mr. Deez

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    I actually gave him the benefit of the doubt on this and assumed he was referring to the decision not to grant Independence to the Baltics after the war.
  13. Musburger1

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    I was referring to the aftermath of the war. The Soviets did occupy the Balkans in 39-40 before the Germans rolled over them and moved Eastward. After the war, the front moved westward beyond Poland all the way to Berlin. The entire map changed and Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, etc. all fell under the influence of the USSR known as the Iron Curtain.

    The world has changed a great deal when it comes to how wars are fought. It's unusual to see tens of thousands of opposing armies massed together in what amounts to mass suicide. The battles for influence are fought financially and via information as well militarily. Waging modern wars includes soft power. We're talking about sanctions, freezing assets, cutting off credit, bribes, lobbying, using NGOs to educate and spread propaganda, cyber espionage, and using proxies to disrupt order and destabilize.

    Nuclear power has served as a deterrent to invasion for countries possessing the ability to retaliate with a nuclear strike, especially when the country can do this between continents. The US mainland is immune to a military invasion at this time. Only the United States is able to project power at a non-regional basis. Some 200,000 US troops are stationed outside the United States in over 100 countries.

    The US has composed a plan for a first strike nuclear potential as a scenario for winning a nuclear war. Part of the plan includes anti-ballistic missiles that would "clean up" a retaliatory response from the opponent following a first strike. The expansion of NATO and implementation of a "missile defense shield" is seen as a threat to the Russians because in theory it is designed to take away their ability to respond in kind to a first strike. Also, the anti-ballistic missiles can be retrofitted with nuclear weapons to make them not only a "defensive missile" but also an offensive weapon. Combining this land based capability, the US can station sea and air based launchers from relatively close range. In light of this, it makes perfect sense for Russia to be concerned with the expansion of NATO, the buildup of arms, and more specifically surrounding Russia with missiles.

    The combination of anti-Russia rhetoric and news all the time, the expansion of NATO, NGO's - some of which are sponsored by Soros in conjunction with organizations such as USAID and State Department officials like Victoria Nuland - and sanctions are all examples of low level warfare targeting Russia by the United States Government.

    Russia is not the Soviet Union and Putin isn't Hitler. But neither is he Yeltsin. The Russians are not going to roll over, and if the US keeps pushing, nuclear war isn't out of the question. The Russians have a massive arsenal of tactical nukes and Putin has stated that a war will never be allowed to be fought on Russian soil again. Should the US keep pushing, I would expect Putin to strike Europe, and any country that has built up forces and erected missiles next to Russia's border would be the logical target.
  14. Mr. Deez

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    @Statalyzer , don't get him started. Just let him go back to bed. You'll be better off. Hell, if you look at his post, the first paragraph is generally responsive to your point, and the rest of his comments are just him showing his junk. It's unresponsive and designed to trigger argument. I think he gets paid by the post.

    Honestly, I think he's part of the Web Brigades - Russia's internet trolling service that hires people to post pro-Russian propaganda. That issue has been raised here a few times. He has never addressed it one way or the other, and I don't expect him to. He'd probably get canned if he did. I'm not out to ruin his living. Besides, every ruble Putin pays to Musburger is a ruble he can't use to build up his military. lol
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    You better keep looking over your shoulder Deez. I've already assigned Russian agents to track you.

  16. Mr. Deez

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    LoL. It's OK. I've got vodka in the house.

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