Northshore of Lake Travis?

Discussion in 'Horn Depot' started by Uninformed, May 25, 2012.

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    Can any of y'all tell me about the north side of Lake Travis? When I went to school in Austin, I'm not sure if places like Northshore, Volente, and Comanche existed. Do people live there year round or are they primarily vacation homes? Are the schools any good?

    I would think that the homes would be primarily second homes, but looking at the number of 5 bedroom, million dollar homes, I'm not sure if that is accurate. Are there groceries, home depots, hospitals, etc. on that side of the lake? Is it considered less cache than the Lakeway, Rough Hollow, and The Reserves side of the lake?
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    It's not as developed as the 620 side, but major improvements to 1431 have brought in businesses in support of the growing neighborhoods. Plus, 1431 leads to all the development along 183 and 183A. Can't speak to cache--I guess it depends on what you're looking for.
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    Are there any stores - Doctors, Dentists, Hair Stylists, Restaurants, Home Depots, Groceries, etc?
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    I looked at google maps satellite view close enough in where it showed some businesses or landmarks. Granted, it does not show everything but more than in a city since there are numerous things. It does not look like it has the amenities or services you are looking for. The Fire Department is even volunteer from the looks of it.

    It seems like you have about a 20 minute drive for most or all of those things at decent prices. Does not seem to be an HEB in a range considered close. I could be wrong as it was just a quick once over out of my own curiosity.
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    There is everything you could possibly want there, including 3 HEB's and a Randalls....
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    ...and Lake Mambas.
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    From the Volente area, I'm guessing about 40 minutes or so if you head to the game early for tailgating before too much traffic congestion starts... basically just get to 620 and head east to 183, then south from there. I used to live near Lakeline and Cypress Creek Rd in Cedar Park, and my drive to the stadium was about 30 minutes, but normally would head down there about 3 hours before kickoff.

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