not as big as Nuremberg.....

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by huisache, Oct 23, 2018.

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    ..........but it was pretty darned impressive; and in English, which is a plus
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    He's comparing Trump's speech in Houston to Hitler's Nuremberg Rally Speech. Godwin's Law you know.
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    contrasting actually.

    the content was radically different

    the spectacle was impressive and that is all I look for in such events.

    Sort of like going to an American college football game. Which is what the Nuremberg rallies were modeled on
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    Thanks for explaining it. I thought it might have had something to do with the Ocasio-Cortez reference to the Germans bombing Pearl Harbor.

    sorry I missed it. When I think of Nuremburg I think of the trials.
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    Ernst Hanfstaengel was a German American who went to Harvard, became an early follower and told the Fuhrer about the great spectacle associated with American football as he experienced it at HARVARD. Wrote a real interesting book, which got me interested in the whole political rally business. The best ones in recent history have been these ones Trump has been staging simply because of the size and enthusiasm. Obama's rally in the park in Chicago was pretty good for the size and dazzling level of bs but was not structured and lacked the bunting.

    The best ever was the 1934 party congress in Nuremberg, which was captured brilliantly by Leni Riefenstahl in her film Triumph of the Will, which is available still. Great film.
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    [QUOTE="huisache, post: 1604704, member: 35158"and told the Fuhrer about the great spectacle associated with American football as he experienced it at HARVARD.[/QUOTE]

    Between 1869 and the rise of midwestern powers like Michigan and Chicago in the early 1900s, Ivy League Football was the best. The list of early MNC's goes something like: Princeton, Yale, Yale, Harvard, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc.

    College football games are my favorite spectacles too.
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    It's a shame what has become of Zeppelin Field. In Triumph of the Will, it looks very impessive. It's a dump now. Obviously the US Army destroyed parts of it like the big swastika, but what was left is in shambles. It clearly hasn't been maintained much since WWII. The pillars are gone, and it's now dirty and grafiti-ridden. Sad.

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